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MLM Woman Issue 146
April 2009

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 146th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter with some more fresh, hand picked articles to help your business survive and thrive in 2009.

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And also be sure to check out our Moms in Business Blog and MLM Marketing Blog for lots of additional tips and resources which are added throughout the month.

Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman
Follow me on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/LindaLocke

8 Tips to Getting Your MLM Sales Groove Back
From MLM Marketing Blog

I’m willing to bet if you own an MLM business you were extremely motivated and all gung-ho about it in the beginning, right? You had visions of sales through the roof and recruits a plenty. Something happened along the way though. The exhilaration has died down. Your goals aren’t being met and you’re wondering if you were really as cut out for this business as you once thought.

Of course you are! You just need to find your motivation again and here are tips to help you do just that. Get excited about your business again.

1. Goals Can Be Re-Worked
If you haven’t met a goal or two, don’t get down on yourself. Stop and think about why you didn’t meet those milestones. Maybe you aimed too high too early. On the flip side of the coin, maybe you made the goal too easy to obtain and when you reached it the sense of accomplishment just wasn’t there. Take the time to re-evaluate your goals and set some new ones that will help to get you pumped up again.

2. Look at Those Who Are Successful on Your Team
Ask your directors, team leaders and fellow reps what keeps them going. Be a motivator for others and watch how it rubs off on you too. Find someone you can follow and see how they stay motivated.

3. Revisit the Past
You were keyed up about this business for a reason in the beginning. Take time to think about what got you all excited and motivated in the very beginning. Was it the incentives the company offered? Did you want the freedom a business of your own gives you? Whatever it was, find it and focus on those things again.

4. Past Customers Make Repeat Customers
Take the time to call old customers. Repeat customers can make up a huge portion of your business.

5. Talk to Your Upline
When you feel like you’ve run out of people to contact, ask your upline if they have access to leads from others who have left the company or some of their own they don’t have the time to work with that they would be willing to send your way.

6. Use Your Own Products
If you haven’t used the product you’re selling in awhile, take another look and remember what makes it so great.

7. Bundle Products
Do you have out of season items that you can bundle and offer for a special sale? If so, pull them out, put something together and call people to show them what you’ve got to offer.

8. Go to the Company Motivators
Most MLM companies have materials, such as videos or CDs that are meant to help motivate their reps. Take a few minutes to watch or listen to these. Attend a meeting too. They are meant to lift the spirits and will show you that others have been where you are right now and come out on top.

How DO You Network
on Twitter Anyway?
From MLMWoman.com

Networking is one of the biggest buzzwords in the business world these days and with good reason. If you aren't actively networking, you aren't making those connections to your next business venture, your next client, and your next big (or small) windfall.

What is networking?

So what exactly is networking and how do you do it? You can find thousands of seminars, programs, masterminds, insider's groups and a hundred other "guru names" that will teach you all about networking for a super low, one time payment of only $$ (insert big buck amount here!)

I'm going to let you in a little secret: Networking is simply a matter of getting out there and letting people get to know who you are. That's it. All there is to networking is to meet the people. You really don't need to wait for some super-exclusive big name expert to teach you how to network before you begin.

You learned it all in kindergarten: Play nice, share and make new friends.

Based on its exponential growth, Twitter is the number one place to get out and network. All you need to do is create a Twitter account and start using it. Use your business name or your real name for your Twitter username and upload a real picture of yourself. Plug in the link to your site or blog and create a quick little bio that tells folks who you are and what you do.

Next, post a few tweets saying hello. Offer up a pearl or two of wisdom relating to your expertise. Then, start following people. Don't know who to follow? Use Twitter search (the link is at the bottom of your main page) and type in a keyword or two describing the topics you're interested in. For business, it's often easiest to begin by following people in your own field. Type in your industry and step back while you watch the results start pouring in. Click on the usernames you see and start checking people out until you find some you like, then follow those people and start interacting.

Do NOT go on Twitter and start posting link after link about your business.

Instead, share some of the insight and wisdom you have about your business. Good, juicy, useful information. Just give it away! Heck, it's only 140 characters, you can spring for it. Share links to great stuff you find on the web. Cut and paste someone else's post with "RT" in front of it. This is called a Retweet and it's an easy way to share and make new friends. We all love to be re-tweeted because it makes us feel important and special.

Yes, there are all kinds of tips and tricks to using Twitter (and other networking sites) effectively for marketing your business. A lot of the teleseminars, books and programs are worth every penny you pay for them, some even more. However, you don't need even one of them to get started using Twitter to network for your business.

How to Write a Successful Ad
©Terri Seymour of www.SeymourProducts.com

Buying advertising slots and spreading your ad all over the net won’t do much good if the ad does not get anyone’s attention. Your ad must motivate people into following the call to action contained within the ad. Advertising is an art and we need to learn that art to write effective, profit-pulling ads. If you know some of the proven tips on how to write effective ads, it can make all the difference for your business and advertising budget.

The Importance of the Headline: The success of an advertisement lies mostly in the headline. The headline needs to capture the reader’s eye and make him want to read the rest of the ad. Research shows that five times more people read just the ad headline than the entire ad so you need to make it a good one!

The headline should be centered around the product and what it can do for the customer. Do not fill your headline with hype. Make it catchy but do not try to mislead or trick the customer into buying.

For example: If you are selling a pain relieving product, instead of this headline:

Painkill Takes Care of Pain

try this headline:

Are You Tired of the Pain – Take Painkill!

Once you write an attention getting headline, you need to focus on the problem of the customer and show them that your product is the solution to that problem. Use short, concise sentences that get right to the point. The reader isn’t interested in reading a novel.

For example:

Are You Dealing with Pain? Painkill is what you need to enjoy your life to the fullest!

The ad needs to motivate the customer to buy your products. The product is not what sells, what sells is what the product can do for the customer. Thus, you need to focus on the benefits of the product, not the features. Always proo fread your ad and correct all spelling and grammar mistakes. Your ad needs to be professional!

For example:

Instead of:
Painkill contains this ingredient and that ingredient for more effectiveness!

Try this:
Painkill will free you of your pain!

The last thing your ad needs is a “call to action”. Don’t assume that the customer will know what to do to get your product. Always provide a call to action to get them to act now!

For example:

Call now for a 25% discount on your first purchase.

Order online now at painkill.com and save $5.00!

Power Words: Power words are words that can persuade, entice and motivate people to do what you want them to do. They are used by politicians, public relations personnel, public speakers, etc.

Some common power words you can use are: Free, Secret, Proven, Guarantee, New, Innovative, Improved, Save and the word that is listed as the #1 power word is YOU. You should definitely try to use the word “you” in your headline. This personalizes the ad and makes it about the individual reader.

So, when writing your ad, remember the following guidelines:

1. Grab their attention with your headline.

2. Focus on the benefits of your product, not the features.

3. Let the customer know how the product can help them.

4. Use power words that can increase the chance of a sale.

5. Motivate them into a call to action NOW!

Following these tips should raise the success of your advertisements, saving you money and increasing your sales!

About the Author
Terri Seymour (also known as “The eBook Lady”) has over ten years online experience and has helped many people start their own business. Visit her site at http://www.seymourproducts.com for resources, $1 resell ebooks & software, free tutorials, affiliate programs, free ezine and free business ebook with Master Resell Ri ghts. http://www.seymourproducts.com/free.shtml

Top Ten Reasons You Need to Be Blogging for Business
By Carrie Lauth

When I network with small business owners and online marketers, I often find myself asking them if they've launched their blog yet. Adding a blog has so many important benefits and it's no wonder that huge corporations and megastores are also getting into blogging. Especially for the micropreneur however, blogs have several distinct advantages. Here are a few.

1. A blog is search engine food! Google and the other big search engines love content and a blog can help you get free search engine traffic. Recently search engines are giving more weight to blogs because they want to offer the freshest, most relevant content to internet searchers.

2. Blogs create community. Because they are interactive, a blog draws people back to your site again and again. Your visitors will read your post then leave their comments, read comments left by others, and come back to see how the conversation is flowing. Blogs are much easier to manage than message forums too. With RSS (Real Simple Syndication), people can subscribe to your blog feed and be notified automatically when you update your blog.

3. Blogging puts you in control of your site. Posting to your blog is as easy as typing an email or a word document. Why pay a designer to add a page to your website when you can update your site whenever you like, easy as pie? You can blog as often or as rarely as you like to serve your particular needs.

4. Blogs help you grow your bottom line. There are many ways you can add additional monetization streams to your blog so you can make more money in your business without working harder.

5. Your customers love blogs. They can ask you questions, read info about your products and services, and share their opinions. A blog has a more friendly feel than a website.

6. Blogs help you know your target market. As you observe who is leaving comments on your blog, you get to know your market better. This education helps you be a smarter marketer.

7. Conduct market research. A blog is an easy way to conduct surveys and polls to help you get inside the mind of your customers. This information is invaluable to you.

8. Blogs help your customers get to know you. A blog gives your customers a chance to see your personality shine through. People buy from people they like!

9. Blogging is fun. I'll admit it, blogging is addicting once you get going! There are so many benefits to your business. What's not to love?

10. As a small business owner, you have a limited marketing budget. Blogging is a free marketing tactic - it only costs you a little of your time. Getting a blog installed and designed on your domain typically costs less than having a new website designed too.

Have I convinced you? Blogging is not a fad or a trend. It's a smart marketing technique that allows you to build relationships with your target market and leverage the power of the internet.

Article Source: http://www.wahm-articles.com

About the Author
Get help setting up your blog, learn what you should blog about, and get marketing tips to get more blog traffic at www.CarrieLauth.com/hire-carrie.htm and visit Carrie at her business blog, at www.CarrieLauth.com/blog

Facebook and Twitter Basics - 12 Newbie Social Networking Skills
By Iyabo Asani

Did you know that if you have any sort of Internet presence you are an Internet Marketer? Even if you do not charge anyone a dime, it is important that you understand that you are in the business of sharing information online. Even if you are a blogger, or you have a brick and mortar business, you want to know how the two big social networking sites can improve your visibility online.

I get that although I am a life coach I am an Internet marketer because I have a website and I am trying to sell my goods and services online. I have met so many other people online that do not get this very key point. My online relationships are as sacred as my offline relationships.

If you treat your online relationships as if they are offline, you will stand out from the crowd which will cause others to flock to you.

Just tap into your already existing social and law of attraction skills to create warmth, intimacy and authenticity by maximizing social networking like Twitter and Facebook this way:

1. You have been invited to a cocktail party and you are going to the party. The online party is Twitter and Facebook and this is your invitation. If you are not on there, you want to be on there. These are the hip places to be.

2. You get to the party and you begin to introduce yourself and say hello to others. On Twitter and Facebook, you begin to add friends and add or invite followers.

3. Hand out business cards and pick up the business cards of others. On Twitter, check out the profile of the person that you want to follow and see if they have a website. Go and check it out. On Facebook, read the profiles and learn about the people you are following. Quality trumps quantity every time.

4. Pick the few that you want to take your relationship with to the next level. Offline that means follow up with emails and phone calls to just stay in touch. Send them a tweet. Respond to their tweets and retweet their informative tweets. On Facebook, give them a thumbs up if you like what they said. Leave comments.

5. Maintain a relationship with people you meet. Keep exchanging comments and tweets and tell others about them.

6. Be interested and be interesting. Share information and goodies with them and from them.

7. Appreciate your sacred relationship with them. Do not pimp your followers out or ignore them or take them for granted in any way.

8. Don't just walk up to someone at a party and ask them for a job. Online, do not sell something to them immediately. Give something first and infuse your communication with a lot of good vibes, quotes, interesting things you are doing. Let your sales tweets or updates on Facebook be one out of ten as a good rule of thumb.

9. Introduce your newly met friends with one another so you can have more connections and interactions. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you are consistent and you save time.

10. Be polite and say hello and goodnight to those at the cocktail party. Say good morning and good night on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what is going on in your life. It makes you more human.

11. Take your conversation to the next level. Plan to see each other again. Connect in real life with some of your connections on Facebook and Twitter by going to Tweetups and Meet ups. Better yet, make one happen. That is guaranteed to make you a popular person.

12. Celebrate your new friends lives with them. Make a note of people's birthdays and wish them "Happy Birthday." Try and be in touch with them on special occasions and holidays. Facebook will tell you your friend's birthdays. Do not miss out on that. Be sure to wish them blessings on those special days.

See, that was easy. You can do it and enjoy it as well. Be authentic and others will follow and like you.

Do you know that you have an Inner Genius that is amazing and wants to be awakened? As you tap into your Inner Genius, you will become more powerful and unstoppable as you live a purposeful, passionate and financially rewarding life.

From http://ezinearticles.com/

About the Author
If you would like to develop skills that keep you constantly in the flow of your value, preciousness and the incredible assets that lie within you as you create a wonderful and powerful life, visit me. To learn more about how your Inner Genius can bring you more happiness and financial abundance, join me on my blog and subscribe to my newsletter at http://www.AuthenticChangeCoach.com/signup As a thank you, you will receive my two part free gift to you, a written report and an audio recording on Powerful Questions to Awaken your Inner Genius.

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