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MLM Woman Issue 145
March 2009

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 145th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter with some more fresh, hand picked articles to help your business survive and thrive in 2009.

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Yours in Success!
Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman
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Do You Have What it Takes To Be a Good Network Marketing Team Leader?
From MLMWoman.com

You've proven you've got what it takes to make sales and run a successful network marketing business. Your next step is to recruit your first person. You're excited and realize that once you get someone on your team, you can continually grow your business and stop working quite so hard - or can you?

Once you become a team leader, you'll need to share your efforts on some different areas of the business. You still need to work your own business, but now you are responsible for others as well. What can you do to ensure you'll be successful as a team leader? Here are some tips and suggestions that will help make sure you'll be leader anyone would be proud to work with.

Put others first. Any good team leader realizes it's no longer only about themselves and their business. They put the needs of their downline above their own. Success will happen for your recruits, which in turn means you too.

Learn to prioritize. You must be able to put things in order of importance as a team leader. By doing this you will be better organized and show your team members how to do the same.

Walk the walk. As a leader you must lead by example. You can't tell your team to do something and expect them to follow you if you're not doing it too. So, go ahead and talk the talk, but only if you can walk the walk too.

Overcoming obstacles. You know how to work past any objections in this business. You know your product or service well enough to know what possible reasons people have for not wanting to purchase and have answers available to prevail over them.

Perseverance - You know that you'll receive a lot of no responses in this business, but you stay positive and also know you get the answer you're looking for. You stick with it when things are slow and don't let rejection get you down.

Create a working system. You are organized and have a system that gets results. You also realize that organization is different for everyone, but you know yours and are willing to help your team find their perfect system too.

You motivate, encourage and lift up your team. A good leader is the cheerleader for the team. The leader is the motivator and sees the bright side no matter what happens.

Set goals. You not only have to set goals for yourself, but your team as well. Know what an achievable goal is and what is out of reach. Be able to help others reach their goals by breaking them up into manageable steps.

Consistency is important. You must hold regular meetings and reward your team members for a job well done frequently. Your recruits want and need you to be consistent with their training. A good leader attends the Annual Conference or Seminar and encourages their team to do the same. The Annual Conference is the best place to be built up, encouraged and motivated!

You're not in this just to make money. Know your product, use your product and like it! You must believe in what you sell and only sign up those who do it too - they make the best sales people.

Above and beyond these tips, you can also learn to become a great leader by apply the principles it takes to do so. Watch videos, listen to CDs, read books and newsletters, and attend conferences that will help you become the leader you want to be. These things will make a difference in your business and your life too.

The Universe is Your Dog
By Christine Kane

"Start by becoming a pack leader in your own world and
healing your own world, and the effects will ripple."
- Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer

One of the fun assignments in my Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program is what I call "Mental Dress Up."

This is a game that you can play daily. It is designed to bring intentions to life by literally embodying them in your own being.

Here's how it works:

Take a few moments throughout your day and Be [Fill in the Blank with Desired Thing].

As you're driving you can become a published writer. What would that feel like? When you're at a party, try being someone that everyone wants to talk to. Be wise. Be someone who has so many clients, you can hardly get through a day without turning people down. Be someone who is certain of what she wants. What does that feel like?

Don't get all scrunchy-faced and try to VISUALIZE - which is a very high-pressure word.

Instead feel the effortless shift in you, and BE successful. BE a fun person. BE wealthy. BE a rock star. Whatever!

My client Isabella started using this technique when she decided to "be someone who loves to run with her dog in the morning." She was amazed at the results.

Typically after a few blocks of running, she'd start wheezing and feel awful. But when she became "someone who loved running with her dog," she had more stamina and felt great during the run. She got better and better at this game until she actually began to love running with her dog!

One morning, she was returning from a run. Another dog and his owner were walking in her direction. Isabella's dog, Bruno, is still healing from an abusive past and can be aggressive with other dogs. So, Isabella started to get anxious, clinging to Bruno's leash.

Then, she remembered Mental Dress Up.

Instead of getting nervous and reacting to her dog's bad behavior, she focused on how calm she felt and how much she loved her dog. She also played Mental Dress Up on Bruno, feeling that he was always very loving and peaceful around other dogs.

It worked! Bruno was fine. He followed her energy, and they both headed home without incident. To Isabella, this was a nice little miracle.

At this same time, Isabella was beginning a new business. She had experienced a whole range of emotions from enthusiasm to fear to excitement to disappointment during the process. At one point, she met with her accountant. The accountant was skeptical, issuing warnings to Isabella about the numbers and telling her the reasons why the business wouldn't work.

During our coaching call, she shared these stories - about the triumph with her dog, and about the discouragement from her accountant. She wanted to know how to deal with her emotions after this deflating meeting.

Here's what I told her:

I said, "Your accountant is your dog."


It's true!

People follow your energy. It doesn't matter if they are mentors, accountants, lawyers, audience members, listeners, friends, or customers. People follow your energy, just like dogs. You always have a choice to step up and lead them. Just like Cesar Millan has been telling dog owners for years. And just like Bruno showed Isabella in that one situation.

I told her that the success of her business would always be up to her. I told her that every business owner, artist or entrepreneur experiences bad news, good news, depression, loss, gain and insecurity. The decision to quit, fail, or succeed is always hers.

In that moment, her accountant might have sensed her fear and found all the negative stuff he could muster up to dissuade her. He became her dog and followed her energy.

You don't have to be a Jedi master to tap into someone's emotional state of being. You just have to be human. Had Isabella been feeling confident, most likely the accountant would have presented his views in a different light.

Ultimately, during our coaching call, I told Isabella this:

"The Universe is your dog."

Everything and everyone follows the energy and emotional state you bring to it. Decide that you can do something, and the Universe follows that decision. Choose to radiate love and wisdom, and the Universe follows that radiance. This is not always an easy place to go. But it almost always teaches us about our own power to create or transform any situation.

About the Author
Performer, songwriter, and creativity consultant Christine Kane publishes her 'LiveCreative' weekly ezine with more than 4,000 subscribers. If you want to be the artist of your life and create authentic and lasting success, you can sign up for a FREE subscription to LiveCreative at www.christinekane.com.

Attraction Marketing: How to Open Doors Online and Off In Direct Sales
By Liz Monte

A few months ago, the network marketing company I represent launched a new product that seemed to me like a perfect fit for a salon and spa campaign. I knew that a lot of salons were suffering from the economic downturn, and I figured partnering with me to promote this new item would be a good solution for them.

So with my bundle of flyers in hand, I set off to visit every beauty shop within a ten mile radius. After talking to thirty or forty managers and owners, a pattern began to emerge -- no one was buying. I got the usual polite brush-offs and a few sincere nibbles. But no bites.

What could be the problem? Was it my delivery? Was I not offering the right information? What was preventing these good people from appreciating the amazing opportunity that was being placed before them?

And then… [sound of palm slapping forehead] I remembered a lesson I've learned over and over again (usually the hard way):

Folks have to know, like, and trust you before they'll want to do business with you.

In launching my salon campaign, I had fallen into the old trap of believing that a superior product or opportunity would "sell itself." What I had forgotten is that I was the real product. If they didn't know me, like me, and trust me, they certainly weren't going to jump into business with me. That kind of relationship was nearly impossible to create in one or two minutes between appointments.

Knowing, liking, and trusting are three critically important emotions that grease the wheels of commerce. They also form the basis for something called "attraction marketing" -- a new approach to network marketing that works especially well on the Internet.

But getting back to the brick-and-mortar world for a moment, think about your own shopping preferences. Wouldn't you rather do business in a store where you have a friendly relationship with some of the staff -- a store that's earned your trust over time by consistently putting your needs first and treating you with respect?

Of course you would!

In fact, if you have that kind of relationship with a local business, there's a good chance you'll remain loyal to them no matter what -- even if someone else has lower prices or is more conveniently located.

That's exactly the kind of relationship you want to build with your potential prospects, online or off.

If you're building on the Internet, these principles are especially important. With all the spamming and scamming that's going around, most people are extremely cautious about who they do business with online. But by using attraction marketing, many doors will swing wide open for you.

Here are some pointers for a successful online campaign:

1. Be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Other people can tell when you're not being real. Phoniness is always a big trust killer.

Along the same lines, there's no need to call yourself an expert or a leader. You could sound like you're bragging, and if you really are one, folks will recognize it without you having to tell them.

2. Contribute value. Help people get what they're looking for -- solutions to their problems. Become the go-to person for your particular niche.

3. Be generous. Provide free information. Offer a helping hand to someone who's just learning a subject you've already mastered, even if there's no direct pay-back for you. Generosity is one of the biggest trust-builders there is.

4. Interact. Become active on a few social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Show an interest in what your friends and followers are doing. Get involved in a forum or two. Leave comments on blog posts you find helpful.

Follow these tips consistently and you'll be on your way to building an effective online presence that'll help you take your business to the next level.

Oh, and if you're wondering what became of the hairdressers? I decided to keep life simple and stick with the Internet. It's so much easier!

About the Author
Liz Monte has put together a comprehensive guide for MLMers who want to take their businesses online. It's all on her website for free. If you'd like to learn more about attraction marketing and how to create an effective presence on the Internet, go to http://www.wisenetworkmarketer.com.

Women are Natural Networkers
By Carrie Wilkerson

Women don't realize that the same tactics they use for personal relationships are the very same skills they need for business networking, which is far more than making a few phone calls or handing out business cards. Networking, plain and simple, is about building relationships and that's what we do best.

Women tend not to see social contacts as potential business generators. We often think that if we're making pleasant conversation, we're not doing business. Just because you've made a friend out of a colleague doesn't mean he or she still can't provide business opportunities for you. And you might just make a colleague out of a friend. Many leads can be generated from family and friends whom you thought were only social contacts.

Of course, we're not all social butterflies with a long list of friends. But if you want your home-based business to succeed, you're going to have to make an effort to get out there and make yourself known. Here are some ideas about where you can do a little networking - and make new friends in the process!

Local and National Organizations

Local business organizations are a great place to start. In addition to the chamber of commerce, most communities have business organizations or clubs where potential clients might be found.

National organizations are a valuable resource, such as the National Women's Business Council found online at www.nwbc.gov. Their mission is "to promote bold initiatives, policies and programs designed to support women's business enterprises at all stages of development in the public and private sector marketplaces -- from start-up to success to significance." Their website offers links to mentoring programs and resources across the country as well as events and seminars, which brings us to our next networking resource.

Conferences, Seminars and Shows

Conferences, seminars, and trade shows are a wealth of networking opportunities. If you can't afford the registration fee, you could offer to volunteer, putting yourself in contact with new people and saving money at the same time.

Online Potential

We have the technology. Use it. Online forums are a great way to make new contacts and spread the word about your business. Don't make the mistake of becoming too impersonal, though. A virtual relationship can be just as fruitful as a fact-to-face encounter. Take the time to become familiar with online environments. Check out bulletin boards, discussion lists and chat rooms. When using online forums, be sure to include a signature with your message that explains what services you have to offer. Keep an eye on posts that might be connected to your business goals, and send them a friendly, introductory email. But don't try to make a sale with your first email since it might cause you to be banned from the forum. Plain old email is also an effective way to introduce yourself and request a short meeting to explain your business. Just call the office first to make sure you're sending it to the right person.

Scout the Next Opportunity

Keep an eye out for opportunities. Even if you're just driving to the post office or grocery store, look around and take notice of any new businesses that might benefit from your services. Read your local newspapers and magazines to keep up with new developments in the community and new networking opportunities.

Any one of these tactics on their own will probably not be effective. It usually takes about five contacts to see any results. Persistence is the key. As women know, building relationships takes a lot of commitment and hard work but we're more than up to the challenge.

Article Source: http://www.wahm-articles.com

About the Author
Carrie Wilkerson is the voice of experience. From corporate life to teaching high school to direct sales, she has 'been there and done that' professionally and personally. An 'overnight mom' to 2 toddlers through adoption, her priorities instantly changed and so did her workplace. She's now built several businesses and coached others to do the same while overcoming extreme debt, losing 110 lbs and having 2 more children, for a total of 4 children, ages infant through 12! As 'The Barefoot Executive', Carrie and her network of experts have quickly become the definite resource for helping women achieve extra income and career goals while working from home. the-barefoot-executive.com

Understanding Target Markets
By Laurie Ayers

Who is your target market? If your answer is “everyone” or “several” then you don’t have a target market. If you try to sell to “everyone” then you’re hurting yourself and diluting your efforts. There are no shortages of markets. If you pick a market to hone in on, then you can refine your marketing and networking efforts for that particular group.

Some potential markets could include:

Moms with young children
Pet owners
Empty nesters
Single men
Corporate gift givers
People with disabilities
Military folks
High income
Low income
College students
Night Schoolers
Apartment complexes
Senior Communities
Pregnant Moms
New Home Owners
Community organizations
So forth and so on

Can you see how a marketing campaign for a college student would vary from that of a mom with young children? Can you see where you’d hang out in different places to find teachers vs. single men?

Another benefit to finding a particular target market is you’ll be come known as “the person to call” within that circle. Referrals will be easier to get.

Think of a target market like archery (or deer hunting). You have a particular target (bulls eye or Bambi) that you’re trying to hit. If you have “several of these” then you’re going deer hunting but just spraying bullets willy nilly all over the forest and you’d be happy if you hit a squirrel, or bunny, or toad or possum, or deer or elephant. Heck, I’ll take anything.

Having a target market means setting your sights on a particular, specific market - one six point buck - and then taking all the necessary steps to bring home the bacon.

You’ll be much more successful if you actually plan to hit a target rather than spraying your Uzi in hopes you might nick something!

It’s often a natural fit to pick a group that you can easily identify with. If you’re a grandma your first choice may not necessarily be to target young moms.

Targeting merely narrows the focus - like focusing a camera lens so that you get a better photo. And it also does not preclude you from selling to others.

If you were to choose college students as your target market - you’d not waste your time going to business luncheons or chamber meetings. You wouldn’t advertise at a WAHM forum but rather you’d look to advertise in the college newspaper. You’d make fliers that talk about dorm safety (or college smells) or speak in a language that co-eds use.

If you were to pick college students then you may choose to sponsor some event involved with athletics or get your information into the new student orientations. You could offer opportunities to students looking to earn some extra money while staying in the dorm. You could promote Mother’s Day gifts and girl friend gifts to the male college students. There certainly is no shortage of colleges across the states and country.

That doesn’t mean you can’t participate in an occasional vendor event to open up another vein or do a party for a group of moms - but if you spend a majority of your time and efforts on a target market then you’re more likely to have better success and you’ll be working smarter, not harder.

Article Source: LadyPens: http://www.ladypens.com

About the Author
Laurie Ayers is a WAHM from Michigan. She started her first home business in 1988. As a single parent, Laurie has supported her family by working at home as an Independent Consultant and Star Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles. She enjoys helping others start a candle business. You can find Laurie at http://www.thrivingcandlebusiness.com and http://www.Scentsy.com/LA

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