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fall leavesMLM Woman Issue 150
September 2009

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 150th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter with some more fresh, hand picked articles to help your business survive and thrive in 2009.

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Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman

Free Your Mind for Business Success
From MLMWoman.com

Positive thinking is a very powerful thing. We are not talking about the power of attraction, but the power within you to accept change in its various forms. If you’re a current or future business owner, you must realize the success of your company depends on being able to think positively and embrace and learn from the changes that happen.

Free Your Mind – What Does That Mean Exactly?

When you started your business, there were probably acceptable practices and standards for success. It could be anything from increasing interaction with customers to using a time-tested method for getting the sale.

That is a good place to start. Other entrepreneurs have a lot of helpful advice to contribute to new business owners. Add to that an attitude of choice. Some businesses die from lack of creativity and willingness to change when necessary.

It is true that what goes down will eventually come back up, but can your business wait that long? Living in unpredictable economic times is a call to action on your part. Open your mind to the possibilities that can keep your business successful and not add you to the heap of the dead and dying.

Get Back to Basics

Maybe it’s time to start over. Go back to your original business plan and marketing strategies. You may have decided on one course of action to get the business started. Now could be the perfect time to niche into a more defined product. Here are the advantages:

  • More targeted marketing strategies
  • Higher sales

Previously, you were looking to reach a more diverse group of customers. For every 200, you may have made a sale to at least half of them. With a niche market, you have 200 customers that you know are interested in your type of product and your sales may increase to 150. Is that worth it? Yes!

Your business plan also includes how you will package your product. For those marketing information, this is a great time in business. Article marketing is a mainstay but why limit yourself? Now, you can market your product through video, audio (podcast, CDs) or a combination of both. Expand your product line to include these media outlets and increase your customer base in the process.

They say that success is its own reward, but that’s only true if you are willing to pursue it. When you allow yourself to dream big, the sky is the limit. Sure, sales may be slow when you first implement the new strategies or you’ll have to overcome a learning curve to get started. Think of the alternative: You won’t grow without the attitude and vision to see beyond where you are now.

mariangieFinding Your Leaders Is Easier Than Trying to “Create” a Leader
By Mariangie Gonzalez

If you’re brand new to direct sales or network marketing, you may be either scared or excited about starting your own team… all of us who are in direct sales or network marketing felt that way in the beginning.

You start promoting your business opportunity, and one day… BAM! There it is in your email account your first: “Congratulations, you have a new downline member!”  If you are like me, you got such a BIG GRIN that it gave you cramps on your face and you started doing the happy dance.

I’m sure you thought: “Yeah! I’m on my way! The first one is the most difficult; the rest will be a piece of cake”

Knowing how important is recruiting, sponsoring, training and motivating a team, you immediately contact your new downline member sharing all your excitement  and offering your help and then you wait… (Crickets chirping)… and wait… you try again with another email… (nothing)…  if you’re brave enough to actually call your new sign up and they don’t pick up the phone or even worse, they have a bad number … you panic and then you start thinking… maybe it was not such a good idea to join this business, maybe they saw a red flag I didn’t see, maybe…


You need to start thinking differently; you need to think like you would think if you had 1,000 people already in your downline! Would you be begging those that are not responsive to promote their business, to place their first order, to go out and show and sell some products? I know you would not.

“But Mariangie, I need to do something!” (I can read minds) Yes, you do! You need to find your LEADERS!!!

“Show me the leaders” is my motto now, not everybody has the same vision and to be brutally honest, most people are lazy and think that starting a home based business is an easy way to stay home, do nothing and collect a check… NOT going to happen!

You need to welcome your team members, let them know you are going to be there for them, give them the tools they need to get started (I created a short “Getting Started” report and that is the first thing I send them by email after I welcome them to the team), and then I tell them that I know they will have questions and that I’ll be happy to answer those questions for them and start working together in building their business.

Some will reply back with: “Thank you, I’ll go over the report and send you my questions” and some will not

If they are the leaders you’re searching for, they will come back with tons of questions including what should their first order include, if they should pay for the upgraded back-office, how to order marketing tools, where to advertise, “do you have a sample ad I can use?”; you’ll know by the kind of questions they ask if they are your leaders or not.

Those are your jewels, treat them right, maintain constant communication with them, work with them to make them successful, give the extra mile for them.

Your non-responsive downline members maybe are not ready yet, maybe they were just curious, maybe life is keeping them busy, and maybe they are even reps of the competitor company lurking…! You never know, that is why it’s important that you keep regular contact with them, maybe once or twice a month, to ask if they have questions, if they had the chance to look at the product catalog, to suggest a new place to advertise, etc.

You’ll be surprised to find that maybe after some time, a few of them start ordering products for themselves and it’s not uncommon that even years after they joined, some of them find that their circumstances change, and they decide to take a serious look and work the business and become a leader! Again, you NEVER know.

Leaders walk at the front of the pack, they don’t need anyone pushing them, their own motivation is enough, they will come to you for help, of course, but you will see them flying on their own very soon.

 This will actually help you leverage your time so you can concentrate your energy in working your personal sales and sponsoring and working with your newer leaders. Finding your leaders is easier than try to “create” a leader… so show me your leaders!

About the Author
Mariangie Gonzalez has been working from home since 2004. You can join her Forever Living team here: http://www.MariangiesBiz.com. To read more of her work-from-home articles, please visit her blog at: http://www.Home-4-Wealth.com

5 Ways to Find New Customers
for Your Business

By Linda Locke
Editor, MLMWoman

I recently received a question from a reader who asked:

"I am trying to find new ways of finding prospects.  Can you give any ideas?"

Answer: Sure! Here's 5 of my favorite ways to attract new clients that really work.

1. If you haven't joined a lead swapping group like Business Network International (BNI), you should check it out. These groups only allow 1 type of person per business and they share and give leads for prospects at each meeting.

2. Join a larger business networking group and become involved. The more visible you become within the organization the more business you will attract.

3. Offer to speak on a topic related to your business that people are concerned about at your local non profit organizations or clubs.

4. Contact your current satisfied customers and ask for referrals.

5. Join Twitter.com and Facebook.com and use them to connect with people you know and start building a network online to get leads. Post helpful tips in your area of expertise, share links, and engage by joining in the conversation. Focus on being helpful to people and building relationships and the business will follow.

6 Tips for What to Do When You Have a Few Minutes to Speak About Your Business

By Felicia Slattery

Public speaking provides a powerful way for you to market your business in a variety of contexts. Often, you may find yourself at a networking meeting or other occasion where you’ll be invited to speak for just a brief period about your business. Only a few minutes isn’t enough time to deliver a full-length “Signature Speech” (that’s a 30-60 minute speech filled with useful information for your audience so you can market your business), but you can give people an accurate sense of what you do while boosting your credibility and potentially attracting new prospects.

Here are my tips for when you have just a few minutes to talk about your business:

  1. Start with your purpose. What do you want to get out of the event? Are you hoping to get people to sign up to receive a free report and therefore join your mailing list? Do you want to sell an e-book? Be specific about what you hope to get as a direct result of your speech.
  2. Consider the purpose of the audience. Why is that audience gathered? Think about who those folks are and why they have selected to attend that event and what they hope to gain from listening to you speak. Be sure to give them what they have been promised they will hear. One clue can be to look at the context of the event to determine what your audience hopes to gain.
  3. Consider your area of expertise. In your business what have you helped your clients with that has produced spectacular results for them? Talk about that.
  4. Consider your PASSION. This is huge. Speak to the audience about something you are passionate about. When you do so your audience will be drawn to you and will want to listen. We are inspired by passion, and that includes listening to others who are passionate about what they do.
  5. Make it interactive. Do this by asking questions. I prefer to have interaction throughout my presentations to continue to draw the audience in.
  6. Always provide a few steps, tips, or techniques that your audience members can use in their lives right away. You want people to feel they have come away from your talk with great value. Providing helpful information will help you achieve that goal– even if you only have just a few minutes to speak.

Remember your job in the few minutes you have to speak is to build your credibility and attract your ideal clients and prospects. When you do, you’ll soon see the power even just a few minutes has when you are marketing your business with public speaking.

About the Author
Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. is a communication consultant, speaker & coach specializing in training small and home-based business owners effective communication skills so they can see more cash flow now. Public speaking is one important way to increase your credibility as a small or home-based business owner. I invite you to discover how to Increase Business by Communicating Your Credibility now. You’ll get this FREE e-course designed to help you attract more business and get more cash flow. Pick it up here: http://www.communicationtransformation.com/creating-credibility-ecourse.html

If you’d like to learn more about using public speaking to market your business, visit http://www.CashInOnSpeaking.com. You’ll learn everything you need to know from how to choose a topic, how to best organize your speech to get instant results, and where to go to get booked to speak.

Joy ChudacoffSmart Women Need a “Lighthouse”

By Joy Chudacoff

A few weeks ago, my sister Rene and I had the opportunity to visit our Mom in Florida. It was a “girl’s getaway” filled with shopping, going to the beach, tasty food, wine and great conversation. Every morning we had a ritual of getting up, grabbing our coffee and heading out to the beach for a walk. On the first morning, I noticed a large, magnificent lighthouse that stood in the distance. Whether it was a bright sunny day or one surrounded by dark, gloomy clouds, the lighthouse was performing its job. In the top of the tower, you could see the bright light on a continuous turning cycle, reminding those at sea that a safe harbor and guiding light is close by if you need one. If you look the word lighthouse up in the dictionary, it’s a “tower or structure displaying a very bright light for the guidance of ships to help avoid dangerous areas.” This got me thinking about how Smart Women always need a lighthouse in their lives.

In order for you to realize your Big ideas, dreams and goals, you need to have a “beacon of light” in your life. Having a “lighthouse” can help you navigate “troubled” waters and avoid a possible dangerous situation along the way. I’ve shared with you many times that I would not be where I am today without all of my coaches and mentors–my “guiding lights.” It has been a key factor in navigating my passionate, purposeful life.

“Troubled” waters come and go in our lives. Smart Women make sure that they have a safe harbor and a guiding light for these times to help them navigate a clearly thought out map on how to proceed or move ahead with clarity. I’m going to share a few ideas so that you can begin to think about creating your very own “lighthouse.”

Find a Coach – Nearly all of the successful, clear thinking people that I meet have had a coach at one time or another. They realize that living a meaningful life requires a thinking partner. Someone who can help them navigate their journey along the way, see possible danger, and help provide solutions to avoid these areas. Every year, I create time in my calendar and a place in my budget to have a coach help me navigate the year ahead.

Form a Mastermind Group – Bringing a small group of like-minded people together at a regular time each month is a wonderful way to provide that extra “beacon of light” in your life and others lives. I facilitate several Success Masterminds for Women here in Los Angeles and I’m a member of one myself. These groups provide an overall sense of clarity and positive action steps to move ahead. Make sure that everyone in the group is positive and intentional about their journey forward. Having a strong confidentiality policy is always wise.

How about you? Do you have “lighthouse” in your life? Do you have a person or group of people who champion you? Someone who offers a safe harbor where you can explore where you are now and help you navigate what’s next? Many women express that my Women’s Success Circles act as their “lighthouse.” The Success Circle creates a “safe harbor” where women can share their lives in a non-judgmental, confidential setting.

One morning, we went out for a walk and the sky was turning dark and gloomy. The ocean waves were rough and the wind was picking up. In the distance I saw boats being guided by the lighthouse to make it back safely to the harbor. Whether your life is in a positive, upbeat phase or possibly times of “troubled” waters, Smart Women know they must have a “lighthouse” in which to turn.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

© 2009 Joy Chudacoff

About the Author
Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions(tm), a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs. If you’re ready take your life and your business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, 2 FREE Reports and FREE MP3 now at Creating The Spark.

Lisa Willard5 Pitfalls of Owning
a Home Business
By Lisa Willard

In any home business, challenges and obstacles are going to arise. It’s just part of the journey and if we are prepared, it will be a bump in the road and nothing more.

So, let’s talk about those challenges so we are prepared when they come.

1. Distractions. Yes, they happen. It might be the phone ringing, the kids, or all the stuff in life that just happens. It’s true that life happens and can derail us from our actions. But think about the things that you can control. Have a specific plan each day and prioritize your daily goals. And commit to getting each one done, not matter what.

2. Disappointment. Sure, disappointment is going to happen from time to time. It might be a prospect that was excited to join and then didn’t. Or maybe you expected 15 people at a home party and only 2 showed up. Whatever the disappointment is, reflect on it for a few and then let it go. Don’t focus on it. Release it and move forward!

3. Delays. There are going to be delays in your business. You will set goals and you will come up short once in a while. Realize that is okay. And know that if you took the action steps necessary and you came up short, that goal is just around the corner. We are human and we are going to make mistakes. And sometimes things just don’t go the way they are planned. But it’s okay. If you plan to get it done today, then get it done. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Remember, challenges and obstacles don’t mold us or our business. How we handle them does.

Believe Success!

About the Author
Lisa Willard is a wife, mom and Network Marketing coach. She is proof you can begin your home business part time around a Corporate job, small children and a very busy life. The keys are focus, consistency, and a burning desire.

Her passion is utilizing the Internet and empowering others to strive for their goals and dreams. Get to know Lisa better and sign up for her free report at http://www.network-marketing-success-tools.com


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