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MLM Woman Issue 64
May 2002

This free monthly newsletter is made possible by our advertisers and customers. We thank them for their support!

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 64th issue of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month we feature articles to help you promote your business more effectively, to eliminate procrastination, and tips on coaching yourself to success.

Happy reading!

Linda Locke, Editor MLM Woman

The Biggest MLM Problem
and How to Solve it!

By Paul Williams

Have you ever been in this situation? You've just seen an awesome presentation about a well established MLM opportunity and are pumped up like a balloon. You can hardly sleep that night as your mind races, adding up the dollars that you are sure you'll make. You even
flick on the light at 1 am in the morning and get up and grab a pen to write down the name of a prospect in case you forget their name in the morning.

You can hardly contain yourself the next day as you sit down with your spouse (if you have one), and contemplate this awesome opportunity. The "prospect list" continues to grow: Uncle Bill, brother Jack, sister Betty, cousin Fred, neighbor Nigel and church member Charlotte.

You can't wait for the next meeting for another pump-up. Your plans and goals are set and the prospect list filled as you contemplate your launch date the following Monday evening when you'll become active and pick up the phone. Monday night is finally here and so are the butterflies. Your heart beats as you procrastinate for 15 minutes but finally pick up
the phone.

"Hi Uncle Bill, blah, blah, blah. I hope you are well. Ah, I just wondered if you could spare a couple of hours this Thursday evening?" "What for?" "I'd like to show you a great new way to make an income working your own business." "Sorry, I haven't got the time for that I'm busy enough as it is, thanks anyway, bye." "Okay, bye Uncle Bill."

Down but not out, you go through the list. Finally, after twenty names (and yourself) has been exhausted, you have two appointments. But the first one is canceled until next week, but they're not really interested anyway, just polite. The other one goes better. The excited couple join but eight weeks later have still done nothing.

Your prospect list is now exhausted so where are the next leads coming from? Feeling down, you stroll off to the next training meeting with a fake grin and a firm handshake.

What you need is to attend a conference by the superstar of MLM who's done it all and knows how you feel. That's it, he's done it! You even stand up boldly at the meeting when those who want to reach "level X" by this time next year are invited to make it public.

But still, that motivation hasn't added any more names to the prospect list. Two months later you drop out or remain inactive until someone else convinces you that their MLM business is like the one you were in but better. Ever heard that one? So you join it and try again. But the same problem keeps rearing it's ugly head: How do you find and recruit new people into your business?

The number one reason people drop out of good MLM programs is because of a lack of success in recruiting new members into their downline, AND not enough focus on the actual product. A big downline will never compensate for lack of retail sales. But building a solid group is where it needs to start. Meetings won't recruit for you, they can inspire, but you must do the work. When all the initial excitement and hype from meetings is gone, the reality check is that succeeding in MLM takes work, hard work!

But take heart, there is a proven way to recruit new members into your downline from all five continents. Older recruiting methods usually limit you to business prospects in your own local neighborhood, or areas of personal influence. But now, thanks to the Internet, new downline
members can be reached worldwide. The purpose of this article is to focus and look at just ONE way that you can use the internet to build a powerful downline.

Sure it seems that almost everyone in MLM has a home page on the net so recruiting will be even harder. Not so if you apply this Internet marketing strategy: Learn how to write ezine articles for specific target markets. Simple as that. Here's the details:

An ezine is a newsletter sent to the email box of subscribing members. You are reading one now. People subscribe because the information addresses issues or subjects they are interested in. A person who subscribes to an ezine about cats is obviously interested in cats. There are ezines about everything: Food, dogs, MLM, marketing, gardening, e-commerce etc. You name it, it's there.

Many ezines include articles from guest writers. And no, you don't have to be a great writer to have ezine articles published in MLM and related ezines. You do have to have some knowledge about MLM, business, Internet, writing, team work, training techniques, management etc, anything to do with MLM, Internet marketing or business in general. If
you don't know much, read the countless buckets of information available for free on the net so you do have some knowledge to help others. But best of all, DO IT, and share your success principles with others.

To build your MLM downline, submit your articles to ezines that address issues that will interest MLMers. Ezines about: Home-based business opportunities, business, writing, marketing tips, e-commerce etc. People who receive those type of ezines are in business and are often open to new opportunities, maybe yours! There are limitless possibilities and many ezine publishers are looking for quality articles to print.

You are giving quality information to people who are targeted and have an interest in MLM or are looking for good income opportunities. The main benefit to you is that you receive a 4 or 5 line "byline" for your efforts. It's simply a "commercial" at the end of the article as a thank-you from the editor for writing good content for their newsletter.

That commercial is powerful. It contains a link to your website and email. An ezine article gives you credibility. Being published by others shows that you know what you are talking about, and your readers will be interested in clicking on the link to see what else you have to offer.

Don't submit articles to ezines that are not related to MLM or business. Business articles don't get printed in dog ezines! You can write a good ezine article. Anyone can do it, and that's no exaggeration. This technique is being used by many to build huge MLM downlines and will work for you no matter what MLM business you are in.

About the Author

For free details on every aspect of how to write ezine articles to help you build a powerful downline, click here: http://cybertonix.com/catalog.html. Paul Williams is an advertising copywriter and marketing consultant. Email: paul@cybertonix.com

25 Ways to Deliver Your Message to Your Target Audience
By Joe Gracia

In order for your prospects and customers to respond to your marketing propositions, you must have a way of delivering your messages to them. Here are 25 ways to do that . . .

1. In-Person -- One-on-One Presentations

While face-to-face with your prospects or customers you can instantly build rapport and gain trust -- plus you have their direct attention.

2. In-Person -- Group Presentations

This can be a sales presentation, a free seminar or a workshop. Your attendees can get to know, like and trust you quickly.

3. In-Person -- Networking

Everyone knows about 250 other people. The potential contacts for direct business or referrals is enormous.

4. Telephone

You can use the phone to call a current customer for a re-order or to let them know about a special offer on a new product or service. You can also use the phone to build your prospect list. It's the next best thing to being there.

5. Mail

It's only 'junk mail' to the people who don't want it. Chocolate lovers, love getting chocolate catalogs and offers in the mail. We just went to see a play by one of our local theater groups because of a post card we received in the mail. By mailing your message, you have the opportunity to provide as little or as much detail as you like.

6. Signs

Everywhere you look there's a sign! Billboards, store front signs, in-store signs, wall signs, even magnetic car signs. Signs are an excellent vehicle for delivering your marketing messages.

7. Ads -- Newspapers/Magazines

You can use classifieds, small display ads or full page ads. Make sure you choose the section that targets your prospects, and include a strong offer and call to action. Test small.

8. Ads -- Calendars, Bulletins, etc.

Other publications for displaying your ads, are church or community calendars and bulletins, ceremonial or theater programs, even place mats.

9. Ads -- Newsletters

Newsletters--either hard copy or electronic--are terrific vehicles for delivering your messages. Just make sure the newsletter targets your primary prospects and you have a strong offer.

10. Ads -- Yellow Pages

If you have the type of product or service that people find by turning to the yellow pages, this may be the perfect vehicle for you. Keep accurate track of your responses so you'll know whether it's worth the investment.

11. TV -- Commercial

The expense can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses, but for some it is the ideal method for communicating to the masses. If your product or service has a broad target and your budget allows, it could be worth testing.

12. TV -- Cable

More cost-effective and better targeted. You can either run ads, or, if you're really ambitious, host your own tips program.

13. Radio

Can be great for building awareness or supplementing other vehicles. Can be expensive, but worth it for many established businesses.

14. Trade Shows

Excellent way to meet your prospects face-to-face. Very targeted. Make sure you're not just handing out literature that will get dumped in the trash as they leave. Make contacts and follow up.

15. Door Hangers

Can be effective for home oriented products and services, like pest control, lawn care, etc.

16. Flyers - Handed Out

Create your flyer with a strong benefit-focused message, strong offer and call to action, and then get it into the hands of your best prospects.

17. Flyers - Posted

Post your flyers in high traffic areas on bulletin and display boards, shop windows, etc.

18. Flyers - Inserted

You can have your flyers inserted in your local community newspaper. Some of the smaller weekly shopper newspapers will insert them for a very reasonable price. Have your flyer copied on brightly colored paper and it will not be missed. You can also insert your flyer in with your current orders, or arrange for another business to insert them into their orders.

19. Flyers - Displayed

Displaying your flyer at the point of sale, the checkout counter, for instance, can be a very nice way of getting people to see your message.

20. Fax

We wouldn't recommend faxing your message to strangers. It can be an intrusion. However, you certainly can let your current prospects or customers know about a new offer you have by faxing it to them directly, or providing them with information they need.

21. E-mail

Sending unsolicited e-mails to strangers is a taboo on the Internet. It's called spam--and most people don't appreciate it. But, using e-mail to follow up with prospects or customers who have agreed to receive your messages can be very effective.

22. Web Site

More and more people are turning to the Internet for information about products and services. The time is rapidly approaching when all businesses will need to have a presence on the Web or they'll be left behind. Excellent vehicle for delivering information and your
marketing messages.

23. News Releases

The media is always looking for items of interest for their readers/viewers/listeners. By making effective and consistent use of News Releases you can get your message out for little or no cost.

24. Publicity/Interviews

Is your product/service or business newsworthy? With the right slant, every business can be interesting. You may offer your expertise to the media and find yourself being interviewed on the evening news, or on a radio broadcast. Many successful marketers make excellent use of publicity and interviews to help deliver their message to their market.

25. Articles

How's your writing? One of the best and least expensive ways to deliver your message is by writing tips articles related to your products/services--like this one--and offering it to the media for free. The media gets content that will interest their audience, and you get exposure for you and your company.

Copyright (c) 2000, Joe Gracia - Give to Get Marketing

About the Author

Visit Joe's Give to Get Marketing Web site, to receive a free Marketing Idea-Kit, plus hundreds of marketing tips and real-world marketing examples. Discover the simple techniques Joe used to generate from $10,000 to $15,000 a month with his first Web site, on a shoestring budget, in less than 18 months. http://www.givetogetmarketing.com

Top 10 Ways to Coach
Yourself to Total Success!

Copyright 2000 by Philip E. Humbert. All Rights Reserved.

Coaching is about being your best. It’s about performance, about “staying the course” and, in the end, about creating and living the life you really want. Many people use coaches to make more money, win the gold prize or do something dramatic. That’s fun, and when it’s right, it’s wonderful!

But most importantly, coaching is about living up to your own standards. It is, in Henry Thoreau’s famous words, about “marching to the beat of your own drum, no matter how faint or far away.” So, do I recommend you have a personal coach? Well, duh!

But if you can’t afford one, or aren’t ready for one, why not be your own coach? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Write down your goals. Review and re-write them once a week. This is old advice, but there is power and magic in writing your goals on paper! Write them down, then review them, think about them and up-date them every week. It may only take 20 minutes, but it will double your rate of success, I guarantee it!

2. Show up! Many of life’s most important achievements simply require that we show up, pay attention, tell the truth, work hard, go the extra mile, and do our best! Superior performance is not about the future, or the past. It’s about doing a superior job right now, on the work that lies right in front of you.

3. Eliminate Distractions. Keep your eye on the ball. Life is full of frustrations and distractions. Successful people do NOT tolerate the things that drive most of crazy – they take the time to stop, solve the problem and eliminate the distraction once and for all. Stay focused!

4. Manage your environment. Top performers know that space management is more important than time management, and they have neat offices, clean cars, orderly appointment books, and they keep an extra suit at the office, just in case. Make your office (and your home) a space where you can do your very best work.

5. Read every day. Read something useful, challenging or fun every day. If you only spend 20 minutes with a book that motivates, excites and educates you, it will make a world of difference. I promise! Aim to read at least one book every month!

6. Attend a “University on Wheels”. Listen to educational, motivational and fun tapes while you drive. At least listen to soothing, appropriate music, rather than the “terror of the day” on talk radio! Fill your mind with the BEST information you can find!

7. Use a Master-Mind group. The term refers to a group of people who are committed to helping you be successful. Often, they meet once a week. Think of them as your “Advisory Committee”. Bounce ideas off them, ask them for advice, let them coach you!

8. Focus on values. Take time every week to review your values, the things that cost you nothing, but make life worth living. Write them down, share them with a friend, and remind yourself of what’s most important to you. Remembering your values will get you back on course!

9. Play more! Play a game of tennis, wrestle with the dog, shoot hoops with the kid next door. Laugh, get sweaty, have fun. It doesn’t cost; it pays!

10. Practice Gratitude! Periodically, ask yourself how many “good” days you’ve had this week. Notice what made the good ones good, and do more of the good stuff! And, be grateful. "I was angry that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

Even the most sophisticated modern cruise ships must constantly monitor their course. On our last cruise, Mary and I took a tour of the bridge, and were told the ship had no less than 5 automatic navigation computers, and that at least 2 officers were on duty at all times. Why the redundancy? Because having a cruise ship get lost, even briefly, is a very bad thing!

How many navigation systems do you use to guide your path? Having a handful of books, journals, friends and daily routines to “coach” you is not expensive, it’s the best investment you’ll ever make! Set up routines and use the best resources you can find to stay on course. Coach yourself to the top!

About the Author

Dr Philip E. Humbert is an author, speaker and personal success coach. Dr Humbert has hundreds of tips, tools and articles on his website that you can use for your own success! It's a great resource! Visit him on the web at: www.philiphumbert.com And, be sure to sign up for his great newsletter!

Kick the Procrastination Habit
By Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now!

I'll get to it -- when I get a chance.

You know what that means, don't you? You'll never get to it! Here are 8 simple ways to kick the procrastination habit and start getting things done.

1. BREAK IT DOWN. Seem overwhelming? Don't look at your goals as one big project. Break them down into small parts. Assign a specific deadline (date and time) to each part.

2. WRITE IT DOWN. Make it official by writing your goals (mini and ultimate) on paper.

3. SHOUT IT OUT. Tell people what your goals are. Ask a friend or associate for some ongoing motivation.

4. CONSISTENCY. Establish a regular time each day to work towards your goal.

5. ORGANIZED SURROUNDINGS. Organize your environment, complete with the tools you need, so it is conducive to working efficiently.

6. VISIBLE GOALS. Keep your goals in front of you. Post reminders of your goals and deadlines where you can constantly see them. Post your pending rewards along with

7. BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE. Make something you normally do and enjoy contingent upon doing the avoided task. For example: I will not go to my favorite lunch spot until I complete Part A of my project. By the way, no fair cheating!!

8. SET PENDING REWARDS. Set rewards for your ultimate goal and mini-goals. You'll constantly have something enjoyable to look forward to.

About the Author

FREE Idea-Pak and E-zine filled with tips, ideas, articles and more to help you organize your home, your office and your life at the Get Organized Now! Web site! http://www.getorganizednow.com

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