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4 leaf cloverMLM Woman Issue 155
March 2010

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 155th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter. If you like this month's issue, please be sure to let your friends know about it too and invite them to come and visit us. Also, if you have comments, questions or something to share after reading this month's articles, please visit our MLMTalk Discussion Forum and join in the lively conversation!

And if you'd like to submit an article for the next MLMWoman Newsletter, take a look at our Writer's Guidelines.

Wishing you happy and prosperous New Year!

Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman


christine kaneWhy Becoming an Imperfectionist Makes You Successful and Happy
By Christine Kane

"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly."
~ Julia Cameron

How much stuff do you think about doing?

How many things would you love to try but stop yourself because you don't know how to begin?

Do you avoid projects because of the pressure to do them well?

If so, feel free to join me and some of my most successful friends in our exclusive club of very special and talented people:

We call ourselves the Imperfectionists!

What's an Imperfectionist?

• An Imperfectionist is often a recovering perfectionist.

• An Imperfectionist knows that getting something done is better than sitting back and waiting to do it perfectly.

• An Imperfectionist knows that being a Perfectionist is simply an excuse NOT to take action.

• An Imperfectionist congratulates herself for taking small steps.

• An Imperfectionist buys herself flowers when she accomplishes something - even if it's not quite up to her ego's high standards.

• An Imperfectionist knows that getting a scary thing done IS the reward. Not the kudos or adoration.

You Might Need to Become an Imperfectionist if…

• You tell yourself you need to get "just a little more information" before you'll try something.

• You have a case of the "Used-to-Be's." ("I used to be so good at this!" Or "I used to be so thin!" Or, "I used to write everyday and now look…")

• Your mantra to the world is: "I'm just so overwhelmed! There's too much to do! It's so hard to be me!"

• You call friends and co-workers to get sympathy for how hard it is to accomplish your goals and dreams. They often agree, citing how special you are because you have been given so much talent – and how it must be quite a burden.

• You spend more than one hour per day on Facebook, watching television, or not fully engaging in other addictive activities.

• At the end of every year, you wonder why you never seem to move any further towards your dreams.

• You are waiting for your POTENTIAL to finally kick in.

Why Becoming an Imperfectionist Makes You Successful and Happy

Being an Imperfectionist is an Intention.

When you become an Imperfectionist, you finally recognize your ego voice exactly for what it is: Your own personal Success Prevention Expert.

When you become an Imperfectionist, you finally realize how many Success Prevention Experts exist in the world.

When you become an Imperfectionist, you lower the bar – or better yet, remove it altogether. You can then create in the moment without any grade or standard. Ironically, this allows for such freedom and joy that you might end up doing a great job. (Or at least having a great time!)

When you become an Imperfectionist, you place your creative attention on the project or activity itself. You don't waste it on obsessing about the outcome. (This paradoxically leads to a higher chance of greatness, and a definite outcome of happiness!)

When you become an Imperfectionist, you get things done imperfectly. You then learn that you can tweak and fix and try again. This process makes you Unstoppable.

When you become an Imperfectionist, you finally understand that there are no mistakes. Just judgments.

Becoming an Imperfectionist doesn't mean you don't become a master of your craft or your passion - but that's not the starting goal.

How to Become an Imperfectionist

1 - Imperfectly pick one thing you keep telling yourself you want to do.

2 - If you read #1 and think, "I can't possibly pick just one! There's too many!" then do not proceed until you have picked just one.

3 - Get a timer, and set it to 55 minutes.

4 - Walk away from your computer right now and spend 55 minutes doing that very activity.

5 - Repeat #4 again tomorrow.

6 - Repeat #4 again every day after that until the item is complete.

7 - Celebrate the item's completion with chocolate, flowers, or a manicure.

8 - Go back to #1 and start over.

An Imperfect List of Things You Can Do Imperfectly

• Imperfect Writing

• Imperfect Meditation

• Imperfect Yoga

• Imperfect Romance

• Imperfect Hiking

• Imperfect Vacations

• Imperfect Scrapbooking

• Imperfect Cooking

• Imperfect Dinner Parties

• Imperfect Bowling

Add your own items to this list as needed. Find a way to let yourself experience them without judgment. And listen to this recovering perfectionist when she tells you that your success is guaranteed when you live by this principle!

Disclaimer: The preceding article should be ignored by the following people:

Brain surgeons.
Commercial airline pilots.

About the Author

Performer, songwriter, and creativity consultant Christine Kane publishes her 'LiveCreative' weekly ezine with more than 11,000 subscribers. If you want to be the artist of your life and create authentic and lasting success, you can sign up for a FRE*E subscription to LiveCreative at http://www.christinekane.com/.


Smart Women and
the Race Against Time
By Joy Chudacoff

Over the last few days, I’ve spent some time with women entrepreneurs who are all having the same challenge—the race against time or “time management.” Whether you are an attorney, a fitness professional or a business coach, time is the like the elusive lover—you can never get enough! Here are a few comments I heard over the last few days:

– “I’m never able to get it all done.”
– “I can’t figure out which “to-do” should be done first.”
– “It only takes 10 minutes.”

One woman entrepreneur is multi-tasking all day long. She felt this was really effective in her quest to “beat the clock.” To quote my client, “it only takes 10 minutes to complete each task.” When we took a look at the “it only takes 10 minutes” tasks and added them up, she was losing over an hour a day on items that could be delegated to someone else. What would you do with an extra hour per day?

We wear many hats and play many roles in our lives. It’s very easy to get caught up in the “to-do” list and the requests of others. In my work with women, my goal is to help them have an 80/20 rule in their lives and businesses. 80% is their “ideal” life that they create and 20% is when “life happens.” You know those days when you get sick, the kids are sick, the car breaks down, etc. For many of you, it’s just the opposite. You’re getting 20% of your time to steer your life the way you’d like and 80% is spent serving others needs and requests. I invite you to think about changing this if you want to live with passion and purpose in your life and business.

I used to be in that 80/20 situation (with 80% being determined by others) until I made a conscious choice to give myself permission to design a life that resembled more of what I wanted on a daily basis. Here’s a few tips and solutions on how you can begin to take better control and win your race against time:

1. What do you want? – This really throws women off base when I ask this question. Why? You believe that your life is not your own. You serve and take care of so many people. How could you possibly have what You really want? Take a look at all the areas of your life – self, spouse/partner, family, work/business, friends and community. How much time would you ideally like to spend in each of these areas? Remember the 80/20 rule.

2. Design Your “Ideal” Day – The women I work with take a blank calendar and begin to play around with the “what-ifs.” They play with different scenarios and come up with what works best for them based on what’s most important.

3. Set up boundaries – It’s essential that you set boundaries around your life. I have a boundary around the 4pm hour during the week. I typically reserve from 4pm on through the evening to be with my family. I also have a boundary around my day between 8:30 and 4pm Monday through Friday. I spend this time serving women and practicing my own self-care.

4. Get some help – A very wise, successful woman once shared with me that “you can do it all but you can’t do it all by yourself.” Well said. This lesson has been one of the most valuable for me along the way. The act of delegation has been a key factor in helping me to have more of what I want in my life and less of what I don’t. Here’s a clue; Make a list of what you’re really good at, enjoy doing and also produces income for you. These are the things that you need to hold on to. Take everything else and delegate it as soon a possible. The first 2 things I delegated in my business were bookkeeping and technology. I don’t enjoy these and it’s not an area of strength for me.

If you are serious about winning your race against time and having more of what you want in your day, I invite you to use these 4 steps I’ve shared with you. I’m going to leave you today with a quote that feels just right at this moment. “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ~Annie Dillard

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

© 2010 Joy Chudacoff 

About the Author
Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions(tm), a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur.  She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs.  If you’re ready take your life and your business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, FREE Report and FREE MP3 now at http://www.profitswithpassion.com.


jeff herringTwitter Traffic Technique - How to Leverage One Social Media Site For a Flood of Traffic
By Jeff Herring

If you are not using Twitter to drive traffic to your websites, blogs, and articles then you are missing out on a great tool and leaving tons of traffic on the table. And traffic properly handled turns into profits.

So let's take a closer look at how to leverage Twitter to drive tons of traffic to your articles, whether your content is on your website, blog, or an Article Directory.

7 Steps to a Ton of Traffic

Step 1 - Tweet that you are working on a new piece of content. Include the working title and when you expect to have it done by. This builds the anticipation in your followers and puts a bit a pressure on you to get in done.

Step 2 - When you submit your article to a Directory, let your Twitter followers know your new content has been submitted. Include the title, and let them know when you think the article will be out by. This continues to build anticipation.

Step 3 - When you set up your account at EzineArticles correctly, your newly published articles are "auto-tweeted" to and announced on Twitter, including the title and the link. This is done automatically for you. If your article is coming out on another Directory, watch for it's publication and then tweet that the article is out. Include the title and the link.

Step 4 - Along about this time a really cool and powerful thing begins to happen. Your followers on Twitter begin to Re-Tweet (RT) your article, and now you are reaching all of their followers as well. Thank those who RT your article and Re-Tweet their announcement too.

Step 5 - Follow up the automated announcement of your articles with announcements of your own. Just because your article was automatically announced does not mean every one saw it. Twitter is much too fluid for that. So follow up with announcements of your own. Ask "Have you seen this yet?" and include the article title and link.

These first 5 steps drive traffic to the Article Directories that host your article. When you have written your article well and crafted your Resource Box well. this will quickly turn into traffic to your websites and blogs.

The next 2 steps involve repurposing your article on your own sites and driving Twitter traffic their as well.

Step 6 - Repurpose your article onto your website and then invite your Twitter traffic to check out the article there. Now you are driving Twitter traffic to your own website.

Step 7 - Repurpose your article onto your blog and then invite your Twitter traffic to your blog to check out your article there. Now you are driving Twitter traffic to your blog.

About the Author
Jeff Herring - Learn more about how to leverage the Social Networks for waves of traffic and more, get your FREE Instant Access to our Social Marketing Video Training Series when you visit http://SocialMarketingBlueprint.com/7laws You'll get a series of videos, audios and pdfs all about Social Media Traffic; Profits

bonnie jo davisTarget Audience:
Who Is Your Ideal Client?

By Bonnie Jo Davis

Your target audience consists of the people and businesses that are most likely to need and want what you have to sell. Before you create a marketing plan for your business, it is critical that you define your target audience and create an ideal client profile so you can attract this audience with your marketing. Once you have identified your target audience and ideal clients you will find it so much easier to design your marketing plan around their identity and their needs.

Some of the questions you may want to ask when defining your ideal client are listed below. Not all questions will be applicable to your ideal client, so pick and choose the questions based on your needs.

* What is his or her age?
* What is his or her gender?
* What is his or her marital status and do they have children?
* Where do they live?
* What is his or her income?
* What is his or her educational level?
* What is his or her hobbies?
* Is this person involved in any organized sport?
* Does this person own a business?
* In what industry is his or her business?
* Is his or her business located in their home?
* How big is his or her business?
* What is his or her annual revenue?
* How long have they been in business?
* Who is his or her ideal client and do you know how to reach them?
* What tasks and issues does this person hate to deal with?
* What problems does this person have?
* How can you solve these problems?
* Will this person pay for what you offer?
* Has this person worked with someone like you before?
* Where can you find him or her?
* Does this person belong to any organization such as a trade association or volunteer group?
* Do they read any industry or entertainment publications?

Once you have answered the questions and created the ideal client profile, then you incorporate this information into your website and other marketing materials. You'll waste less time looking for clients, and when you find them they will be more likely to hire you. Ideal clients will inspire you, make you feel confident, pay you what you're worth, praise you, and refer other clients to you without being asked.

Another way of defining your ideal client is to look at past and present clients. Which of these clients did you enjoy working with the most? Pull those client files and list their characteristics based on the questions above. To help you concentrate on which marketing methods worked best in the past, client attraction mentor Fabienne Fredrickson, recommends you ask how your favorite clients found you.

Perhaps the most important benefit of this process is that you will be empowered to fire clients who drive you to distraction, and you will not waste time trying to get an unsuitable client to sign a contract with you! You deserve to work with clients who bring out the best in you-so don't be shy, and get started on finding your ideal client!

© 2010 Davis Virtual Assistance.

About the Author
Bonnie Jo Davis helps small business owners exploit the power of the internet to promote their products and services. If you need her help with article marketing and social networking visit http://www.your-marketing-assistant.com

ruth hergartyDe-Clutter Your Life
By Ruth Hegarty

One of the things I’ve been doing this month to kick-start my productivity this year is de-cluttering my life both physically and emotionally. I’m having a wonderful time with this process and reaping amazing results to boot. This article explains the process and I recommend you do some de-cluttering too. It’s a process I’ve used with clients for years and they ALWAYS report having more time, fun and money as a result. That’s a terrific return on the energy to expend de-cluttering.

De-Cluttering your life is an extremely liberating exercise. There are many types of clutter that can hinder you from having the quality of life you want and deserve. There is clutter that is in your mind as negative self-talk, clutter that physically exists in your home, car and office, such as old newspapers waiting to be recycled, stacks of magazines you will never read, old clothes that are destined for Good Will because they no longer suit your style or size, etc.

There is also another form of clutter, often referred to as “tolerations.” Tolerations are all those nagging little things that drain your energy every time you encounter them. Tolerations include the physical clutter described above that you think about but don’t do anything to change as well as things like that broken toaster that only toasts one side of the bread, the whistling kettle that no longer whistles and those phone calls you’ve been meaning to make for two weeks. This kind of clutter/tolerations fills up time and space in your life by its very existence and drains you of your vital energy. When you begin to reduce, and then eliminate, your clutter/tolerations, they stop draining your energy and you then get to use all of your energy to manifest what you really want in your life.

What would your life be like if you had no tolerations and effortlessly manifested all of your desires?

So, what are you tolerating in your life right now, today, this very minute? What broken down things, messes, eyesores, unsatisfactory conditions and circumstances, and behaviors (yours and those of others) have you been accepting and living with that you could change or eliminate to immediately improve your quality of life? What has been draining your energy unnecessarily under the guise that “that’s just how life is?” All these little annoyances add up to cost you big chunks of your time and energy and are well worth eliminating.

Take some time to de-clutter your life this week. Make a list of your top 10-50 tolerations that you could get started on eliminating today. Imagine if these tolerations were completely gone from your life 30 days from now. How would your life be better then? What could you accomplish with all that extra time and energy? Take action to eliminate all the things you are tolerating in your life. Cross items off your list as you eliminate them. Make a second list of your top 10 big tolerations that may take a while to eliminate and get started! Share your list with your coach or a friend for support and encouragement.

One of the amazing things about getting started with the de-cluttering process is that after you make your list and start whittling away at it, you’ll notice that some of your tolerations seem to eliminate themselves. Acknowledging to yourself that you will no longer settle for less than exactly what you want sends a powerful message to the universe which then pitches in the help you success.

Celebrate your successes and have fun with this process.

© 2010 Ruth Hegarty

About the Author
Ruth Hegarty helps women entrepreneurs create confident and effortless success. As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Ruth teaches women to unleash their powerful creator so they can work less and earn more. To learn more about Ruth and receive a free copy of her Effortless Success Toolkit for women entrepreneurs, go to Coach Ruth.


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