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MLM Woman Issue 81
October 2003

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From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 81st issue of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month we feature articles on how one woman made her MLM dreams come true, how to make SPAM email disappear like magic, how important it is to train your downline so they can duplicate your efforts, and how to do what works and stop doing what doesn't.


Linda Locke, Editor MLM Woman

MLM - A Dream Come True
By Sheri Din

Since I was a young teen, I had somewhat made a mental decision that I didn't want to 'work for somebody else'. I freelanced for several years with many different companies in the market research industry, as that afforded me time flexibility and control - something I treasure most in my life. Unfortunately, there just wasn't any clear direction of where I was to go, as I went. I was just really going round in circles. There was no push for excellence.

After a while, it all became meaningless. I thought then, that maybe a real job would make me happy. I got myself employed, working a very responsible position and got myself a nice enough paycheck, settled into the routine, but after 3 years, I realized I could not take anymore, going out to work for someone else who controls my time, my income and ultimately my life. The urge to jump off that wagon became really huge as time went by. I really wanted to be my own boss. The right time to leave that situation came and I swiftly went into the property market and became a real esate agent. But guess what? Soon enough, the reality of running a business hit me. I had money but where did all my time go? I realized I was working myself mad.

MLM has been a dream come true to me - although it took several years of some regular drilling into my head about the concept of this wonderful business and it's unimaginable rewards - before I finally opened up my heart and mind to it. And I never looked back.

In MLM, I am my own boss. I work at my own time. I personally plan my schedule according to my heart's desires. I can put a swim, a theatre, a shopping trip or a movie into my plans at any time of any day - it is ENTIRELY up to me! I can be with my family whenever I want. I can take off days to entertain friends or relatives whenever I need to. I can take a holiday and jump on the next plane to Mauritius, today, if I wanted to. David Nelson tells me so patiently when I ask him what it is about this MLM business that keeps him going, he says "Sheri, it's the time flexibility this business offers you. You don't get that from any other type of work." Nothing could be truer. And who's richer than the master of his own time and destiny?

Yes, in MLM you are able to control your destiny. I control my results. Not another person I call 'the boss'. Not the company. Not my upline. Not even the market. And especially not the government. I determine what income I want to make and what life I want to live. And I work towards that. If my pace is swift, my results are swift! It's just like having my own plantation. I determine the crops I want to grow. I study and get as much information as I can about all the things I need to learn and do. Then I prepare my land. I enrich it with quality nourishment. And I start planting. I continue to learn as I go along. And I meet the challenges as they come.

There are days of heavy rains and floods that wash away some of my crops. There are hot, dry spells, when the earth gets hard and the crops get scorched. There are days of sheer havoc, of strong winds and great storms. But when the flood subsides and the storm passes, I just roll up my sleeves, go into my field, pick up the pieces and put my plantation back together piece by piece, part by part. I clear and throw out what I don't want. I re-plant what I love. I trim where I want to. I weed where I have to. I nourish where I need to. And I go find more good quality new seedlings to plant. I water it and nurture it as best I can. And I watch it grow. What is most exciting is that after some havoc, the land somehow becomes more fertile, and the surviving crops are usually ready for action!

All the time, all I have to remember is there is this law of the harvest which is there to 'protect' my interest. "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap." I read somewhere of the 4 undeniable principles of this law. They are:

1) The Principle of Investment: You reap only IF you sow.
2) The Principle of Identity: You reap only WHAT you sow.
3) The Principle of Increase: You reap MORE than you sow.
4) The Principle of Interval: You reap AFTER you sow.

So, if you're kind to your land, and you plant good seeds, you be patient with the challenges and the waiting, you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest. "Life is uncertain but give anyway. Life is uncertain, but God is always faithful."

The MLM business will continue to change a lot of lives.

When we sow a thought, we reap an act,
when we sow an act, we reap a habit,
when we sow a habit, we reap a character,
when we sow a character, we reap a destiny.

To Your Success!

About the Author

Sheri Din
*First Diamond & Double Diamond in Singapore
*World Changers Award Winner (FMI - 2001)
*David Nelson's Crusader Award (2002)
*President's Award (FMI - 2003).

Internet 101: How To Make SPAM Disappear Like Magic!
By Dave Turner

It absolutely amazes me how many people over-react to receiving e-mail SPAM.

What is this obsession...this preoccupation with SPAM?

Where are our priorities?

There are who knows how many pedophiles out there abusing children; whom barely serve more than a couple of years in prison before they're free to walk the streets again.

Where's the public outrage over that? Yet, when it comes to SPAM, many of us are ready to support the severest anti-SPAM legislation. Yes, we want to lock up all the spammers and throw away the key.

What's wrong with this picture?

I personally receive over 500 e-mails every single day. Approximately half of that is SPAM. Want to know how I deal with the problem? I use magic. That's right, magic. I hit that magic little "delete" button and just like magic, my SPAM disappears!

And since I have high-speed cable access, it literally only takes me a few minutes to make hundreds of uninvited SPAM guests disappear like magic. No problem!

I don't let SPAM annoy me or upset me. And I certainly don't let it ruin my day.

When you let SPAM annoy or upset you, all you're doing is letting the spammers win. However, when you use that magic little delete button, you win. You've got the power to delete. Why not use it?

What's so hard about doing that? It's certainly a lot easier on your emotional well-being than getting upset over the situation.

Unfortunately, SPAM is a part of everyday life like telemarketers, reality television shows and junk mail. Learn to treat it as such.

Don't get mad...use magic!

Til next time...

About the Author

Dave Turner is a writer and entrepreneur with over twenty years of marketing experience. Questions? Comments? Dave can be reached at internet-marketing-xpert.com Website: http://www.internet-marketing-xpert.com/  Internet marketing expert will teach you how to get a Guaranteed Monthly Income!

What Happens When
We Train Others?
Copyright © 2003 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.


I had a very nice experience this week with my kids.

This week I happened to have one of those horrible migraines that I get now and then.

That wasn't the nice experience by the way! <smile>

It happened to hit me on a school day so my two boys had to fend for themselves!

Oh NO!!! Mom is out of commission!!!

This really gave me a chance to see how well I've TRAINED them!!! <smile>

My younger son (age 10) got up and when mom told him it was one of THOSE days, he went right into immediate action!

I heard him yelling at his older brother, (who's 16 and now driving).... I've made your breakfast!!!

All I heard was a bunch of scrambling around, the microwave going off, dishes clattering, water running, doors slamming, and then total silence.......

When I went down later after my migraine was finally gone, I saw the breakfast dishes there, the dog was out on the porch, the cat was out, and I could tell that my sons had done things exactly like I TAUGHT them!!!

Later that day when I picked my younger son up I asked him if his brother had gotten him to school on time....oh yes a minute til the bell!

"So", I said, "obeMOM has taught you two well my son?"....he replied "YES MOM you sure have!"

Now I know that my two boys can fend for themselves in a pinch when MOM is down!

This is one of the best feelings in the world!!!

And you know what? It's the EXACT SAME way when we teach our team members!

We teach them to do what we do and when we see them going off on their own and doing the SAME thing, what begins to happen?

We start to feel really good because that's when our business really starts to develop and DUPLICATE!

We know when we're away, or on vacation, or down for some reason, that they are still going strong fending for themselves and teaching more people to do the same thing!!!

We then know we've TAUGHT them well and that's the BEST thing we can do for them!

Expect Success!

About the Author
Ms. Seward
is an entrepreneur, wife and mom, and has been earning an income for seven years from home on the Internet. She is also a published writer, speaker and Internet Marketing trainer. To get the scoop on how to earn an income on the Internet just send a blank email to: sseward.0@IncomeBuddy.com You can find out more about Sue at www.WithTheClickOfAMouse.com

Do What Works and
Stop Doing What Doesn't
By Michael Angier

Success is simple. Just be clear about what you want and go after it. That and a few million details and you've got it made.

Let's assume that you already know what you want in your life and what it would take to make you feel successful.

But how do you make that happen?

It takes a clear and impassioned focus on your dreams and constant and diligent attention to what you do, how you do it and ways in which you can do it better. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

It is, but it's not easy.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend awhile back about reaching a financial goal. I was undecided about which of many projects I should focus on--which one should get my limited time and energies. He looked at me very calmly and said, "Follow the money."

I thought, "Gosh, that's good advice."

It made total sense. It was a goal that involved finances, so why not go for the projects that produced the most bucks. It was simple. It was right on. And I wasn't seeing it because I'd lost my perspective. I was too involved in busyness instead of paying attention to business. I was caught up in the thick of thin things.

It's not uncommon. It's easy to confuse activity with accomplishment. Unless we're really paying attention, we can be very busy doing the wrong things. As we dig our hole deeper and wider, we often find out later that we've been digging in the wrong place.

What was right yesterday, what worked last year, what was innovative a month ago may very well be obsolete today. If you can't pick your head up and survey the landscape once in awhile, you're going to get beaten by a competitor who does.

Our most valuable commodities are time, energy and knowledge. How we apply these is critical to our success.

Make a list of everything you do and what your intended results are from those efforts. You'll find the 80/20 Rule alive and well. About twenty percent of your efforts will be producing eighty percent of your positive results. Look for ways to reduce or eliminate the other eighty percent and do more of the twenty.

Some things we do produce no results at all. We just keep doing them because we've always done them and didn't really question their usefulness.

Question everything! If you had to justify your investment of time and energy to a boss or a board of directors, could you? Are you sure?

You wouldn't invest money unless it was giving you a return.Why should your time and energy be any different?

Persistence is a great virtue, but it must be balanced with the ability to see a better plan and put it into action. Learn to cut your losses.

We're not entering the Information Age, we're already in it. It's not enough to work hard. We have to work SMART. Being a good steward means making good use of the talents and resources we've been given. It requires thinking. It requires close attention.

It's up to us--and only us--to be consistently analyzing our actions and the results they produce. Do it, dump it or change it.

Do what works and stop doing what doesn't.

About the Author
Copyright Michael Angier & Success Networks. Success Net's mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally. Get their free report Keys to Personal Effectiveness by sending an email to keys@SuccessNet.org No-cost subscriptions, memberships, eCourses, eBooks and SuccessMark Cards are available at http://SuccessNet.org email: InfoPlease@SuccessNet.org

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