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woman cheeringMLM Woman Issue 160
September 2010

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 160th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month I've gathered together articles to help you build your expert status online using social media, special reports, articles, and testimonials; plus some self-care tips for nurturing the most important person in your business -- you!

If you like this month's issue, please be sure to let your friends know about it too and invite them to come and visit us. Also, if you have comments, questions or something to share after reading this month's articles, please visit our MLMTalk Discussion Forum or our new MLMWomanNews Facebook Fan Page and join in the lively conversation!

And if you'd like to submit an article for the next MLMWoman Newsletter, take a look at our Writer's Guidelines.

Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman


5 Quick Tips for Increasing your Facebook Page Fans
By Linda Locke
Editor, MLMWoman.com

If you are active on Facebook and have a Page for your business, you can make a lot of good connections with people if you build a base of fans who regularly visit and comment on your page. But it can be a little tough getting started, so here's my favorite ways to build a bigger Fan base fast!

  1. Post a link or a question every day and comment yourself to get the conversation started. Keeping your page active is one of the best ways to attract new visitors and make them fans.

  2. Use the Notes feature to publish larger content that appeals to your fan base and highlights your expertise.  You can create original content or reuse content you've already written from your web site, blog or other offline publications. 

  3. Send out a weekly or bi-weekly update to your fans sharing some links and highlights. Be sure to include a link back to your page with an invitation to come and visit.

  4. Ask your fans for help in spreading the word by referring your page to others who might enjoy reading it too!
  5. Invite your Facebook Friends to become fans. But don't just send out a mass invite to all your friends. Be polite and take a moment to select only the ones that you know will really be interested in the information you'll be sharing on your page.

MLMWoman is now on Twitter and Facebook. Please come and visit us and say hello!


gageTwo Great Ways to Gain Market Position and Expert Status
By Kathleen Gage

Marketing is not only about getting word out about your product or service; in most cases you must also establish yourself as an expert. With competition for the consumer’s dollars at an all time high, there are some very simple strategies you can implement to gain better market position while increasing your expert status. A better position can equate to increased revenues.

To gain expert status some will choose to put their knowledge into a book. The world of book publishing has changed so much that what was once out of the reach for many is now very doable. However, there is time, effort and costs involved in taking a book to market.

A more viable option for many would be as simple as writing reports and/or articles. If you have knowledge about a particular subject, turn that knowledge into a special report. A special report is a multi-page document packed with valuable “how-to” information that readers can use immediately.

Special Reports

A special report contains information on a specific topic. You can either write the report yourself, have a staff member write it, or hire a ghostwriter. There are plenty of freelance writers who can develop your information into an excellent report.

In some cases you will want to give your report away and in other cases you will sell the report. Primary reasons to give your report away is to drive traffic to your website, promotional opportunities, and as a thank you to premier clients.

Reports position you as an expert. The most common type of Special Report is a “How to” report. Your report should solve a problem such as making money, getting healthy, building a successful business, building a better team, etc.

Here are some quick tips to write an effective report.

- Write on something specific to your knowledge base.

- Outline your report so that there is a good flow to the information.

- Virtually any topic can be written about if there is a market demand. What people are looking for are ways to increase income or revenue, increase productivity, improve the quality of their personal or professional life, or decrease costs in some way. It may be that you have something that covers all these points or it could be a report on one of these points.

- Research your information as you develop your report. You will find people want more of your reports if the information is well researched and valuable.

- Often the most difficult part of writing is starting. The best advice I can give is to just start and don’t worry about how it reads. Once you have written all the information, then read through it and rewrite as necessary.

- Have someone else read the piece as well. It is recommended to have your report edited regardless of how good a writer you are. This will assure you are concise in your delivery of information.

Article Writing and Distribution

Another option for gaining market position and expert status is writing articles. With the world of online marketing, gaining visibility for your articles is as close as the press of a button. Additionally, you can make the articles available for download from your website.

Although most online article directories will not pay you for your articles, you do gain greater website position every time your article shows up in a directory or another companies Ezine (electronic newsletter). The potential for increased search engine optimization is excellent.

There are numerous advantages to writing and distributing articles online:

- Establishes you as an expert

- Credibility for you and your business

- Increased visibility for your website

- Greater ranking on search engines when articles are posted

- Increased leads, more clients, greater sales

- Opportunity for up selling

The process for writing your articles is similar to writing a report. For online purposes the length usually ranges from 400 – 800 words. Depending on the publication it may be more or less. In rare cases, once you submit an article to a specific publication they may request you not submit it anywhere else. Depending on how targeted their readership is would determine if this would be a good choice for you.

To learn how many places you can distribute your articles do a quick Google search with the words “my topic + newsletters.” Likely you will be amazed at how many locations would love to have your expert information. The returns can definitely be worth the time invested.

About the Author
Kathleen Gage is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and Internet Marketing mentor who works with individuals and organizations who want to increase their market position, sales and level of achievement. Access The Truth about Making Money on the Internet at www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/free-ebook.htm


kaneHow to Make Your Life a Drama-Free Zone
By Christine Kane

Drama - with all of its he-said-she-said, self-righteous anger, and done-me-wrong stories - is one big MAJOR distraction.

It pulls our attention away from our dreams.

Many of us were taught that if we don't get hooked into drama, then we lack compassion. We're taught that emotion and drama are inseparable.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Emotion is the feeling, or energy, that moves through us. Drama is the thoughts and the hooks that create stories and reel other people into them. It steals our time. Like the excess clutter that fills our closets and shelves, we can just simply let the drama go.

Becoming drama-free is more about creating space than anything else. Space for better thoughts. Space for clarity. Space for taking conscious action toward our dreams.

So, here's five ways to make your life a drama-free zone so that you, too, can have the perfect, abundant, spacious life you've always wanted.

1 - Bring awareness to your reactions.

Being a Drama-Queen requires one thing: Unconsciousness. To shift your dramatic tendencies, start by becoming aware of your own reactions.

Though it can be tempting to point at all the drama-queens around you, start within you first. See clearly what hooks you, what compels you to gossip, what makes you judgmental of others. Most of our unhappiness comes from one thing: our judgment.

So, where do you paint life situations with your self-righteousness or judgment? Where do you collapse because you judge yourself so harshly? Where do you want people to behave differently so that you can be happy or successful? (And why not go ahead and just be happy and successful anyway?)

2 - Think R.O.I.

R.O.I. is "Return on Investment." Every time you give your energy and your time to something, you are investing in it. You are, in essence, voting for it. An entrepreneur thinks in terms of "returns" on investments. When you engage in gossip, whininess, self-righteousness, explaining yourself - you are literally getting no return on your investment. (Except fatigue!) Your energy is your investment. So is your time. Ask yourself throughout the day, "What am I voting for here? What kind of return will I get on this activity?"

3 - Proactive communication.

Melanie, a college professor, was expected to visit her family in Detroit every Christmas. Melanie told me that she just wanted to take the holiday for self-care and reflection after a grueling semester. She didn't want to travel!

As her coach, I encouraged proactive communication. Rather than waiting for her usual sense of frustration to arrive in November, Melanie made calls in August to let her family know that she had other plans for the holidays. She discovered that she was able to speak more clearly and compassionately because she chose to be proactive. She never once got dramatic! Proactive communication means that you communicate when the emotional charge of the situation has passed, or has not yet arrived!

4 - Regular Exercise.

There's a reason that everyone from doctors to trainers tell us to get our heart-rates up for at least 20-minutes a day. Exercise uplevels our mental health, our emotional health AND our physical health. In other words, the more you increase your heart-rate, the more you decrease your drama!

5 - When Drama Strikes, Ask Three questions.

Here are three powerful questions to ask yourself in the face of drama:

(1) What's my story here?

This is what you tell yourself in your head. "If I don't, then no one will." "I'm unworthy." "No one recognizes the good I do." "These people are idiots!" This is your "story." You probably know it well!

(2) Who would I be without this story?

Imagine that an angel surgeon comes into the room, and surgically removes that story from your head. You can't find it no matter how hard you try. Who would you be without that story? What does it feel like to move forward without it?

(3) How do I WANT to feel?

You always have a choice. But it's easier to MAKE the choice when you know your options! So, when you remind yourself how you WANT to feel, you offer yourself a more empowered option than the drama. Even if you can't get there right away, make sure you know that this is where you can be if you choose it.

About the Author
Christine Kane is the Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She helps women uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly LiveCreative eZine goes out to over 12,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at http://christinekane.com.


vicky whiteIt's true!
You probably ARE being selfish!

By Vicky White

In many years of working with women, there is one theme that emerges consistently: the fear of being selfish.

Well, they've got it all wrong.

In their effort to avoid being selfish it's easy to fall into the trap of being just that.


If you'd like to avoid the 'selfish' label, here are 3 big mistakes you could be making, and how to remedy them.

1. Denying your own needs: You are a role model for your kids. They look up to you, they model themselves and their behavior on yours, and you are the person who has the most impact on their values and actions. When you deny your own needs, what are you teaching them?

If you're playing the martyr, settling for the left-overs at the dinner table or in life, you can avoid being selfish by honoring YOUR self. You'll teach those around you the value of their own selves.

And just because your kids have left home or you don't have kids - you're still a role model for your kids and/or all you connect with.

What is one thing you need that you've been ignoring? A hug, a massage, time with the girls, a good book? An investment in your future? Take one small step towards that today.

2. Putting others first: It's selfish to pour all your energy into others and not refill your own energy pipe-line. When your energy is depleted you can't be fully there for anyone else and sooner or later you can't give anything because there is nothing left.

Take some time for yourself every day. Be creative: I know you can find 30 minutes somewhere, to journal, meditate, read something inspirational or do something that will nourish YOU. And watching TV or reading a magazine doesn't count as nourishment - you may need to do that for a while to decompress, but what would REALLY nourish you and feed your soul?

How can you create some spaciousness in your life - without that you'll be trying to have inspiration, creativity, passion and even prosperity, from an empty vessel - it doesn't work too well.

Put yourself first for some portion of the day and nourish yourself, so you can be fully there for those who are most important to you, or in your work.

3. Hiding your gifts: When you think who you are is not good enough, or that no-one else is interested in what you have to say, you're likely to hold back. By not sharing your unique self with others you're being selfish.

You're here to fulfill your purpose. You have an important part to play in the scheme of things. When you hide your unique gifts the world is a poorer place.

4. Doing things you don't like doing: life's too short! When you're doing what you think you 'should' do you're wasting your precious energy on denying who you really are.

Here's a tip: 'when faced with a choice, decision or opportunity, choose in favor of your passions!' -- Janet Atwood.

That's how you tap into Universal energy, raise your vibration, do what you're here to do and NOT BE SELFISH!

Being selfish by denying who you really are does not serve anyone! You end up miserable and feeling something is missing in your life, and everyone around you has to make do with you a poor imitation of who you really are.

If you are putting yourself last, now that's selfish!

Right now women are being called on to step into a bigger picture for themselves. If you're feeling that the old way is not working so well for you, make sure you're not being selfish!

©2010 Vicky White - All Rights Reserved

About the Author
©2010 Vicky White, Inner Feng Shui Coach. Get Vicky White's FREE "5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes " report and her FREE articles to boost your passion, purpose and creativity at: : www.LifeDesignStrategies.com

typewriter10 Ways to Use Customer Testimonials

©Terri Seymour

Using customer testimonials in your marketing efforts can be very effective.  They help to build your reputation, credibility and sales. Don’t be afraid to ask your satisfied customers to give you a testimonial.  Most will be happy to offer their opinions.  Be sure to ask their permission to use the testimonials in your marketing campaign.  You must also comply with the FTC when using customer testimonials.  Visit ftc.gov to find out the guidelines.

One new rule of the FTC Guidelines basically says that if the customer was compensated in any way for his testimonial, it must be disclosed.  But be sure to read the complete guidelines.

Be sure to use the more detailed testimonials.  Generic lines such as “Your product is great” are not as effective as one such as:

“I’ve only been using your product for one week and already I have more energy than ever before!”

You want the testimonial to highlight the benefits of your products or services – the more detail the better!

You can also use small snippets from a long testimonial when appropriate.  For example:  When advertising a diet supplement, you could use a snippet such as “I lost over 50 pounds!”

Below are ten easy and effective ways to use your testimonials:

1. Use small snippets on your business cards.  This is a great way to draw more attention to your card. 

2. Use portions of the testimonials in your email signature.  Everyone you send an email to will see these testimonials.

3. If you write and submit articles, use snippets in your resource box.  This can increase the amount of clicks you get from your resource box.

4. If you publish an ezine or newsletter, have a section for feedback/testimonials.  Add new testimonials each time you send one out.

5. Use them on your website.  Have a Testimonials/Review page for complete testimonials and then sprinkle them throughout your website as well.

6. If you print out flyers or brochures be sure to add some of your most detailed and convincing testimonials.

7. Post them on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Video testimonials are quite effective as well.

8. Use the most detailed benefit oriented lines in your sales copy.  For example: when writing an ad use small snippets such as “I made over $100 my first week!”

9. When you sign up for message boards and forums, use them in your signatures.  Most forums will allow you so many words for your signature.

10. Always use them in your direct mail and email marketing campaigns.  Testimonials can get more results than just about any kind of sales copy!  If you have people selling for you, give them to your sales team to use as marketing tools as well.

Gathering and using testimonials is one of the easier yet more powerful ways to build your business and gain customers so be sure to ask for, gather and save all the testimonials you can.  Comments made by actual customers will go much farther with your potential customers than any ad copy you can write!

About the Author
Terri Seymour (also known as “The eBook Lady”) has over ten years online experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Visit her site at http://www.seymourproducts.com  for resources, $1 resell ebooks & software, free tutorials, affiliate programs, free ezine and free business ebook with Master Resell Rights. http://www.seymourproducts.com/free.shtml


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