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Deborah Moreno
Chief Operations Officer
Livia Global, Inc.
Visalia, CA
559.731.3502 or

I’m Deborah Moreno and I’d love to tell you about a great network marketing opportunity with Livia Global, Inc. There are many benefits to being an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Livia Global, but the best is knowing that you are able to earn income from exclusive products that really help people. Before you sell a product to others, you must BELIEVE IN IT.

About the products: Livia Global manufactures several natural and organically produced probiotic products, including our flagship, LiviaOne Daily Probiotics, which comes in a liquid dropper and a cosmeceutical spray. There is nothing else like it on the market – it’s clear, liquid, tasteless, odorless, and completely natural, made from the best ingredients to promote digestive health and support the immune system. It’s been proven to improve digestive health, dramatically help in the symptoms of a customer’s Type 2 Diabetes, has cleared up terrible sinus infections, and improved immune response. Topically, it has cleared up and/or greatly diminished the appearance of eczema, psoriasis, acne, cold sores, and more. Livia Global’s natural products include:

  • LiviaOne Daily Liquid Probiotics
  • Livia Daily Enzyme Energy Blend
  • Athlete Enzyme Protein Blend
  • BioLifeCat and BioLifeDog Liquid Probiotics
  • Learn more about these products at

About the business opportunities: Livia Life Rewards - Livia Life Rewards helps entrepreneurs like yourself provide exclusive health products and a way to start your own business by becoming an Independent Business Owner.

Livia Global can’t hand you success, but we can show you the way through our Three Career Paths; (1) C.O.R.E. Phase (Selling-Building Teams-Become A Leader), (2) Director Phase (Mentoring Leaders), & Ambassador Phase (Building Legacy Generations). This is your business. Determine what success is to you and then determine the time and effort you will need to make success happen. You work with your sponsor and Livia Life Rewards to create your path to success.

Ways to earn: As an IBO you have the exclusive ability to share LiviaOne Liquid Probiotics and take advantage of Livia Life Rewards compensation plan that rewards sales, team-building and leadership.

Livia Life Rewards - Unilevel Hybrid Compensation Plan

Several ways to Earn!

Selling Bonuses

  1. Retail Profit %
  2. Power Seller Bonuses
  3. Loyalty Customer Bonuses

Advancement Bonuses

  • 3 Star Core & Matching 3 Star Core
  • 2 Star Director & Matching 2 Star Director

Uni-Level Bonuses

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Level 1 - 4 Bonuses

Team Building Bonuses

Generation Bonuses

And much, much more unlimited income opportunity

There’s never been a better time for you to take your personal health journey. Become a Livia Independent Business Owner and begin to serve the world – in a big way!

Please join me on your quest for success and health!

Deborah Moreno
Chief Operations Officer
Livia Global, Inc.
Visalia, CA
559.731.3502 or



riley langeRiley Lange
Independent Entrepreneur, College Student, College Football Player

I am a division 1 college football player and student athlete who loves to work with positive, loving people who want to change their lives and never have to worry about time or money ever again. I want to help people know what that feels like so they can have more time to spend with their family, God, and anything else that may be important to them. I am looking for people who are sick of the typical daily grind and want to spend more time with the sand between their toes with a nice cold drink in their hand as they watch the sun fall across the ocean.

The company that I work for offers a FREE program and site that will help anyone who is working on marketing their product to create thousands of leads quickly and easily that will generate into hundreds of sales weekly. My company gives great trainings and products that teach anyone the newest and most innovative ways to market online. Click this link RIGHT NOW of a FREE VIDEO that will explain everything. This millionaire seems like a magician in this FREE VIDEO, so watch it now by clicking this LINK. Thank you very much and I hope you all have great success in whatever you may be looking for.

God Bless


Become a Beachbody Coach

Do you want a rewarding career? Or maybe just a fun way to earn a second income?
If yes, than join the Beachbody Team and
Become a Beachbody CoachBecome a Beachbody Coach!

Fitness can pay off in more ways than one. You can get paid to get fit, get paid to help people, and in essence turn your health into wealth.

Have you ever seen one of those infomercials for workout programs like P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6 or Hip Hop Abs?

Of course you have! And so have most other people.

Beachbody spends literally millions of dollars every year marketing their top in-home workout programs. Beachbody understands that what separates them from the others is the support offered to customers by their coaching network. That means that when people purchase programs directly from the infomercials or the Beachbody website, those customers are assigned to Coaches like you. Yes, FREE customers for qualified coaches!

Name one other company that offers this?


What are the benefits of being a Beachbody Coach?
Basically zero risk. As a Beachbody coach you not only have the opportunity to make an income but you also have very minimal start-up cost, and almost no overhead. On average, it will cost less than a $100 a month to run your own business. You earn 25% on all referrals and also receive 25% off of all Beachbody purchases, including all workout programs and supplements. You even get Shakeology at 25% off.

You also, do not have to do it alone. The same support that is given to Beachbody customers by the coaching network, you receive the same type of support as a Coach. You will be provided with all the tools that you need to be successful from day one. Beachbody, and the team I’m part of will personally show you how to build a successful coaching business.

You do not need to be a fitness expert, but yes it helps to be into fitness and wanting to be healthy. Beachbody Coaches are not personal trainers. What we are is a group of people that are passionate about Beachbody products and helping others improve their lives. It is more about motivation and support than being a fitness expert; we give people the tools to change their lives.

As a Beachbody Coach you are given three websites:

A Coach site (your main site for all the products)

A Shakeology site

And an Ultimate Reset site

All you need to do is refer people to your sites and you receive a 25% commission on all sales. This is not hard to do because people are going to be asking about your great results or talking about the commercials they see on TV! All we do is share, not sell. Once someone purchases through your site, you receive a 25% commission. There's no ordering, stocking or shipping product. Beachbody handles all of this FOR YOU! And retail sales are just one of the many ways to earn an income through Beachbody.

So give this business a try, I promise to help you build it successfully. From what I’ve seen, women especially excel as Beachbody Coaches. 

Ian Lipner
Beachbody Coach
After you join, email me letting me know you signed up this way I can say hello and help you get started.
But it is critical you input my name as the referring coach, otherwise I won’t be able to help you, thanks.


ssSandi Sullivan has a solid background of 20+ years full time in her own home-based business. She learned the business of direct sales/network marketing from the ground up as a marketer for various companies.

With a positive attitude, hard work, dedication, a strong belief, and much disappointment along the way, Sandi is currently in the top 1% of income earners in the industry. Her leadership qualities, hands on field experience and successful track record--offer you the opportunity to learn the skills you need to win, from someone who has done so herself, and still is!

As a wife and mother of two, Sandi knows how important it is for women to find rewarding careers that fit with the other important things in life. Sandi became interested in working from home when she was looking for a more positive, stress free, way to achieve her financial goals.

“I stumbled upon a career where I found I could be in control of my future,” Sandi recalls. “There are no limits to what someone can achieve in this field. I found a better way, a better life, and flexibility that no other career choice could offer me.”

Since finding the right business, Sandi has dedicated her career to empowering women to achieve their goals and is encouraged by helping others reaching their potential.

Partner with Sandi and she will teach you her secrets of building a successful business that will last a lifetime.  Sandi will provide all the tools and systems that she has developed for the building, training and support that is necessary to create and lead an enduring business.

And, while Sandi uses important traditional methods for building the business, she also shows you how to use your computer to open up your world to endless possibilities. She will show you the art of networking in your community, advertising, social networking and blogging on the net as well as how to use Twitter and Facebook for impactful results.

Sandi’s success depends on teaming up with her partners, working together to build a leveraged income stream. A leveraged income is one that goes on without your direct contact. This is a level many have dreamed about but never really achieved. Sandi has achieved this level, along with many of her partners, and wants to help you get to that place.

If you need to get out of debt, add to your income or seriously replace it. If you have a big “why” and are willing to do the work – Reach out to Sandi.   She has everything in place to team up with you today to make it happen!
Contact Sandi Sullivan personally at:
Tampa, Florida  727-510-1111

Check out her blog at:


Alvin Davis
Victorville, CA
Owner, MLM Networking Newsletters
Free Info:

We're creating new opportunity for all MLM Distributors. This allows you to capitalize on 2 of the main ways to build an Online MLM Business:

#1 Your Own In-House Email List...aka Newsletter
Your business must build and follow-up with an in-house email list!
Here’s the data the NSEA compiled:
2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
10% of sales are made on the 4th contact
80% of sales are made on the 5th - 12th contact
If you’re simply driving traffic to your site and you have no follow-up
mechanism, you’re losing 98% of your sales. Ouch!@# It’s no
wonder you’re not making the money you know you should!

#2 A funded proposal marketing system, is basically anything that you can promote on the front
end of your sales funnel, that is high quality and low priced. This is very important, because without
either of these two, it will fail to convert. What you want to gain from a funded proposal, is first of all,
some front end sales to cover your marketing costs. Marketing these days takes big money.
If you only focus on your primary opportunity, you will lose out on the quick cash you could be making up front.

Our system will help you with both of these issues and you'll have a Duplicative system for your downline!
Free Info:


picRoddy and Mary Oaks
Independent Distributor, Helping Impact People
806-392-2361 (Personal Cell)

Hi, we’re Roddy and Mary Oaks.  Over the years we’ve joined different Marketing Companies with high hopes, only to burn out because we weren’t passionate about the products we were selling.  When you don’t fully believe in what you’re doing – you won’t do it for very long!

We’re very excited because we’ve recently become involved with a company that has a simple yet amazing product & works to help others in our community.  The company is called Helping Impact People or as we’ve affectionately come to call it HIP.  The product behind HIP is an Energy drink that is formulated to be GOOD for you! 

Red is designed for men.  Pink is designed for women.  Green is designed for Everyone!

thinkpinkWhat’s even more exciting to us is that we don’t have to spend 100’s of dollars each month for products we don’t use.  For just $40 a month, we get a whole month’s supply of HIP!  That’s it – we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to stay in business & neither will you!

The best part of all is that Helping Impact People is dedicated to helping give back to our local community.  We’re fully committed to building an amazing team that’s also committed to Helping Impact People.  If you’re willing to put in the work and have been looking for a company you can FEEL GOOD ABOUT – this is it!

Pre-Registration with HIP is currently FREE.  Mary and I will work with you and will be there to guide you every step of the way.  Visit our web site – fill out the form – watch the video & we’ll be in touch!


Gemma McCoy
Multi-Pure Independent Distributor since 1988
800-706-0708 (24 hr voice mail)
530-468-2166 (direct home phone)

What keeps you confidently thriving with an MLM company for a lifetime? It's having long-term residual income security with a legendary company, offering a proven product in an exploding industry!

When I first found out about Multi-Pure 20+ years ago, I was smitten right away. Although I was successfully climbing the corporate ladder, I was working long hours and didn't feel super connected to my work. Finding Multi-Pure was the bringing together of so many elements that were important to me. Helping to provide folks with the best quality drinking water was such a basic and essential livelihood that I could feel really proud of. And the Freedom Plan that Multi-Pure offered me was the answer to creating the flexible lifestyle I had been dreaming of. Here's why I'm still excited about Multi-Pure, after all these years, and believe that you will be too ...

In the next ten years, millions of people will be switching over
from bottled Water, tap Water, and less-effective water filters to
Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems!

Thousands more MLMers like you will be promoting Multi-Pure because ...

• Consumers want the best product at the lowest price! At 8¢/gallon, Multi-Pure is the lowest cost per gallon at the highest quality! As a distributor, you help people Save $$ over the cost of bottled water AND inferior filters. AND you give them the best product too!

• Documentation of Multi-Pure's superior performance gives you a clear marketing advantage! People want a system that will truly protect and safeguard their health from harmful contaminants and address their concerns. Objective, unbiased, 3rd party Standardized Certification documents Multi-Pure's superior performance at filtering the widest range of health related contaminants.

• Multi-Pure's Lifetime Warranty and 90-day Money Back Guarantee are the longest in the industry. These protect your customers and you and gives everyone confidence in their purchase. Multi-Pure's 40-year track record of integrity and dependability gives assurance that Multi-Pure will be there for you and your customers in the future.

• Multi-Pure's on-going Cartridge Replacement is unlike any other consumable out there ... this consumable offers you true residual income! After investing in the stainless steel housing which is built to last a lifetime, satisfied customers maintain their system AND their Lifetime Warranty through regular replacement cartridge purchases. Multi-Pure handles all automatic replacement orders. You collect the commissions. You get on-going automatic residual income as customers gladly keep buying the inner replacement cartridge of the Multi-Pure system they already own and love. And no monthly quotas, no inventory required in Multi-Pure's ten-level FREEDOM payout.

The questions is, who are these millions going to buy their Multi-Pure from ... will they be in your network?

How can I personally assure you that Multi-Pure is for real? Working alongside my husband, Multi-Pure has been our only source of family income since the 1980s ... until just the last few years when my husband's newly built music production studio started bringing in some additional income for us. I understand the challenges in growing a distributor organization and invite you to tap into my expertise! My assistance is personal as you grow in confidence and experience. Let's explore if this opportunity is right for you. I promise that the more you learn, the more you'll see that Multi-Pure is a rock solid company and business that you'll be proud to be involved with!

Warmest wishes for your success,

Gemma McCoy
Multi-Pure Independent Distributor since 1988
800-706-0708 (24 hr voice mail)
530-468-2166 (direct home phone)

*** ATTENTION ALL MLMers! Add to the security of your retirement plan! Since quality drinking water is essential to any health regime, Multi-Pure is the perfect add-on to all MLMers already promoting health and longevity. Claim your share of long-term residual cartridge replacement income by adding Multi-Pure to your product-line!


Sedrick & Daeva Frierson
Gold Directors
Trump Network

Tele: 678-933-1215
Website Lead Page:

Hello from Sedrick & Daeva Frierson. My wife and I would like to welcome you to our company Building Diamond VIPS which is an Independent Marketing company. Our company is one of many new companies who are fast becoming a part of the new division of a widely recognized and branded name – Trump. Yes Donald Trump has opened a new division to his company known as the Trump Network.

We can write you the typical Sponsor Page where we self praise and highlight all our accolades; but as Team Leaders/Sponsors we have come to realize that a successful team starts with care and dedication given to everyone’s success. With that said we will mention a few excellent reasons why our team is right for you. Sedrick is a successful network marketer with the Trump Network. He joined the Trump Network in pre-launch stage and has already experienced phenomenal growth. A little history about Sedrick – he comes from the sales arena that dealt in commodities such as uncut diamonds and raw gold. He is accustomed to earning high 6 figure income yearly regardless of the economic situation in the world; but this required him traveling approximately 70% of the year and leaving his wife and family behind. Late last year 2009 he was presented with the Trump Network by a good friend of the family. At first he was skeptical but since joining the Trump Network he has been able to completely leave his former business and replace his income. Of course the wife is happy and so are the kids, no more traveling! Join us now Have more time to enjoy life with family and friends, STOP just living.

Being in business for ourselves but not by ourselves makes for a major success story. Daeva, wife of Sedrick has always been a great support system but now with the Trump Network, she has evolved. Daeva is no longer a mother to our children but she has adopted our entire team. She also uses several of our company Products therefore making her a picture of the product. Daeva worked in the culinary industry as a superb Pastry Chef (this is her passion) but has completely left that industry to focus on this very rewarding opportunity.

With a blueprint for success outlined by the Trump Network, where Diamond Leaders are created wouldn’t you like to be one of us. With the unmatched dedication and team Leadership of this husband and wife duo you will be receiving the best of both worlds. Our motto is “Ohana means family, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND”. Our unmatched bonuses and rewards are revolutionizing the Network Marketing Industry. You can start earning immediately with our weekly fast start bonuses, monthly bonus checks and a car allowance program. Trump Network has experienced a phenomenal growth in the past 6 months, we have superseded our forecasted by 375%; NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN. “NETWORK MARKETING IS HARD, BUT NOT HAVING WHAT YOU WANT ALL YOUR LIFE IS HARDER”. RK We already have Monthly, Five and Six Figure earners in the company, imagine once we launch globally what this will mean for those few who took the opportunity at this stage of our company. We will be launching in Brazil, Canada and Mexico shortly to kick start our global introduction. In the words of our esteemed leader the Donald and I quote “This is an opportunity for everyone, even myself” so whether you are a novice or an expert, did network marketing before or not, this is for you. Take advantage of this ground level opportunity. Discover the difference between Opportunity and Success, what it truly means to make a lot of money in Network Marketing.

Visit us at Due to massive call volume we ask for serious callers only. We are looking for a few quality Leaders, who are looking to do the same and retire in three years. Network Marketing helps you to transition from a job to building your own business.

Yours in Massive Success!
Sedrick & Daeva Frierson


JUDIJudi Heimpel
Qivana Founding Independent Business Owner

Hi, my name is Judi Heimpel, and my guess is that since you are visiting this site and reading my bio right now you are looking to take charge of your life and income.

I love my company and my products and am very grateful to have broken free from the stressful corporate world to work full time from home for four years now. I am 100% committed to my success partners in my business and if you are looking for someone who will truly care about your success and will help you obtain your business goals then please read further.

Since you have an infinite amount of choices, you must have a clear vision of what you desire to attract your perfect home business. The truth is that for every one of us that has been successful with our company others have not and I wish for you great success.

So, I have a few questions which will help you clarify your vision and start your journey. After you answer the questions, your next action will be either to find out more about me and contact me  or to continue looking for your perfect company and sponsor. Time is our most valuable commodity so lets consider this short questionnaire a great tool to honor your time and mine.

1. Are you passionate about creating your own home business and the income that will allow you to have freedom in your life?

If you answered yes, proceed to question 2.

2.  Are you expecting to be rich overnight with no commitment of time, energy, and some money to create a thriving home business?

If you answered no then please proceed to question 3.

3. Do you want your home business to be one that sells a product or a service?

 If you answered product then proceed to question 4.

4. Do you have at least two hours a week right now to commit to begin building your business?

If you answered yes then proceed to question 5.

5.  Do you have a $150.00 to purchase your distributorship and some product immediately if you decide to work with me and my company?

If you answered yes then proceed to question 6. If you answered no, then please keep my information for when your financial situation changes.

6.  Are you looking for a sponsor that will work with you one on one to grow your business, and who believes that prosperity is
best shared making your success a priority?

If you answered yes then proceed to question 7.

7.  You will need to be comfortable sharing information about your business. There are many different ways to do this, but
success will not happen in a vacuum.

Are you ready to spread the word about your business in at least one of the following ways?

A. Your warm market - people who know, like and trust you.

B. Cold market - people you do not personally know, but who could be interested in your products and home business. (For example, if you do not know me you are in my cold market.)

If you answered yes to either A or B then fabulous, it is time to get to know me, my company and our products in more detail to see if we can offer you the path to success you so greatly deserve and desire.

Your next step is to go to my website which is  Once there you can also click through to the company provided website that every Independent Business Builder in our company is thrilled to have as a tool for growing their business. You will find a lot of information on both websites, but you can e-mail me for more detailed information about all of our products, and the opportunity. One thing I love about the company provided back office is that sending information to inquiries takes just a few clicks and a couple of minutes.

Thanks for spending some of your very valuable time on my sponsor page, and I hope to hear from you soon and start building your successful home business together.

Judi Heimpel


powergrouplogo“New” Alternative Electricity
Producing Technology!

New Alternative Electrical Power Group
Franklin Harris Co - Founder


New Alternative Electrical Power Group Spearheads The Introduction Of A “New” Affordable Completely “Emission Free” Electricity Producing Technology For Homes & Small Businesses To More Than “200 Million” Users Of Electricity & Home Business Opportunity Seekers!

Home & Small Business Owners Will “Never Buy” Electricity Again!
Never “Be Without” Electricity During An Electrical Power Failure Again!
Receive A Check For The Purchase Of The Incredible “Excess” Electricity Produced On Their Property!

Just Like Those Who Invest “Millions” To Produce and Sell Solar & Wind Energy!

An international accelerated patent on this “New” Technology was filed in June, 2009. The USPTO declared the patent application as “accepted” in September, 2009! The patent pending ID number will be issued very soon and mass production will begin.

Here’s What This Means To All Home & Small Business Owners!                                                                                                                                                        
Elimination Of Your Electric Bill! Enjoy Priceless Comfort & Safety During Storm Produced Or Infrastructure Power Failures! Reception Of A Check For The Purchase Of Your “Excess” Electricity!

Here’s What This Means To Home Business Opportunity Seekers!  
Independent Agents & Organizational Trainers Needed Now!


  • You can take pride in providing families in your community, region or state with priceless safety and comfort during electrical power failures! Unit continues to produce “Excess” electricity after the grid goes down!

  • Provide your buyers with 100% financing for a purchase & installation of this “New” electricity producing machine. All homeowners are approved regardless of credit! There Is No Out-Of Pocket Monthly Payments! This Easy Financing creates a Huge Market of motivated home & business owner’s in All communities and astronomical income potential for Agents & Trainers! No one is refused financing!

  • Ground floor MLM opportunity. International accelerated patent filed June 2, 2009.

  • Technology available for sell through authorized Agents and Trainers only. 
  • A MLM opportunity! Huge Market! Huge bonuses paid per unit plus residual. Pays for unlimited levels across & down!

  • “Hot” Prime Recruits for Agents. Industry professionals that will produce many annual sales, such as home builders, real estate professionals, electrical contractors & Suppliers and many more!

Just A Few Features & Benefits

  • Technology Continues to produce an incredible Excess of Electricity above what needed to power any size home or small business after the utility companies grid goes down!

  • Does not need to be tied to the grid to produce phase 1, 2, or 3 emission free electricity at the turn of a switch!

  • Not solar, not wind, not magnetic, not hydrogen!

  • Powers Itself. No fossil fuel, no diesel no gasoline or spark plugs!

  • Absolutely no carbon monoxide or any harmful emissions!

  • Installed inside or outside of homes or buildings by certified electrician!
  • Our next Unit will be portable! It can be rolled-up on the back of a pick-up & taken into the desert & produce phase 1, 2 or 3 Electricity at the turn of a switch & power a small but complete facility!

NAEP Group Members Are Fast Tracked!
Join The NAEP Group Now! You Can Be One Of The First Independent Agents or Organizational Trainers In Your Community & Quickly Build & Be At The Top Of A Large Organization Of Independent Agents & Organizational Trainers Producing High Volume Retail Sales Of This High Demand “New” Technology

Step 1. Join The NAEP Group.  Group Members Will Be Placed On Our Priority List and Receive An Email Alert Immediately After The U.S. Patent Office Issues The Patent Pending ID Number. (There Is No Obligation). Important Note: At This Point Unlimited Funds Are In Place To Immediately Begin Mass Production Of Units In 3 Major Cities.

Step 2. Reception Of The Email Alert. The Email Alert Will Also Include The Patent Pending ID Number and A Link To The U.S. Patent Office. After The Reception Of The Email Alert, Confirm the Validity Of Our Claims by visiting The U.S. Patent Office and inserting the patent pending ID # and search. We Do This Because Group Members Will Receive This News Before Most Media Outlets and The General Public.

We Feel That It's Important That Our New Partners Interested In Getting In Early, Have An Opportunity To Verify All Claims Before Making A Decision To Become An Independent Agent and Investing Time And Money!

Step 3. Become An Independent Agent/Organizational TrainerIn The NAEP Group. After Verification Of All Claims, NAEP Group Members Will Have An Option But No Obligation To Become An Independent Agent (Organizational Trainer Optional) In The NAEP Group.

Step 4. Prepare For A Downline Explosion!

Important Note: As news reports and popularity regarding the incredible features and benefits of this "New" technology with its Easy Financing as well as its very lucrative ground floor business opportunity spreads across our nations communities, hundreds of thousands and ultimately millions of home & small business owners & opportunity seekers will aggressively seek out Agents & Trainers to make retail transactions and/or business opportunity inquires.

Will You Be The Independent Agent They Call Or Will It Be Someone Else?

To Join The NAEP Group Or For More Information On Becoming An Independent Agent or Organizational Trainer In The NAEP Group

Karen Platman
My World Plus


My name is Karen Platman. Let me ask you a serious question.... Do you often wish that you could find a home based business opportunity that cut through the hype and garbage, and presented you with the genuine opportunity to actually change your financial situation? Something you could actually feel good about sharing with others...?

Our Blueprints For Creating Wealth From Home
Are Exactly What You Need...!

Let me start by telling you first off... This is a REAL
business and for you to be successful it must be treated like
one. This is not some pie in the sky get-rich-overnight deal.

What we will teach you is a proven, easy to apply method
to build an incredible income working from your own home.



No Experience Necessary! On-line Training Available 24/7. Enjoy working with a team of like-minded entrepreneurs that will share their personal methods to enhance your success!!!

5 Ways To Earn $$$! Our revolutionary compensation plan rewards you for your activity. With 5 different ways to get paid, earning money from home has never been easier.

No commute – No Boss – No Schedules! Enjoy working from the comforts of your own home. Work anytime, from anywhere! Part time or Full time.


Incredible Discounts You Won't Find Anywhere Else! With our cash back rewards program and negotiated discounts with all of the major retailers you won't find a better money saving program anywhere!

Make a little or a lot! Beginner or Experienced, you CHOOSE how far you want to take this! There is no limit to the amount of money one can earn.

What's Stopping You From Enjoying The
Benefits Only Working From Home Can Offer...?

This Is A REAL Business - Not only Will You Be
Saving Money Every Month...


To Your Success!
Karen Platman
212 385 6873

Melodie Kantner
Young Living Essential Oils
Gold Level Distributor

Newsletter, "Network Marketing Success for Ordinary People"

Hi! My name is Melodie Kantner. I have 14 years of experience with network marketing. Over 12 of those years have been with Young Living Essential Oils.

From the very beginning I liked the idea of network marketing but many of the techniques didn't feel comfortable to me. I got out of my comfort zone and did what my upline told me was necessary to be successful, things like cold calling, making a list of 100 people and even hotel meetings. That first company was definitely not a good fit for me.

When my sponsor approached me about Young Living, I was seriously depressed. She didn't approach me about the business. She shared an oil blend called Abundance with me. Within minutes of applying the oil, my mood was lifted.

It didn't take me long to realize I had found the company I wanted to build a business with. What a powerful way to help people. How easily my sponsor shared the drop of oil that changed my life.

That was 12 years ago and one of the best decisions I ever made, but this time I would build the business MY WAY! A way I could feel comfortable with and teach others.

Since then I have been providing tools, training and coaching to my team. We have a large members area with all kinds of tools and training. Recently I began publishing the newsletter "Network Marketing Success for Ordinary People." It is intended to help people have success in MLM, no matter what company.

Even if you choose not to join Young Living Essential Oils, I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter. You may learn something that will propel you to the next level in whatever company you join.

If you haven't decided on a company yet, Young Living Essential Oils might be a good fit for you.

Young Living Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils are extremely concentrated. Most of them are at least 50 - 100 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they came from. When herbs are cut & dehydrated for therapeutic use, they can lose as much as 90% of the healing nutrients as well as the vast majority of the vital oxygen molecules.

Young Living . . .

Owns and cultivates over 2,000 acres Idaho & Utah, as well as farms in France and Ecuador.

Maintains over 70,000 square feet of greenhouse space.

Uses a low-pressure, low-temperature stainless steel steam distillation system to preserve the high quality of essential oils.

More about Young Living's Organic Farms and Distillation:

For Information on Young Living Business Opportunity and what we offer our team:

Diane Drayer
Indep. Star Director

I have a new notebook and if I wasn't so embarrassed to share all the things I tried, each page would be filled with the many attempts I made to find success. My many adventures had me trying everything from selling encyclopedias and cable TV (Yes, I actually did this) to joining a variety of direct sales companies offering everything from home decor, kitchen tools, nutrition, jewelry and well, the list goes on.

I had promised myself I wasn't going to try another thing, for a full year, and then I discovered Scentsy in October 2006. Now I would love to tell you my Scentsy career reads like a Hollywood script and the story ends there, however that simply wouldn't be telling the truth. I am the slow horse out of the gate and forgot to read the script. It took me a full 6 to 8 months to really start focusing on Scentsy and realizing the great potential the company offered.

I will be forever thankful to Scentsy and the the many wonderful team members who are a big part of my success. With their help, I was able to fulfill a life time dream that took me 21 years to achieve.

I am glad I didn't keep that promise and have never regretted the decision I made to give it one more try. If you are like me and have tried just about everything out there, or this is your first go at direct sales, why not check out Scentsy and our team? One thing I have learned is the value of providing support and training. Our team offers a comprehensive training site complete with live webinars, conference calls, chats, community profile area and much more.

Visit my website for complete details - or give me a call toll free: 888-227-9647.

Rebecca Scott

The Adaptogen Company
BigDog Marketing Team

Rebecca Scott has had a very successful history in the Network Marketing Industry. Here are a few of her accomplishments.

  • Top 10 income earner for last 5 consecutive years
  • Voted 2006 Woman of the Year for
  • Co-creator of the top network marketing 4 CD training set entitled “Winning IS Everything! How to create a Winning NWM business”.
  • Multiple 6 figure income earner
  • Has directly mentored 8 people who have reached the 6 figure income level or above level in
  • Featured in National Publications such as Your Business At Home, Millionaire Magazine and Wize Times.
  • Inspired and trained thousands to become financially free.

Hello, My name is Rebecca Scott.

I have a deep passion for Network Marketing and for people, just like you, who are ready to take control of their life.

7 years ago I was working in a department store in Tucson AZ. I was working hard but just barely getting by. I was deeply in debt and frankly, saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Then I came upon an industry that was exploding, not declining. An industry where ANYONE who is trainable and teachable and has a work ethic can write their own paycheck and I knew I could finally get paid what I was worth.

Six short months later I replaced my full time income and was able to quit my job. Two months after that my income grew to $10,000 per month and has now reached as high as $10,000 per week! I am now totally and completely in control of my time, my income and my life.

This industry and our company is amazing, but I know for a fact I could not have gotten this far without a mentor. My mentor guided me through the growing periods in this business and still does today. He saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself and has helped me become more successful than I had ever imagined possible.

I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful mentor and my desire is to continue to pass on to others the valuable lessons and success philosophies that I’ve learned from him and have helped me to create my success.

I have learned from THE BEST in the industry how to lead, how to serve, and how to get results.

If you are ready to take the journey of a lifetime with someone who has taken that journey, has gotten the results and has taken several people with her, then give me a call.

I am open to mentoring a few committed people that have a burning desire to succeed in Network Marketing.

Our current company is at a boiling point for explosive growth. The next few years in CyberWize will create many millionaires and multi-millionaires. If that kind of earning power doesn’t excite you then please don’t call as I only will work with people who are willing to push their boundaries and are willing to become the kind of person that attracts that kind of wealth.

If becoming a millionaire and more is the type of thing that gets you excited and keeps you up at night, then we need to talk.

If you have earned $10K or $20K per month in this industry in the past and would like to double or triple your income, or more, then we may even bring you out to Las Vegas and have you meet the owners.

Call me at 702-413-6504

Or email me at

This is the link to my company website and our amazing products:

I learned from Jim Rohn something that changed my life. He said; “Success is not to be pursued, rather to be attracted by the person you become.”

If you are ready to become that person then give me a call and join our winning team!


Rebecca Scott
CyberWize Platinum Executive
BigDog Marketing Team
Kelly Tolar / Tolar Internet Group
Internet Marketing since 2002
Charlotte, NC
Tel: 704-401-4242

You can work online. Anyone can!

I really feel that time is more precious then the dollar bill, but if you could HAVE BOTH, would you? I think so.

Making more money can help out any household. If you could stay at home and not pay for day care, would you? If you could stroll at the park with your child and have a picnic at 2:00 in the afternoon could you?

I started the, because I am a work from home mother. I am also a single parent that has decided to make a better life for herself and her daughter. Thank goodness for God looking after us, I had started a home business before my daughter arrived January 2008. Residual income had already started to come in nicely during my pregnancy and thank goodness for that!

After the birth of my beautiful daughter Layla, I found that working online was such a gift from God. I would love to be able to help others achieve more freedom with their families. I feel that contributing to your household income in some way is rewarding in all aspects. What a great ego/ wallet boost having a monthly growing check sent to you! Plus weekly bonuses paid right to your PayPal account.

I'm very passionate to help people that want to help themselves. Motivation and being available to help each team member find ways to make their incomes grow. Our team is producing some serious incomes and we're excited to grow all over the world!

Attention all Moms (and Dads!) that would like to earn more income to be able to be a stay at home parent. How would an extra $500.00 a month be in your household? Could that help? What about $1000 - $4000 a month? Even MORE!

Visit: to join us.

Do you have residual income? I mean, month after month income coming in. If you stopped going to your mailbox, the checks would still come in. Residual income is a beautiful thing to have with the uncertainties of today's economy.

I have worked online since 2002 and have found that your computer can do wonders for you! Plus having the right opportunity to help yourself achieve the dreams that you hold. has the right opportunity for you.

I can help you get started today.
Have a blessed season!

Kelly Tolar


Sandra Weeks


My name is Sandy and I started my small home business late last year. I originally started just to have a centralized website and email system. But it has expanded to my own little internet and grass-roots home business. I did not set out to command a large business, but wanted to pass along sales in products and services that I actually used myself.

I felt the only successful business was dealing in products you believe in and use and are happy with. If you do it just for the money, then you won't be able to stand by the products and will offer false promises, and sales claims will not hold up.

I have many MLM companies that I am an independent distributor for. I wanted to cover all aspects of life, that being the life of Women, Men and Children, as well as provide services to help them create their own businesses or expand their lifestyles.

To get people started I have a link to my main private site that incorporates the links to some of these businesses.

Just visit to get you started.

Want to start your own business or expand an already exiting one? Want to get started on the internet for family or pleasure? Please visit my internet building sites at or

I have incorporated some of my favorite links and tools to help you build your dream internet site.
or better yet, do something for yourself, family or business and get prepared at

I head my own women in business blog hub at

I look forward to helping you in your business and personal goals, and I hope you take advantage of the many opportunities that I can help you with in your business and personal life.

Sandy "Sandhya"

Roxanne Green

Hello!! My name is Roxanne Green and I'm a work at home wife and mom to two teenagers that I homeschool.

I began working from home about 10 years ago. I joined a few different companies over the years, but found that I was struggling and struggling and getting NOWHERE really really fast. Oh sure, I signed people up, but it was constant calling leads and getting them on a conference call only to find out that they had hung up by the end of the call. Some would make it through the call and get all excited. They would sign up and when they found out that they had to spend all this money buying leads and calling people and getting a LOT of rejection, they dropped out in a quick hurry. I had no system. My upline just said I wasn't working hard enough. I don't know how much harder I could have worked. I was constantly on the phone.

I HATE rejection. I don't think I know anyone who likes it. I finally found a company to work with that uses a rejection free system to find people to join my business. I really, really like that. I've made more in the past two years using this system than I did in all of the other 8 years COMBINED!! My income was enough to keep up the household bills when we moved from upstate NY to KY recently and my husband was looking for work. I love that I can work anywhere.

IF you would like to find out more about me first read my blog at then get a free eBook that I wrote at I can teach you what I do and how to do it. I will let you get ALL of your questions answered BEFORE you join my business. Not the other way around. I will not give you any hype or false promises. This is a business and it does take work. It's not for everyone.

You and I will get to know each other first to see if we are going to work well together. My good friend, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter always says "Don't sponsor anyone you would not want to spend 30 days on a cruise with". Don't ever join someone you wouldn't want to spend 30 days on a cruise with either. I will give you all the time you need to see if you would want to spend 30 days on a cruise with me.

You deserve success!!

~Roxanne Green~

Tamara Johnson

Hello, my name is Tamara Johnson and in my heart I hold a vision for empowering women in the most effective way I can. I have been working as a Marriage and Family Therapist for the last decade and I am convinced that I can do the most good by serving as many people as I possibly can. That is why an MLM business was right for me. And the company I chose is one that reaches out and creates impactful humanitarian change on the planet. The reason I love the company is that Humanity Unites Brilliance is dedicated to empowering the individual -- emotionally, spiritually, financially. I'm dedicated to providing those same benefits to you.

I already provide a free service to women who need tools for healing with my podcast The Get Out of the Mud Show. You can find it at Even if you don't decide to join my team, please enjoy the benefits I gift to you through my show.

My vision is to become a full-time humanitarian, so I can go about doing good without worrying about how I will survive financially. HUB is providing me with that vision. So in my journey to create the life I want, I am dedicated to helping women reach their dreams. I have the education and background that give me access to everything I need to help YOU be your very best self.

And when you are your very best, you can give so much more effectively . .
. . But you already know that!!!

So go to the website for the company
At the website, you will find Tamara Johnson's Diary. That is my diary and I am committed to daily personal growth that will help me be a better and better giver. Read it and you will see that I don't just "talk the talk" I actually "walk the walk"! And I'm dedicated to your success!

Let's grab hands and do this together! That's the way we transform our own lives and make an incredible difference on our planet!

In love and excitement! Can't wait to talk to you!


Janie DuVall
Former National & International TV/Radio Producer
18 years of experience in finding products people want to purchase

(912) 267-0291

I would love to hear from you and share more of the details so you can really evaluate for yourself why I am so excited about GoYin. I will also train you and talk to prospects with you. Plus other leaders in the company will talk to prospects too.

GoYin is everything I was looking for in a company. I had joined 16 MLM companies in the past, but they were lacking some of these areas which made it difficult for me or my downline to recruit. Not with GoYin.

- A product everyone needs - don't have to convince
- Ground floor and not saturated
- Clinical studies using the actual product on people
- Clinical Studies presented at the International Society For Sport Nutrition & soon to be published in a medical journal
- The most generous comp plan (I can't wait to tell you about this!!! - They have recently added more ways to pay!)
- Youngest company in Your Business At Home magazine
- No sugar, stimulants, preservatives
- Rated #1 on
- Unmatched support from leaders in the company
- Easy to qualify for a BMW
- Simple system to work - very duplicatable for your downline
- 100% money back guarantee
- Highly consumable for great residual income with low-drop out rate
- Cutting edge, category creating product
- Extremely experienced management team
- Very easy to advance to next level

Maryanne Fitzgerald
Ontario, Canada

Phone: 905-690-2317
Websites: and

Are you looking for a business that has a fantastic product AND great team support? Well, you've just found it!

Success University is the #1 Personal Development program on the internet today. Why? Because of the outstanding courses taught by legendary instructors like Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Suze Orman, John DiLemme, Richard Flint, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, and many more.

For your monthly fee of $49.95 you have access to a wide array of courses led by these wonderful instructors, you can enroll in anything from sales trainings, motivational material, even how to invest in real estate. I firmly believe that if you take just one course a month your life will change for the better!

So, how do you make money with Success University?

By simply enrolling other students, as well as business builders. The Success University compensation plan is a binary matrix, which pays on infinite levels, which means you will make money whether you have 2 levels or 100 levels. You can visit the website for full details on how the compensation plan works or give me a call! I am a real person and I do answer my telephone.

Success University also has a FANTASTIC promotion - for only $2.00 you can get your 14-day no obligation trial. The $2 will be donated to Feed The Children, a non-profit
humanitarian organization. So you can Learn, Earn, AND help children around the world! How cool is that?

Kelly Wissink
Success Trainer and Coach

You are here searching not only for a sponsor but also a product and a company, right? Have you thought about and written down specifically what you want? It can be overwhelming as you are presented with products and people who offer to support you.

What do you want in terms of a sponsor/coach, company and product?

After you have written down your vision for your business, you will be able to take the first step and do the research needed to narrow down your choices; there are so many good ones.

My name is Kelly Wissink. It is a pleasure to meet you! Please feel free to read
my story at

Here you will meet me, learn about my product, as well as what I have to
offer you, should this be a fit.

Please click on the triangular "play" button below to hear a special message from me.

Please enjoy a FREE weekly business e-book, tip or resource which has
helped me enjoy such tremendous success. Send an email to
freee-book@aweber and your first e-book, “Organizing for Success” will be on it’s way!

Christine McIvor
Winnipeg, MB
Independent Distributor,
Global Resorts Network
Phone: 204-880-8254
Business Website:
Training Site:

I like to work with anyone who is motivated, dependable, and willing to learn.
I am offering an unbelievable opportunity for serious individuals only.

Initial Investment - 3.5 hours per day.
Return on Investment - $1,000 a day!

I offer:
Over 10 years experience in the Internet Industry
Over 10 years experience in the Network Marketing Industry
Multi-media degree

* A Team Leader
* A Trusted Coach
* A Good Friend

Here are some comments from other GRN Affiliates:

"I can't begin to express how much I appreciate your time, talent, & generosity! My appreciation is ongoing.
Hugs & warmest regards,
Elizabeth Starbuck


"Thank you for your friendship, your leadership, your hard work and dedication! Thank you for your vision, your kind heart and incredible spirit. Thank you for your overworked digits! Thank you for you!"
Alex Brooklyn


"I just spent an hour going over the new training website with Elizabeth. It is excellent! So much good stuff!! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put this together for us. We are lucky to have you in our group!"
Mac McCoy

Dear Christine,
"Your splash page is great. I can see why people prefer this page to the site, it has everything that's important on one page to make a decision."
Thanks & regards,
Bruce Shedden

My Personal Guarantee:

"If you honestly have the desire to make a change in your life, and if you are motivated to work a few extra hours per day, I will personally work with you to guarantee that your goals are met within the next 60 days.

My knowledge, techniques, resources and "Team Central" training for members only website will help you achieve all of your financial goals and dreams.

I promise you that the Global Resorts Opportunity is one that you should NOT overlook.

Take a look today!

To Our GRN Success!

Christine McIvor
Team Central - Team Leader
GRN Independent Distributor

sueSue Seward

Sue is a Home Business Success coach, servant leader who has been networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996.  She has created a full time career in Network Marketing and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons.  Sue co-authored the Direct Selling Women's Alliance book ‘Build It Big’ – 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts & is a trainer on their Mentored By The Master Series CD and is a contributing writer for The Network Marketing Business Journal, Home Business magazine,, and and has been interviewed on several home business radio shows since 2001.  

Visit her website to learn more at-, email or call 800-985-4697 to consult with Sue

Diamond Destination, Inc.
Denise DeLaCruz, CPA, MBA
Vice President and Co-Creator



Looking to make this year your best year in business? Would you like to have fun learning how while spending time with friends and loved ones? Diamond Destination, a revolutionary new board game shows you how to do both.

Not to be confused with other board games, Diamond Destination is a sophisticated educational product that teaches the principles and skills that up to now have only been available to the most advanced network marketers. Endorsed by top women network marketers and trainers including Artemis Limpert, Ellie Drake, and Julie Abarzua along with internationally renowned business trainers Brian Tracy, Michael Oliver, and Richard Brooke, Diamond Destination is an emotionally charged, interactive experience that teaches women how to work more efficiently, multiply their income, and take control of their business.

Dorothy Wert, a network marketer from El Paso, TX played Diamond Destination several times and her results were amazing. "I multiplied my check 400% and finally made the company's bonus pool! Diamond Destination definitely played a big part." She was also inspired to play with her husband who was skeptical about her business and she now says, "He now has a clear understanding of how and why I do network marketing and it really gave both of us a more positive perception about prospecting, personal development, and money."

Diamond Destination doesn't just show you how to be in business, it also shows you why you are in business and the amazing things that will happen for you, your family, and your lifestyle after applying success principles. And the great news is that you can learn all of this while having fun. You will find yourself entertained for hours in the company of friends, wanting to play over and over, and experiencing real-life results.

TODAY at and save $50 off the retail price of $199 by using coupon code: mlmw106

Stephanie Watson


I lost 70lbs so far on this plan. Learn how you can lose weight, make money, and get healthy too!

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