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MLM Woman Issue 153
December 2009

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 153rd edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter. If you like this month's issue, please be sure to let your friends know about it too and invite them to come and visit us. Also, if you have comments, questions or something to share after reading this month's articles, please visit our MLMTalk Discussion Forum and join in the lively conversation!

And if you'd like to submit an article for the next MLMWoman Newsletter, take a look at our Writer's Guidelines.

Wishing you all a festive Christmas and Holiday season with family and friends!

Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman


joySmart Women
Trim the Layers of Their Lives
By Joy Chudacoff

Yesterday, we had tree-trimmers here at our house to clean up the trees that were overgrown and also to make room for new growth in the future. We live in a house that is very light and bright, however I was surprised this morning when I discovered how much more light and clarity of vision we have now that we’ve peeled back the layers of debris and overgrowth. Today, I have views of nature and blue sky that were not visible to me yesterday. This got me thinking about how Smart Women know the importance of trimming back the layers of their lives so that they can keep their vision clear and focused on what’s most important.

In my work with women, one of the most essential exercises that we do together is peel back the layers of their lives and take a look at what’s working and what’s not working. It’s important to take a look at each layer and if necessary trim the excess so you can live each day doing what’s most important to you in your life. The challenge for most of us is in the “letting go” of what no longer serves us. Sometimes there’s so much debris in our lives that we are unable to clearly see how even just a slight trim in one area could create a dramatic positive impact.

I, too, have been challenged with this in my life at times. Trimming the excess and making room for new growth is difficult for me as well. I will share with you that the most dramatic positive change occurred in my life once I was able to do this. When I created the space to trim the excess “layers” from my life, real change began to show up for me.

How about you? Are you feeling like there are areas in your life that you would like to shed? Are there areas where you could “trim” away some of your time to create the space for something new? Not sure where to start? Here are some typical areas that you can take a look at in your life. (I invite you to sit in a quiet, peaceful place with your favorite cup of tea or coffee for this process):

1. Self-Care– How much time are you allocating to You? In my work with women, I often find that this essential practice is not anywhere in the layers of a woman’s life. It was a huge shift for me to make some years ago, however when I did this, it made a huge impact.

2. Spouse/Partner – Do you schedule regular date nights with your spouse or significant other? I find this one area can slip under the debris quickly and I have to trim back the layers and make space for it. If you don’t have a spouse/partner and would like that in your life, are you taking some positive steps to bring that love relationship into your life?

3. Family – Are you spending quality time with children, parents, siblings? The key here is quality—really “being” with them. My husband and I schedule “date night” with each of our children and this has created a closer bond for us.

4. Friends – Do you find time to see your girlfriends? Make sure your girlfriends are “nutritious”—they inspire you, champion you and give you those big laughs. I really enjoy taking long power walks with girlfriends and “processing” life along the way.

5. Business/Career – Are you doing work that inspires and motivates you? When you leave your business or work, do you feel energized or drained from the day? This created a dramatic shift for me 8 years ago when I changed the direction of my life and began my work with women.

6. Community – Are you feeling “called” to do volunteer work in your community right now? Is it time to “trim” back the layers of your volunteer efforts and let someone else serve? We are nurturers by nature and tend to say “yes” too quickly. I invite you to take a look at this and see what feels right for you moving forward.

Now is the perfect time to do this exercise. Autumn is the time of year to shed what no longer serves us in order to create space for the new growth and new ideas that will arrive in Spring. I invite you to create some time in your calendar before the holidays to trim back the layers of your life and peel away what no longer serves you. I think you’ll be surprised at how life embraces you when you give it the space to grow.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

© 2009 Joy Chudacoff

About the Author
Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions(tm), a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs. If you’re ready take your life and your business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, 2 FREE Reports and FREE MP3 now at Creating The Spark


8 Tips to Boost your Twitter Followers

By Debbie A. Everson

Twitter is no longer just one of your run-of-the-mill social media services. Twitter has in fact revolutionized social media services to such an extent that Twitter followers no longer just tweet about what they ate for lunch or what time their plane will touch down the airport. Twitter followers are corporate giants, high-profile celebrities, and all the rest of the planet altogether who use this grand daddy of social media services for information, socializing, and huge income-generation through web marketing.

How to use Twitter's social media services to your business' best advantage? A large following of course. The more Twitter followers your business have, the wider is your potential customer base, the greater is the possibility of sales conversion.

To increase your Twitter followers, here's some neat tips:

1. Choose the best Twitter ID

Use a Twitter name that is relevant to your business, such as your business name or your business' official website or blog. Some popular niche experts even use their real names to attract more Twitter followers. A stand out logo or Twitter avatar completes your Twitter identity.

2. Follow and be followed

Social media services are all about relationships. From a zero following at the start, increase your Twitter followers by following them first. Many of the follows that you created will almost always follow you back in a give-and-take relationship.

3. Learn from the experts

Twitter is one of those social media services that makes it easy to connect with niche leaders and experts. Follow these experts and learn how they tweet. And, if you answer or ask them questions, it seems you actually "know" these experts, and that makes you interesting enough for others to follow.

4. Tweet interestingly

Twitter followers perk up at attention-grabbing stories and images. Social media services often churn out a lot of trivial information, which is why links to interesting stories are always appreciated. When Twitter followers are interested, they re-tweet this interest to others, giving your original tweet increased exposure.

5. Be recognized as a niche expert

Social media services like Twitter allow for experts to rise in the Twittersphere, if you have something relevant to say, that is. So if your business offers a service or an expertise, tweeting about these services in a way that's useful to Twitter followers will earn you their respect (and re-tweets), and will raise you to the rank of niche expert steadily for added exposure.

6. Use Twitter tools

Tweet Later is very useful as an auto-responder and for automatically sending direct messages to new Twitter followers. And, to increase the people you are following, Humming Bird is a very intelligent tool that automatically follows Twitter users based on search keywords. Twitter is one of the social media services wherein you can follow as much as 5000 people daily, using Humming Bird.

7. Recommend others

The golden rule applies in social media services like Twitter. If you find a tweet interesting or useful, recommend the tweet to your Twitter followers and encourage them to follow. There's a big chance that you will get the same treatment -- your tweets being re-tweeted and recommended to other Twitter followers.

8. Three-peat important tweets

As one of the most popular social media services, Twitter gets 24x7 daily user logins. For your important tweets, try posting them three times within the day to get maximum exposure from Twitter followers, who may belong to varied time zones.

Article Source: http://www.wahm-articles.com

About the Author
Debbie Everson is the CEO of SearchMar.com, the leading provider of search engine optimization, social media & online marketing solutions to over 2,000 small businesses. Read my SEO Blog. Follow me on Twitter. Call 866-885-6263 for a free consultation.

Completing the year that was - 2009
©2009 All Rights Reserved - Vicky White

You still have over a month to complete 2009.

I go by the Chinese New Year, and on February 14, 2010 the Year of the Tiger begins. This means you have over a month to complete the past year and make space for the new one. Lucky break eh?

Taking some quiet time to look back on the year just gone and reminding yourself of where you are, brings both a sense of completion and a reminder of your wins. Let's face it, you likely pay more attention to where you've yet to get to and what isn't working, than your success and the gifts you've gained along the way.

This is an opportunity to drink in some truth about yourself and start to redress the balance. You've experienced success for sure. This is worth celebrating! And is fun too!

And, remember the definition of clutter? Anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized.

What's unfinished for you? You are very familiar with physical clutter and how it bogs you down, but wait, there's more. Clutter can also appear in your relationship with others, intentions you made last year but you no longer feel passionate about, and successes you haven't acknowledged yourself for and celebrated. And if you don't stop for a moment to really own your insights and what you learned about yourself in the last year, that's more unfinished business.

Questions to complete your year

Take some quiet time for yourself to reflect on the past year and answer these questions. Below you'll find a worksheet you can use - save it to your computer and start keeping a record of your years. You will only receive the benefit of this process if you write down your answers. Thinking about it will not do it!

1. What was an upset or a disappointment in the past year? Every challenge is a chance to realign yourself and each brings a gift for you. What might be the lesson or gift in this (or these) situation(s)? What did you learn and what were the gifts?

2. Where and when did things not flow easily – where was there a lot of energy for little result? Are you still trying to push this? If things aren’t flowing, it’s often not in your highest good. Perhaps it’s time to let it go? Or is there a change you wish to make so you feel inspired and excited again? Write down your new 2010 intention.

3. What flowed easily for you in 2009? You set your intention and the Universe lined things up to happen easily. What can you be proud of – big and small? Write them all down and small ones count too. Search calendars, journals and ask a close friend or partner - who amazingly usually has a better memory of these things! This question is a good one to give extra energy to!

4. What’s incomplete? What’s sitting around in your life, bugging you? Do you intend to complete it before February 14 when the Year of the Tiger begins or will it take longer? This could be anything from relationships to projects to painting your office.

5. Insights you've gained about yourself in the last year. It's easy for your insights and learnings to get lost as you move forward. By writing them down you start to own them and integrate these gifts into your heart and life.

6. What are you grateful for? Gratitude has the same vibration as abundance. And the Law of Attraction states that what you focus on expands - where better to focus your attention?

7. How will you celebrate and acknowledge your 2009 wins?

Give yourself enough time to list lots of examples under each heading. Really go for it and have fun with this. This is part of your reward for being you.

Download this YearCompletion document to keep a record of your journey.

Wishing you joyful completions and a jump start on 2010. If you'd like help to create a totally awesome and magical 2010 come join us in Bring on Your Magical 2010!

If you got any insights or ah-has from this process please share them on my blog.

About the Author
©2009 Vicky White, The Feng Shui Coach. Get Vicky White's FREE "5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes " report and her FREE articles to boost your creativity and your bottom line, at: www.LifeDesignStrategies.com

audreyNetwork Marketing -
Your Goals For the New Year

By Audrey Okaneko

With this year coming to a close, it's time to think ahead to the new year. I have always loved what I refer to as "new beginnings."

You have the opportunity to start the new year with new goals, new dreams and new expectations. It doesn't matter what happened this past year. You can take those things that worked well and incorporate them into your plan for the new year. Now is the time to toss out those things that didn't work well and forget about them.

Write up a plan and then share that plan with your entire team. Your goals in network marketing are somewhat dependent on the actions of your team members. Let them see how vital they are to your success. Let them know how their own goals will affect your long range plans.

Sharing your plan can also help motivate your team members to create their own new year plan.

When I set goals and make plans, I only include those things I have complete control over. I'll share an example. I don't make of a goal of "I want five new team members." Instead I'll set a goal of "I will talk to three new people every single day about my business." I have complete control over how many people I speak to each day. I don't have control over how many people sign up.

The same is true with customers. I don't set a goal of "I want ten new customers." Instead I set goals like "I will spend one hour, three times per week putting flyers out." I have complete control over my time and how I use it. I don't have control over how many people buy my products.

I'm happy to share some of my own goals for the coming year:

1. I would like to invest two days per week adding new pages to my website.

2. I would like to invest a portion of each day meeting new people both online and offline.

3. I would like to add new posts to my blogs at least twice per week.

4. I would like to continue writing articles, working on my goal of one thousand total articles. Right now, I have over 400 articles.

5. I would like to add new marketing techniques into my routine on a regular basis.

I look forward to the new year and working toward my goals. Create your own set of goals and then share them with your team members. They'll appreciate hearing from you and seeing how they might use your goals in their businesses.

About the Author
Audrey Okaneko has been in direct sales since 1983. She can be reached at
audreyoka@cox.net or you can Become a Tupperware Consultant

How to Use Video Marketing For Business

By Jackie Ulmer

About the Speaker
Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing veteran, industry coach and MLM author. She's built a multiple six figure income using the Internet to build her Network Marketing business while maintaining the roles of wife, mom, cab driver, and social coordinator. Her passion is empowering women and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. Get to know her better and sign up for her newsletter at her website.


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