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MLM Woman Issue 92
September 2004

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From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 92nd issue of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month we feature articles on how to be a great salesperson, what to do when your company lets you down, 6 changes you can make to increase your profits, and how to successfully handle the different phases of building a network marketing business.


Linda Locke, Editor MLM Woman

You CAN Be a Great Salesperson!
© Terri Seymour

When you are in sales, you have the choice to be successful or unsuccessful. The only one to set limits on your income and success is you! A career in sales is a challenge. Use that challenge to motivate and excite you. Meet and beat that challenge!

There are five basic components to sales:

- prospecting
- making contacts
- qualification
- handling objections effectively
- closing

Do not fall into the "natural-born salesman" myth. A lot of people feel if they do not take to these components naturally they won't be able to at all. Forget this myth! You can learn to be a great salesperson - the choice is yours!

Sales is a learning experience. You need to be always learning and reviewing. A very effective method of learning is repetition. Write it, read it, speak it, hear it, and learn it !!

Characteristics of a successful salesperson:

1. Appearance - make the most of your unique individuality and walk into a room with pride and a commanding presence. Take pride in your selling career and in yourself.

2. Confidence - You need to "glow" with a sense of self-confidence. Even if you are not the best in sales YET, you can be. Let this feeling of confidence show through to everyone you talk to.

3. Overcoming fear - Know your fear so you can face it and overcome it! Once you do this, the confidence will shine through.

4. Enthusiasm - In sales, sometimes you will get the sale and sometimes not. That is to be expected. The trick is to stay enthusiastic even when you do not get the sale. Do not let it bring you down. Keep that enthusiasm going for the next prospect!

5. Desire - You have to have the desire to succeed. If you have the desire, you can overcome any obstacle and become a success!

6. Do not take rejection seriously - In sales, there will be rejections. Do not let these rejections cause you to doubt yourself. Let them make you stronger and more enthusiastic for the next sale.

7. Caring and warmth - You need to actually care about your prospect and feel right about closing the sale. DO not try to bully people into buying. Lead them smoothly into a closing that will benefit them.

8. Continuing education - You need to always be learning. Invest some time and money into your mind and learn how to be the best salesperson you can be!

Great salespeople are not born great. They have the desire to become great. They take the time and invest in themselves and learn how to become great!

About the Author
Terri Seymour
and her husband Terry offer a no-cost, non-MLM home business opportunity. They strive to help you build a successful home business. They also provide a website building service. Take advantage of the gifts, resources & more provided for your home and business at
http://www.seymourproducts.com FREE ecourse at:

What To Do When Your Direct Sales Company Lets You Down!
(All Characters names have been changed to protect the innocent)
By Shannan Hearne, © 2004

We've all heard the story. You sign up with a new company. You are excited, and scared. You tell all your friends. Your good friends book parties, and your great friends sign up with you. You tentatively begin selling products and recruiting. Word gets out in your community and your internet circles that you are selling XYZ products for ABC company. People begin to come to you. Business is great. Then your direct sales company lets you down!

"Ellen" built a healthy income selling candles through a direct sales company. She attained the management level of Team Director. Then overnight, due to one slow month in personal sales, her downline was re-assigned to other Team Directors and her income dropped down to nothing. Even her commission structure was lowered on her personal sales.

"Patty" struggled with recruiting but did a great job selling candles for her direct sales company. She developed a nice part-time income buying product at her discount and selling them to her customers and on ebay. Her direct sales company changed their compensation plan and penalized Patty in the form of a lower consultant discount because her team wasn't growing fast enough.

"Monica" is busy at home raising children. She loves direct sales but doesn't have a steady back-up baby sitter to enable her to do traditional home parties several nights a week. Monica developed a great online party program and was doing a wonderful job selling and recruiting for her direct sales company. But when the winner of a lingerie prize at an online party complained to the direct sales company when she had not received her gift within seven days the direct sales company removed Monica from the program without asking any questions.

"Katie" is a direct selling dynamo. She is a consultant for several companies with consistent sales and downline growth. One of her companies contacted her out of the blue and informed her that they no longer would allow her to be a representative of their direct sales company and one of the other direct sales company she had signed up with. They forced her to make a choice and leave behind the products, downline team, and customers she had built up with at least one of the two companies.

"Bobbie" has grown a wonderful direct selling team around her company offering gourmet herbs and spices. Bobbie had a large and loyal customer base in her home town. But her direct sales company decided to mass market some of their products in the local Wal-Mart and grocery store which cut significantly into Bobbie's sales. Bobbie's friend "Sue" who sells plastic storage containers had the same thing happen when her direct sales company decided to open up kiosks in the local mall.

All of our friends stories are quite true, and they occur daily in the direct sales industry. While their names have been changed to protect the innocent, their experiences are very typical.

What can you do when your direct sales company let's you down? Most of us are tempted to answer fight back but experience has proven that to be ineffective. Even if you manage to force management to give in to your demands, the result is usually temporary as you become slated for "removal" from the company one way or another.

Have a Plan B. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Work with more than one direct sales company. Then if the worst happens, you have other resources to fall back on.

Duplicate your efforts. Attempt to turn customers for one company into customers for all your companies. Then if you lose one, you don't lose an entire segment of your customer base. If this isn't possible, at least maintain your own client database. Don't risk losing all your customers if
your lose your direct sales organization.

While you are duplicating your efforts, make sure that you are sharing all your direct sales opportunities with everyone in all your direct sales organizations. Why train new reps over and over again when a portion of your new reps can be consultants who you've worked with in other companies?

And while you are at that, go ahead and take the best training materials you've developed for one company and convert them into materials for the other companies as well.

There was a time when network marketing companies wagged their fingers and lured you in with the promise of treating your better than corporate America and life time residual income. Too many of us have learned the hard way that the guarantees of loyalty outside mainstream corporate America are no better than those inside.

If you are blessed with the talent of finding new ways to do more business, then be sure you clear each one with your direct sales company. Get that clearance in writing. Otherwise you'll be squabbling over domain names, and marketing materials, and online party rooms faster than one of you can call your attorney. The outside the box thinking direct sales consultant is better off to seek out a network marketing company with equally forward thinking philosophies rather than to attempt to conform to the small minded box some direct sales companies afford them to work in.

Finally, there is one way you can get even once your direct sales company let's you down. Don't get mad. Get even. Once you've found a better alternative to their way of doing business, go after your downline, your upline, and all your contacts within the old organization. Don't violate any non-compete agreements. But if you can clean house rather than cleaning someone's clock, you get to be the one laughing all the way to the bank at the end of the day.

About the Author
Shannan Hearne is the co-founder of the brand new direct sales company Shopping in the South and the owner of an Internet marketing services company. Ms. Hearne decided that everything wrong with direct sales today was enough to create a company that would be everything right tomorrow. And ShoppingInTheSouth.com was born. She can be found online at the e-store or in her marketing garden, SuccessPromotions.com

6 Changes You Can Make
to Increase Business Profits

by Marcia Yudkin

I read once that something like 30 percent of all drinkable water gets wasted on the way to the consumer by leaky pipes. Likewise, your business may be letting potential revenue drip away, to be lost forever, all over the place. Use this checklist to make sure you are taking best advantage of all the opportunities for earnings that would be arriving safely if you only plugged up those holes.

1. Improve your followup. According to the National Sales Executive Association, only about two percent of sales occur on the first contact. Eighty percent of sales require at least five contacts before the transaction occurs. That means that if you put out your sales message just once or twice, you're barely out of the gate. Those who might eventually buy are hardly even beginning to pay attention. You must repeat that message again and again before it wakes up busy people to what you are offering.

2. Put your marketing activities on schedule with a plan. I see a lot of businesses bedeviled by the "feast or famine" syndrome, where they stop marketing when times are good and therefore have no pipeline in place bringing them new leads when the economy slows down. They get busy marketing, but there's a time lag before new business comes in, and when it does, they stop marketing once more, keeping the cycle going. Instead, invest time or money in creating a marketing plan that tells you what to do each week or month to keep business continually flowing in. If it's too much for you to handle, hire assistants or outsource it to hungry but competent colleagues.

3. Increase your personal productivity by working at your most creative times. Once I incited a firestorm of criticism on CompuServe's PR Forum by revealing that I hardly ever spend more than one hour writing a press release. Other PR professionals opined that I couldn't possibly create decent work that quickly. Well, I do, and here's my secret: following a process that creativity researchers will tell you is used by top scientists and inventors, I absorb all the facts and define the challenge for myself, then go to sleep, take a walk or step into the shower. Within a day, my unconscious mind brings me a "Eureka" experience with a terrific headline. The rest of the press release pours out right after the headline. Had I sat down to try, try, try to write that document, it would take triple the time and not reach the same quality.

4. Stop unproductive marketing activities, boosting your profits. Advertising pros know that most advertising doesn't work, but they continue to spend like crazy because part of it does. If you can identify which marketing efforts of yours are not giving you a return, and stop spending money and energy on those, you'll be earning more from what you spend. Admittedly, it can be difficult sometimes to pinpoint what actually brings in customers and clients. However, if you begin asking each new buyer how they heard about you and keep track of the answers, patterns almost always emerge. One graphic artist learned through this kind of research that nearly all her clientele came from word of mouth and none from her ads in the local business journal. Of course, the opposite discovery could have happened, too. Don't assume, find out!

5. Market more often to your customer base - much more often. Hardly anyone stays in touch with existing and past customers often enough. They think they might be "bothering" their clientele by letting them know about new products, opportunities to buy before a price increase, success stories of other customers like them, and so on. Nope, it's not so. On the contrary, staying in touch ensures that you stay in the awareness of people who have done business with you before, so that when they need you again, they come to you rather than go to your competitors.

6. Hire help for mechanical tasks or a virtual assistant to help manage communications. Feeling overwhelmed? If you can make, let's say, $100 an hour doing what you do best, you should not be spending too much energy on routine things like stuffing envelopes, doing errands like going to the bank and the copy shop or putting together slides for your upcoming lecture. Instead, pay someone $25 an hour to get those to-do's accomplished and free you up to get more high-paid work accomplished. An exception to this principle is when you do the repetitive tasks as a break or rest from money-making activities that tire you out. Increasing your productivity means increasing the income from your business without spending more hours working. Get started on at least one of the above today!

About the Author
Marcia Yudkin <marcia@yudkin.com> is the author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity and 10 other books. She runs a private member site, MarketingforMore.com, which supports business owners who are growing their businesses. Learn how to avoid the most common pricing mistakes in her free report, "Charge More & Get It," available from http://www.marketingformore.com/survey.htm.

A Time And A Season For
Everything In Network Marketing!
Copyright © 2004 by Sue Seward.
All Rights Reserved.

Ever feel like your harvest is never going to come in your Network Marketing business?

At least not when you think it should right?

Did you know that there's a time and a season for everything including your Network Marketing business?

That's right! There's a time for plowing, a time for seeding, a time for weeding and a time for harvest!

Did you know too that in building a Network Marketing business there's a time that you'll go through each of these growth phases in order to get your harvest?

If you're not willing to go through these time periods of growth then you might as well forget about ever seeing a harvest!

There will also be people who poke fun at you too during these various phases of growth. Don't be to hard on them because these people usually just don't understand the phases of growth that each person has to get through to reach their harvest.

Sometimes people are in the various phases longer than others and sometimes shorter periods than others. It really depends on each individual as to how long they take to grow with each season and listen to this....

how they handle themselves while in each season!

Because usually how you've handled one season will determine when and if you move into the next one!

You've plowed and plowed and plowed... and planted hundreds and thousands of seeds! You've watered and then you get these dang weeds! You pull them out and they just keep popping back up again!

You may be in this weeding season for it seems like eons and are getting frustrated by having to weed through all the people who are not interested, people you sponsor who don't do anything,
people who are rude and make fun of you, family who think you're crazy, problems with your sponsor or upline, problems with your company, problems with someone you sponsor and on and on with all this continuous weeding weeding weeding!

Sometimes you pull the weed out and it comes right back too doesn't it?

This is ALL a part of the process of growth that will get you YOUR HARVEST!

Harvest! It's great when it comes but then there's pruning! Always a snip here and there to make sure you keep growing and your business keeps multiplying, sales keep increasing and so does your income!

Remember though if you let your harvest go, those weed problems will creep back in and could just choke your business to death!

There will always be weeds to deal with! It's just a part of the growth process!

To keep your harvest bountiful, problems must be handled in a timely manner with the utmost of respect and not just shoved under the rug. Just like with weeds, you have to get to the ROOT of the problem!

When you're in a Network Marketing business or any business for that matter you're going to be dealing with a multitude of wonderful personalities and people that will be in various growth phases of their business.

You may be in harvest time when they are in seed time. Be empathetic and understanding of each person's time and growth season!

Make use of each person's talents wisely no manner what growth phase they are in!

Everyone has some sort of talent that will contribute value to the entire team no matter what growth phase they are in! Everyone's time in each season is their time! If you get anything out of this remember this one valuable lesson!

Building your Network Marketing business 'HARVEST' is a never ending pruning process!

About the Author
Sue Seward
is an entrepreneur, business owner wife and mom. She's been earning an income from home online in Network Marketing since 1996. She is also a published writer, speaker, Internet Marketing trainer, publishes two newsletters and is passionately dedicated to the Lord. To find out more and to request our free eBook version of 'How To Select A Network Marketing Company', visit http://www.FitFourSuccess.ws

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