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womanMLM Woman Issue 168
July 2011

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 168th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month we're featuring articles on:

  • Tips for Tracking Your Recruiting Efforts
  • MLM Summer Business Building
  • Setting Up Your Twitter Profile For Success
  • Direct Sales Home Party Theme Ideas
  • 10 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

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Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman


womanTips for Tracking Your
Recruiting Efforts

By Linda Locke
Editor, MLMWoman.com

It's easy to use a hit-and-miss approach when you begin working to build your direct sales team. But knowing what works and what doesn't work when recruiting new consultants will get you better results. Tracking your recruiting will help you focus on the most successful and profitable strategies for growing your business and adding recruits.

A lot of things happen when you track your direct sales recruiting efforts. To begin, tracking lets you see a realistic picture of how many prospecting conversations you have every week. It's easy to say, "I talked to a lot of people about my business this week," when in reality, you may have talked to a lot fewer than you think.

When you write down the details of your prospecting conversations you will see exactly how many people you spoke with, how many you planned to speak to, or how many you called that you never connected with. Now, you have a clear picture of what you intended to do versus what actually got done.

Tracking gives you a visual reminder of your accomplishments. You know when you create a to-do list and check off items done, you feel like you've accomplished more in a day. Tracking your recruiting results works the same way. You know exactly how much you've accomplished and whether or not it's enough to help you reach your goals.

In addition, tracking is a tremendous tool to help ensure you follow up with every contact made. Relying on your memory can fail you, but having contacts listed with follow-up dates recorded in black and white will let you see at a glance who you need to follow-up with.

As to what kind of tracking system to use, go for something simple. A spreadsheet on the computer that lists the information you want to track will work just fine. If you prefer writing by hand, you can record the same information in a columnar pad or notebook.  The system isn't important. What's important is that you use it consistently to track your contacts and the results of each call.

Basic information about your contacts you'll want to record include:

1. Full name

2. Phone number

3. Email

4. Address (if available)

5. Date of contact

6. Their response

7. Follow up date

You may also want to record special observances like birthdays or anniversaries on the same list so you can send out greeting cards or make a phone call. This is always a good way to stay in touch with prospects as well as your recruits.

At the beginning of each week, or month, set a goal of how many recruits you would like to join your team for that period. If you figure you have to talk to ten people for every one who joins, and your goal is five new recruits every month, then you know you need to talk to at least fifty people each month to reach your goal. Your tracking system will help you focus so you can reach that number more easily.

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amy posnerMLM Summer
Business Building

By Amy Posner

We all look forward to summer - to slowing down, warm weather and activities that we don't do the rest of the year.

How does that impact your business? However you let it! Here's the deal. Building a successful MLM business is all about one thing: continuously filling your 'pipeline' with prospects until you grow a team big enough to suit your financial needs. Really. Have you heard it said there is no problem in MLM that can't be solved by recruiting? It's true.

MLM business building looks a little different during the summer. Why? Because of the laid-back nature of the season, it's not a big decision making time for most people. However, it's a great time for getting together with people and seeing people you haven't seen in a while, or don't see often. It's also a great time for meeting new people as we tend to be out and about.

Here's the way to handle your summer prospecting - fill your pipeline so you land a lot of business in the fall. Come September, no matter how old we get, no matter how many years it's been since we've 'gone back to school' in the fall - we all still have the 'back to school' mentality. September rolls around and we slip into another frame of mind. It's time to start doing again. Time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. Time to leave the leisure of summer behind us.

The holidays start looming large in people's minds and along with that comes thoughts of how to pay for holiday gifts and family gatherings and the travel that sometimes goes along with the holiday season.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you've planted a lot of seeds during the summer, you can harvest the results of your efforts in the fall. The more people you put in your pipeline over the summer months, the more opportunity you have for those people to say yes and become business partners come fall.

We're not advocates of the 'three foot rule'. We're not suggesting that you prospect every person you meet at the block party or your cousin Steve's BBQ. Not at all.

We teach ways to talk to people, get their information and then get back to them later. We don't suggest talking business in social situations. Instead, listen for interest, get to them to talk about themselves a bit, tell them you have something you want to ask them about, but not right here, right now and ask if you can talk to them next week and get a number so you can call them. Then call them within 48 hours of meeting them.

Do this well enough, often enough and you'll have more prospects than you know what to do with. It's a great way to enjoy summer, have a great excuse to get out more and grow your paycheck as a result.

About the Author
Amy Posner is co-founder of Savvy Sponsoring. Savvy Sponsoring is a professional MLM coaching organization offering top level MLM education and the hugely popular Savvy Network Marketing Newsletter.


Kristy-CantonSetting Up Your Twitter Profile For Success
By Kristy Canton

When setting up your Twitter account you want to keep in mind that you want to attract people that are interested in what you are promoting. Twitter makes this part easy and allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your profile page.


The biography is a very important part of your profile. You will have to clearly describe your business in 160 characters or less in a way that will attract interest. Your biography is one of the things that people read before they make the decision to follow you, so make it a good one.


It's essential that you use a real photo of yourself over an image or company logo. Remember, we want to build consumers trust and gain creditability and if the consumer can't attach a face to the brand or name, they will likely be hesitant to trust you and your advertised services. In addition, many consumers don't want to be "sold" on something, they would much rather research products or services and in their own time make an informed decision. Often times, business logos as a profile picture, screams "pushy salesman." Create a comfortable and friendly feel to your page and stay away from aggressive sale pitches.


Creating a customized background is a great way to make your Twitter page standout amongst the others. Twitter gives you the option to customize your Twitter page in a way that shows more of your personality and what your tweets will be about. For optimum business exposure, it's a good idea to place your logo or website address in the background as the design. There are also several 3rd parties that can create custom made designs for your Twitter page background. If you do a web search on Twitter backgrounds, you will find several companies that specialize in this with low to no cost out of pocket. There are also tons of free Twitter backgrounds available for download.


When creating your profile username it is important that people can identify your company or business by the name alone. The very first thing that people see on your Twitter page is your profile picture, which should be a personal picture of yours truly, but the second thing is just as important and that is your username. Be creative and make sure that your niche of choice is part of your username. For example, if you are promoting products to help people lose weight, you should choose a username such as: @themasterdiet, @weightloss_team, @dieting123, etc.... This will help people to identify you and your services immediately. Also, Twitter has a search option where you can search by keywords for tweets, people and services that you may be interested in. Using the same example, if you are interested in "dieting" and you put that keyword into the search box, the Twitter account @dieting123 will be one of the likely options to appear in the search results because that's the name of your Twitter accounts username.

About the Author
For great tips and articles on how to successfully market your products and services on Twitter, visit Kristy Canton, MA at http://www.tweetandretweet.blogspot.com


Laurie-AyersDirect Sales Home Party Theme Ideas

By Laurie Ayers

Tired of the same hum drum, let's face it - boring home parties? Spice up your next direct sales home party with an exciting theme! The ideas below ought to get your creative juices flowing. Starting planning your next bash and watch the sales roll in!

Banana Split Party - Hostess provides the ice cream, guests provide the toppings. Guests bring a dressed banana for a banana fashion show to be judged by the guests. Winning banana gets a prize.

Beach Party - Keep that summer feeling going all year long. Guests bring their bathing suits in a brown paper bag for everyone to guess who belongs to the suit.

Chocolate Lovers Party - Serve chocolate goodies. Guests bring their favorite chocolate recipe. A fun chocolate quiz is given. How well do your guests know their chocolate?

Christmas in August - Lots of specials for hosts and guests. First look at the beautiful new holiday line. Every guest gets a sample or car candle.

Come and Go Party - On the go? Juggling too many things at once? Have friends drop in and out in allotted time period. Drawing every 30 minutes.

Couples Party - Get couples together for a fun time with candles. Men LIKE candles, so why not get them together with you so you can find out what each other likes. All couples get a gift.

Garden or Patio Party - Have your show in your garden or on the patio/deck. Guests wear a garden hat or big floppy hat. Drawing for the best hat, funniest, ugliest.

Fundraiser Party - Looking for a new fundraiser idea? Why not support your favorite cause at the same time guests are doing their candle shopping?

Halloween Party - Challenge your guest to come in costume and earn a gift. Goodie bags given to all who bring a friend. Serve apple cider, pumpkin pie or candy apples.

Hawaiian Shirt Party - A bit of the Islands here on the mainland. Some Don Ho music, your favorite tropical drinks and a lei and you can have Hawaii in your living room. Guests who wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt will get a gift.

Mardi Gras Party - Any day can be Mardi Gras. Guests who dress in Mardi Gras colors, wear beads or a mask get a gift.

Margarita Party - Love Margarita's? This is the party for you. I'll bring Margarita recipes and give the guests a Margarita quiz.

Mother/Daughter Party - Includes mothers-in-law, step-mothers, grandmothers etc. It's a time for laughter and sharing with a favorite picture. All mothers get a sample or car candle.

Pool Party - Party around your pool. Have guests bring their bathing suits in a brown paper bag and everyone will guess whose it is.

Potluck Party - Guests bring dish pertaining to their nationality. What a great way to get to know another culture and cuisine by Scentsylight.

Red, White & Blue Party - Celebrate the good old red white and blue. Prize for the best patriotic outfit.

Salad Party - Each guest brings a salad ingredient or a salad specialty. All melon scents are on sale.

Shower Party - Whether it's a baby, bridal, anniversary or house warming, shower someone with a [Your Candle Company] gift shower. Encourage brides to be to fill out our gift registry. For new mom's, shower her with gifts she can use. What better way to decorate your home at no cost than with a [Your Candle Company] house warming party. Candles, Warmers and wax in every room!

Strawberry Shortcake or Strawberry and Chocolate Party - Or try a fondue Party. All strawberry and chocolate scents are on sale.

Sample Scavenger Hunt - Wax samples are hidden in the backyard or in the house. Guests get to keep what they find.

Tropical Drink Party - Get the blender out, bag the ice and let's party. Serve various tropical drinks and unwind with friends

Ugly Candle Contest - Admit it, we all have ugly candles hidden away. Bring them out and to the party for an ugly candle contest. Winner of ugly candle goes home with a new one. This also works well for the sootiest candle. We all know that wicked candles, regardless of wax used can produce ugly black soot on the edge. Who has the blackest one?

Very Berry Party - Make berry deserts, or berry toppings for cheesecake or ice cream. All berry scents are on sale.

White Elephant Party - Your trash could be someone else's treasure. Bring a wrapped unwanted "treasure" from home. You will go home with someone else's "treasure" at the end of the evening.

Wine and Cheese Party - Relax with friends over some wine and cheese and warmers. Enjoy the warm candle glow of each as you celebrate life.

Two more excellent themes contributed by Vicki Doran. Thanks Vicki!

The Tacky Party was by far the best attended party I ever did, and we ad so much fun! Think tacky, tacky, tacky - the tackier, the better! Everyone was told to dress tacky, and the winner got a prize - which was a sparkly lawn flamingo I picked up for a couple of bucks at a local craft store. The invitations were printed on scrap paper left over from the neighborhood yard sale (there was a big "x" on the back to cross out the yard sale info). We had a quiz to see who was tackiest, and the hostess served tacky foods such as Pop Tarts, Slim Jims, prunes, Little Debbie Snacks, generic soda (or pop, as we call it in these parts - lol!), and wine in a box. She used all of her kids leftover party plates and napkins for the party. I wore a skirt with gym socks and high heels, and on my t-shirt I plastered labels with every single home party slogan you have ever heard on it. Let's face it, one at a time things like "Earn Some Free When You Party With Me" or "Is Money Low? Book a Show" are OK, but when you have like a dozen different at one time - that's definitely tacky!

My hostess even decorated the front yard with a clothes line featuring giant granny panties and a bra, broken lawn chairs, old tires, and an empty case of beer. The best part of all of this is that the house next door was for sale, and there was a point where we were outside in our crazy tacky getups greeting the next visitor - while the realtor was showing the house! You should have seen the look on their faces - I thought she was going to die!

The 80s party was also fun - I made up name tags with famous people from the 80s, and everyone picked one when they arrived. We had an 80s quiz and a contest for best 80s hair. Sadly, the woman who won for best 80s hair has her hair like that every day! lol She took it really well though!

Hope this helps - theme parties can be as big or as little as you like. Obviously my friend went all out for the Tacky Party, but you don't have to do all of that and can still have a great Tacky Party. One of the things my hostess loved about that one was how easy it was to prepare the refreshments! After all, it doesn't take much to break up a few pop tarts and open up Little Debbie snacks!

Take care - happy partying!

About the Author
Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan and a Star Director with Scentsy Flameless Candles. She enjoys helping others start and maintain a candle business. You can find Laurie at http://www.ThrivingCandleBusiness.com.

10 Ways to Enhance Your
LinkedIn Profile

By Terri Seymour

Social media sites are more popular than ever and with over 100 million users LinkedIn is in the top five most popular. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is an extremely resourceful tool for job hunters, recruiters, business owners, etc. Once you sign up for a LinkedIn account, you must create your professional profile. The more effective your profile, the more professionals can find you and connect with you.

Below are ten things you can do to enhance your profile so it is the most effective it can be in building your network of connections.

1. Complete the Profile – This is very important in that you do not want a half-done, unprofessional profile. This will not accomplish much in the way of building your network of connections. Complete each section, completely and professionally to make the most of your online professional identity. According to LinkedIn, you are 40% more likely to be found in a LinkedIn search with a 100% completed profile as opposed to one that is not completely finished.

2. Always Use a Photo – There are many people who do not want to use photos for various reasons but you need to post a photo on your LinkedIn profile to get more results. You do not have to have a professionally taken photo but you do want it to look professional. People will be more likely to remember your profile if you present a photo of yourself. Photos can also increase the chances of people trusting you.

3. Use a Persuasive Headline – Don’t just plaster your name and title as your profile headline. Add a short slogan or benefit you provide. Compare the two headlines below and decide which one would capture your interest more.

Jane Doe
Virtual Assistant

Jane Doe
Virtual Assistant – I will free up your time and grow your business.

You don’t even have to have your title, you can just stress the benefits you provide or the skills you possess. Use something that makes you the one to choose.

4. List Your Websites – Be sure to add your URL and/or blog to your profile. You can add up to three urls. Customize the tiles of your links as opposed to My Site, My Blog, etc. You can do this by choosing the “Other” category in the Edit Profile section.

5. Get Recommendations – Having people give you recommendations will increase your chances of being found as well as give people more reason to choose you and/or your business or connect with you. You can ask people who have worked with you or past customers for recommendations. If they like your work/service, they will be glad to give a testimonial. You can also trade with people you would recommend but always remember, your reputation is on the line every time you recommend someone so don’t ask random people to trade recommendations.

6. Video Presentation – Add a video presentation to your profile highlighting your skills, services, products, etc. You can do this by going to Google Presentations under “More” in the toolbar at the top of your profile page. Click on More Applications….. then scroll down to Google Presentations. Add the Application and follow the directions on creating your presentation. Be sure to check out the other apps as well for a more productive profile.

7. Experience and Skills – Be sure to list all your experience and skills using relevant keywords. Be thorough, precise and complete when describing your skills and your experience. Be sure to be grammatically correct and proofread every sentence.

8. Professional Summary and Specialties – When writing your summary, let people know what you are about and what you can do for them. Use short precise paragraphs. Get to the point and be convincing. List your Specialties so they are much easier to read and capture attention quicker.

9. Keep Active – Do NOT fill out your profile and never come back. You need to keep updating regularly and be active on your profile. Get involved with LinkedIn and become a participant. Nobody wants to connect with a dead page!

10. Join Relevant Groups – Joining groups is one way to stay active and become involved with other LinkedIn users and professionals. Participate in the discussions and offer help, advice, support whenever you can.

When joining networking sites such as LinkedIn, you have to take the time to create productive profiles and pages. Put the time and effort into all the above enhancements and your LinkedIn profile will be much more effective.

About the Author
Terri Seymour has over twelve years of online experience and has helped many people start their own business. Visit her site for resources, $1 and $2 resell ebooks & software, informative articles, and affiliate programs. Sign up for the RSS Feed for a free business ebook. www.SeymourProducts.com


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