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inspireMLM Woman Issue 166
March 2011

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 166th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month we're featuring articles on performing your own business self-evaluation, how to create your own blueprint for success, how to start your day with a powerful personal self-ritual, how to refine your network marketing recruitment skills and how to turn browsers into buyers on your web site.

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Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman


evalDo Your Own Self-Evaluation
By Linda Locke
Editor, MLMWoman.com

Once a year most employees are asked to update their resumes and do self-evaluations in preparation for the annual ritual that is called the performance appraisal. Their reward?  Hopefully a raise in pay and a chance to review their major accomplishments for the last year, celebrate their successes and to plan for their future.

As a business owner, you can perform your own self-evaluation by listing your major accomplishments for last year, your plans for the coming year, what new skills and training you'd like to pursue in 2011 and what you see yourself doing in the next 3 or 5 years.  You should also gather all the thank you notes, awards, pictures, letters, emailed compliments, etc. you received last year and compile them into a brag book to use when you need a reminder of just how wonderful you really are.

This little exercise takes just a short time to complete, but can help you in immeasurable ways. It lets you pinpoint the things you are already doing well and the areas where you need some improvement.  It's also a good time to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well-done. One of the challenges of being self-employed is that you need to be a good boss to yourself and give yourself the same kudos you would give any employee who works for you.

A side benefit of this self evaluation is the reminder of all the great stuff you achieved last year.  Sometimes in all the rush of day to day life we forget just how wonderful and special we are. Taking a quick look through your brag book and accomplishments on a regular basis will help you remember who you are and what you have to offer your customers and downline team that makes you so uniquely you.

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Whose "Plan B" Are You Really Following?
 By Kathy H. Porter

These days, everyone's got their own version of a "Plan B".  You know - the alternate plan to harness your dream to a money-making vehicle with the potential to "set you free financially". 

Here's the harm with that:  if you don't really figure out what it is that you want, you can end up borrowing someone else's Plan B.  And, sadly, when you borrow what doesn't belong to you, you can postpone or deny your own success.  

Lots of people talk about having a "blueprint for success.” I believe that each of us can write our own blueprint by taking three specific components - things that are unique to our own life experience - to build a foundation for whatever success we want. And, by doing this, we each create our own Plan B.

Childhood experiences.  Take some time to relive your childhood with the goal of identifying some of your earliest and most compelling passions.  What games did you play?  What did you love to do when you were a child? A teenager?  Make lists.  Write things down with no attempt to pre-judge, or stop the flow of ideas and energy once you get started.
Feeling stuck?  C'mon. It's easy. Were you a cub scout?  Did you like camping trips?  What sports did you play? Were you on any sports teams?  Did you like trains?  Dinosaurs?  Did you go on trips with your family? Did you mow lawns?  Have a lemonade stand?  Babysit?  What books were you reading? Did you hang out with a group of "best buds?"   What was your favorite time of the year? What made it special? 

You will unearth your strongest passions from your childhood interests and it's these passions that will influence your Plan B.

Personality Traits:  identify two.  This exercise takes place in the present time.  Are you an extrovert?  A problem-solver? Are you "tech-savvy?" (ie good with computers, or mechanically inclined?)  Are you more reserved than out-going?  A team player or do you like to go it alone?
If you get stalled on this exercise, ask some of your close friends and/or business associates to give you feedback.  This can be an incredibly eye-opening, humbling experience.  Be bold and ask people to help you with this. 

Why is this important?  We all run on emotional adrenalin.  The wellspring for this energy comes from who are.  Knowing who you are - what makes you tick, so to speak, will give you insights into how you will take action when it comes time to put your own, unique Plan B into play. 
Put another way:  emotional adrenalin drives activity.  Want an example?

When I inventoried my own personality traits, the two that I moved to the top of my list were dogged persistence and insatiable curiosity.  I'm someone who doesn't easily give up.  If something's not working, I'll figure out another approach; a way around whatever obstacle is in my path.  And, I have always had a lively interest in a variety of subjects.  I like learning for its own sake. 

The energy behind these two traits is my personal "jet fuel" that will keep me moving forward. 
What about you?

Self-development.  Recognize that your individual success requires that you change the parts of yourself that other people find distasteful. 

This component relies on your becoming skilled at active listening.  Do not give lip-service to this aspect of bettering yourself.  And know that real, honest personal development is a life long process.   

Whatever vision you have can be built around interpreting your childhood experiences, understanding your personality traits and working on your self-development.

                                          Childhood experiences = passions

                                        Passions + Self-Development = Vision

                                                   Vision = Your Plan B

                                    Your Passions + Your Vision = Your Plan B

The bottom line?  Ask yourself this question: if a Plan B is critical to what I want, how can I design one that is a reflection of who I am and what my values are?

About The Author
After a brief hiatus, Kathy H Porter is back in Direct Sales.  You can find her blogging about that and much more at:  www.MrsBizWhizConnects.com.


kaneIf You Want a Powerful Day, Create a Personal Morning Ritual

by Christine Kane

Your habits create your destiny. Have you ever heard that one? Even if you have, read it again. Then read it again. And yea, one more time. :-)

Then, consider this:

Your habits also create your confidence, courage and even your creativity!

Don't believe me? Read on ...

I used to be a creature of zero habits. As a result, I didn't have much direction or focus. Then, I began to shift. I began to create my life. I turned things around. I created habits and rituals - something I had previously dismissed as "too driven" or "too robotic." (Let the winds blow where they will, right?)

For the record, it IS good to be in the present moment and adopt the principle of surrender. But many people use these ideas as an excuse for not even trying to "Live Creative." They allow themselves to become "reactors" of their day, rather than the creators they were born to be.

So, how do you change that? How do you manage all the stuff on your plate? How do you create your day, rather than react to it?

Well, for starters, begin with your own personal morning ritual. Your morning ritual sets the tone for your day, your productivity and even your life.

Your morning ritual is personal. Your morning ritual is what gets YOU on track to create your best day. (And subsequently, your best life!) It can be simple or complex. The important thing is that it becomes a HABIT. (Which is why it's best to start simple.)

My morning ritual combines a mixture of physical, mental and heart-centered activities to engage each of these human power centers!

Here are some easy ideas you can choose from to help you create your own powerful morning ritual.

Hydrate First

Many Eastern health practitioners recommend chugging down at least a half-liter of filtered room-temperature water first thing. (Yes, before your coffee!)

Upon waking, your body has spent hours without hydration. Drinking pure water at this time triggers a series of physiological functions that keep your body super healthy. Some report that this one practice can actually heal many diseases. (I'm not a scientist - but I can attest to the amazing results!)

Get Moving

Exercise is called "The Number One Form of Preventive Medicine."

It is also a prescription for happiness and a cure for depression! Getting exercise first thing sets your day off right. You can do a simple stretching routine, yoga or an all-out heart-pounding hour at the gym. Pick something do-able and then do it.


Start with just 5 minutes. Meditation connects you to your center and to the deep silence that surpasses any drama that might be happening in the world of your personality. Don't worry about doing it right. Just allow yourself the time to BE.

Set Intention

Your intention is everything. It is your daily GPS.

Your intention sets the course and brings focus.

Reflect for a moment on your Word of the Year. Read a goal you've written down for yourself. Remind yourself of a financial dream. (If you're one of my Gold or Platinum coaching clients, read your Goal Cards!)

You don't have to know the HOW. You just need to set the intention so your inner GPS stays on target!

Be Grateful

Before I get out of bed, I silently create a morning gratitude list. When I begin my day remembering my "gratitudes," (instead of my "anxieties") my heart fills with extreme joy and deep awareness. I then bring that energy into everything I do - and to everyone with whom I connect.

Eat Creative

Your choice of breakfast foods can set up your success with other meals as well. Start your day off in the healthiest way possible for you - and make it a ritual, not a chore. And yes, it's true what they say: Breakfast is essential!

Be Prepared: Create a Not-to-Do List

Create a "Not To Do" morning list so that you are aware of your Default Activities in advance, and you can catch yourself before you fall into their trap!

Suggestions here include anything that brings up a "reactive" state: Turning on Fox news. Checking email. Answering texts. Answering the phone.

Let these things wait until AFTER your ritual has been completed!

Do it!

After reading this article, don't just think, "Wow. Those are good ideas. I should try one or two."

Instead, deliberately create your morning ritual now. Take about 20 minutes to think about and write down what your ritual will be each morning. Start simple at first. Choose one or two items from this menu. Or come up with your own. Write out your personal morning ritual in detail.

Begin first thing tomorrow morning, and let your habits create YOUR destiny starting now!

About the Author
Christine Kane is the Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She helps women uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly LiveCreative eZine goes out to over 12,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at http://christinekane.com.


deb bixlerNetwork Marketing
Recruitment Training

By Deb Bixler

4 Question Direct Sales Recruiting Interview

Actually, the direct sales training 4 question recruiting interview could be considered 5 questions. When you use this interview process you will sign up more consultants into your organization. Potential recruits all have almost the same concerns. This 4-5 interview process is simple to use and easy to teach. It is easy to remember and will give you and your organization great recruiting results.

Network Marketing Recruitment

Everyone in any network marketing business should be fine-tuning her or his recruitment skills. Practicing this simple interview will bring all home business representatives better results. The recruiting interview is as follows:

1. Do you have any questions or are you ready to get started?
2. What first interested you in MY TERRIFIC COMPANY?
3. What strengths do you have that would make you a good consultant?
4. What would you like MY FANTASTIC COMPANY to do for you?
5. Do you have any questions or are you ready to get started?

So I guess you can see why it is a dilemma as to whether it is a 4 or 5 question interview. I have always called it the 4 question interview.

Interview The Recruiting potential reps

When meeting with your home party business recruiting prospect, the first question is key. It does not matter whether you are conducting a face-to-face interview, interviewing over the phone, or an on-the-spot conversation at your show. If you skip the first question and they are in fact ready to get started then you may very talk them right out of it by giving them too much information. Most of the time when you ask question number 1 your guest will give you questions to answer.

The lead may ask about the compensation package. In which case you share a very factual piece of information in less than 10 seconds and ask another question to give you more information. So, you may say: "The commission structure varies depending upon your sales level. New consultants may expect to make about $200 per show. How many shows would you be able to do in a week?"

At this point your potential recruit may say she had not thought about it at all. So you go to # 2:
"What first interested you in MY TERRIFIC COMPANY?" She may say something like:

"Well, we could use a bit of extra income and I do not want my husband to have to get another job…"

Your 10-second response could be: "This is so flexible that it is perfect for busy families. We have a young Mom on our team who is going to college and doing MY WONDERFUL COMPANY at the same time for that exact reason. She does not want her new husband to be away from home for more than one job."

"What strengths do you have that would make you a good consultant?"

Your new potential rep may say that she is a nurse and is very organized, as well as having the ability to get along well with people. So, you just validate that and point out how she would be good at what you do, because it is not hard and it does it takes good organizational skills. You could also point out that what you do is all about connecting, and with her good people skills she would be awesome at it.

What would you like MY FANTASTIC COMPANY to do for you?
The answer may be simple like: "I would just like to get the car payment covered, that's all."

So, your response could be: "Would you have time in your schedule to set aside one night a week to focus on your FANTASTIC COMPANY business?

"I think so… actually probably more than one night."

"You know Lisa, It sounds as though this would be perfect for you, do you have any more questions or are you ready to get started?"

Home Party Business Opportunity Training

party plan training leaders who are good recruiters allow the new consultant to talk themselves into taking the opportunity. When you train your organization to use this simple interview process, you will see your whole team getting better results.

Good recruiting is actually allowing the new rep to make the decision without pressure. The 4-question direct sales recruiting interview is a cycle of questions that allows the new recruit to do exactly that. You are going to continue to cycle around using different versions of the same question. These questions are just guidelines, and may need re-phrased based on the situation.

Here are some samples of other ways to use the same questions. You may say each one, two or three times in different versions during the same interview.

#1: "What did I say today (at the show) that piqued your interest in MY TERRIFIC COMPANY?"
#2: "What would be your goals in joining MY FANTASTIC COMPANY?"
#3: "I know you enjoy nursing, what skills do you use at the hospital that will make you a good consultant?"
#4: "You sound like the perfect rep; do you have any more questions or can we order your kit?"

Article Source: http://www.wahm-articles.com

About the Author
When you put consistent systems to market your home party plan business into place you will never have to worry about bookings. You can learn more at www.CreateACashFlowShow.com

shopping_nags10 Ways to Turn Browsers
Into Buyers

©Terri Seymour

One of the first steps in starting your own online business is making a website.  This website is your place of business and must be treated as such.  Your potential customers will visit your site and decide within seconds if they will stay or go.  Turning these quick browsers into buyers is one of the major obstacles in building your new business.

Below are ten things you can do to help increase your website’s conversion rate:

Call to Action – Telling your visitors what to do can help turn their indecisiveness into action.  Tell them what to do to begin the ordering process.  Tell them why they should buy from you and that they should “Buy Now”.  Tell them to Click Here to make the purchase. Give clear and concise instructions.

Easy Navigation – Do not make your site a maze for your visitors to try and navigate.  Have a simple, clean design with an easy navigational menu.  Use short, straightforward, easy-to-read paragraphs.  Make all your pages uniform and professional.

Be Direct – Write your page copy like you would talk to your customer.  There is no need for fancy words.  You do need to be professional but your web pages DON’T need to be written like a complicated legal contract.

Contact Info – Always have your name and contact info on every one of your web pages.  Be sure to write an About Us page.  People will NOT trust you if they do not know who you are.  Make up a Privacy Policy page so your visitors feel secure, which will add to that trust.

Professional Graphics – Graphics can help increase sales but do not use the childish looking cartoon clipart.  Use professional well-designed graphics.  There are some sites where the cartoon clipart will fit but most will need sharp, clean professional graphics.

Easy Ordering Process – One sure way to lose a customer is by having a long, drawn-out ordering process.  Having to click through too many pages to order will have your potential customer clicking to another site.  Be sure your shopping cart is secure and doesn’t ask your customer to write a book or click to the moon! 

Upfront with Prices – One thing that makes me leave a site very quickly is if they try to hide their prices.  Even if your prices are a bit high, you will be better off to be upfront with them than to try and hide them.  Also, have easy access to your shipping rates and return policies.

Sense of Urgency – Sometimes people need a little help deciding if they should order or not.  Creating a sense of urgency can help them make that decision.  Limited Time Offer, Limited Supply, First 10 Customers, Buy Now for Free Gift.  All these types of phrases help get the customer in the “Buy Now” frame of mind.

Stress the Benefits – Be sure to explain what your products and/or services can do for your customer.  Benefits sell more than features.  For example:  If you are selling office chairs, be sure to tell them how it will help their posture thus minimizing back pain instead of explaining what the chair is made from.  Let them know the chair will support their spine rather than going on and on about the fabric.  People want to know what your product can do for them!

Make Your Visitors Feel Appreciated – If your visitors feel appreciated just for being a visitor, then they know they will be treated well as a customer.  Give a free gift just for stopping by.  Give them a discount on their first order.  Let them know you appreciate them and thank them for even stopping by your site.

All these things can help sway a person’s decision “To Buy or Not to Buy”.   Try as many as you can and see how effective they can be.

About the Author
Terri Seymour (also known as “The eBook Lady”) has over ten years online experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Visit her site at http://www.seymourproducts.com  for resources, $1 resell ebooks & software, free tutorials, affiliate programs, free ezine and free business ebook with Master Resell Rights. http://www.seymourproducts.com/free.shtml


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