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MLM Woman Issue 130
November 2007

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 130th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter.

Thanksgiving Day is approaching fast and I'd like to take a moment to give thanks to you, my loyal readers and subscribers and my talented writers! I appreciate your continued support and I'm very thankful that I have been blessed to serve you through my site and newsletter. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with those you love and cherish.

If you like this month's issue, please be sure to let your friends know about it too and invite them to come and visit us. Also, if you have comments, questions or something to share after reading this month's articles, please visit our MLMTalk Discussion Forum and join in the lively conversation!

And also be sure to check out our MLM Marketing Blog for lots of additional tips and resources which are added throughout the month.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman


10 Tips to Being a
Great Upline and Leader

By Jackie Ulmer

So, you’ve just sponsored your first person! How exciting! You are now an upline because you have a downline. And, you’ve just tapped into the secret of how to make the most money in your MLM business.

Here are 10 tips you can take to the bank on being an effective, awesome upline leader for your team.

1. Be an effective communicator. Communication is the key to every successful partnership. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone immediately and call your new team partner. Welcome he /she aboard and see if there are any questions you might answer. Being an effective communicator doesn’t mean you must know all of the answers. Know how to find answers and know where to refer your team to find answers. Communication is a two way street, so make sure your team know that your line is open for calls as well.

2. Provide Leadership. Great organizations are always built around a few key leaders. Leaders blaze a trail through their words and their actions. They deal with difficult situations and exercise integrity in their actions. Leaders go the extra mile; pick up the phone sometimes instead of email; and provide a sense of team unity and direction.

3. Continue to recruit. The time to slack off on personal business building happens when you are ready to retire, or you have enough personally enrolled team partners keeping you busy and involved with assisting them with their journey in leadership. It took me 13 years in the industry to reach the point of backing off slightly on my own recruiting efforts in order to provide coaching, training and leadership as needed to those on the team. You’ll know if and when the time is right. Until then, avoid falling into “management mode.” No one needs a manager in this business. Provide guidance, tools and then get back to work.

4. Work on Self Improvement Daily. Leaders are readers and one of the greatest gifts you can give as an upline leader is to share great books, tapes and conferences with your organization. Start your own “recommended reading list” and make sure each team member has access to it. Start a “Book of the Month” recommendation. This offers ideas and direction. Make sure it is a book you have read or are reading and share why this book has impacted you and why you are recommending it.

5. Attend all Company Events. When your company invests time and resources to bring the team together for an event, make sure you don’t miss it. This time is priceless for you to get to know the company, your team and the leaders who are shaping the company. Words can never convey how important it is to be there. You must experience it for yourself. When I attended my first company event, 13 years ago, I was told that for every 5 people I had there from my team, another 25 per person would be there the following year. We brought 8 people to that first event from our team. The next year, we had 130 there. Those numbers were pretty accurate. Success gives clues – attending company events is a big clue. Don’t miss one.

6. Inspire your team through your own goal setting and accomplishment. Set your goals and share them with your team. Specifically, share your business goals. You don’t have to share income goals, but give your team some insight into what it is you are working toward. This sets a vision for where you are headed and the team as a whole. While everyone is working toward their own individual goals, by putting yours out there, it provides a sense of direction and demonstrates your commitment. This creates a sense of security among the team. Show them that you see this as the awesome opportunity that it is by your actions.

7. Strive to create leaders among your team. Duplication is the key to ultimate success in MLM. You can create a nice paycheck through your own efforts, and you will create “obscene wealth” by duplicating those efforts with others. The first step in this is to identify and cultivate leadership in those who have similar goals. Get these aspiring leaders involved in leading the team. Conference calls, articles and recognition all go a long way toward creating that leadership vision in those desiring leadership. Sometimes, people can be hesitant, and hold back. Be bold and push them ever so slightly into stepping into their own greatness. This creates security and camaraderie in your business.

8. Develop tools and trainings to duplicate the process and watch your team growth soar. While we are lucky to have more and more training tools and “how to guides” emerging in our business, we still have plenty of room for great ideas and coaching. If you feel something is lacking in the training process, step up and put together what you view to be a valuable resource. Share it with your team and provide it for others to use, add to, improve upon, etc. This goes a long way in encouraging the duplication process.

9. Recognize the efforts of those on your team, both large and small. “It has been studied and noted that people will work harder for recognition than tangible items. We are starved for attention and recognition. Most people don’t get it at work, and many, not at home either. Look for successes and let the person know, and the rest of the team as well. Nothing brightens a face faster than seeing one’s name in print, for a job well done. Recognition is such a win-win. You make another feel great and you feel good in the process. Who can you give some recognition to today?

10. Express your gratitude. Again, another win-win is created with gratitude. Do you take time to let your team know how much you appreciate them? Appreciate their efforts? Appreciate their contributions? Gratitude creates ongoing success. Start today with gratitude about where you are in your life, your business and your journey. You may not be exactly where you want to be, but appreciate what you have today, and watch how that will expand tomorrow. Start a gratitude journal. Every night, list 10 things you are grateful for. There is no right or wrong in gratitude. On those days when nothing seems to go right, it may seem tough to find ten things to be grateful for. It may be the fact that the sun did rise and you are still above ground. That is certainly something to be grateful for. As you practice this exercise regularly, your gratitude muscle will grow. Be grateful for that!

Where are you on your journey to greatness as an upline? It doesn’t matter if you have 0, 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 on your team right now. Practice these 10 tips and you’ll hit whatever mark you have set for yourself. Based on past evidence collected, a good way to start getting what you want is to develop the habit of seeing yourself as already there. Let the greatness in you shine!

About the Author
Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Home Based Business Owner, has coached and trained thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. One of her primary goals is to help others succeed. She can be reached through her web site at: http://www.streetsmartwealth.com/

Kirby Vacuums and
Network Marketing
By Kelly Wissink

I am the proud owner of a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner.

This was not my intention, yet, I have to say I was impressed.

It was 7:00pm on a Saturday evening when a strange van pulled into our driveway and actually interrupted our marshmallow roast over a campfire. It was dark and I know that my dazed, "who are you?" look with a stick in my hand and a glowing marshmallow at the end, looked quite silly.

I have to say, the demonstration was impressive. My kids were inspired. My husband said, "BUY IT!". Now that was a huge surprise.

The vacuum cleaner itself is an amazing tool. What left the larger impression was the dedication, commitment and confidence that these two young people displayed from the time they stepped out of the van, until they walked out our front door, waving good bye.

What was it that had me asking them questions,wanting to learn and then trading phone numbers as they were leaving?

What can we learn from Kirby Vacuum Cleaner sales people to get us in the door, to build that trust, and to make the sale?

I believe it comes down to these 3 things -

1. They gave something away. When they first stepped out of the van, they had a large container of laundry soap. Why soap? I didn't ask that question.

2. They knew their product and believed in it. They were passionate about their product.

3. They worked when no one else was working - they were committed to success.

So what about you? How does this translate into your Network Marketing business? What do you give away? It may be a free sample of your product, training CD's or a part of yourself. Hmm, a part of yourself. YUP!

We were not convinced that this Kirby vacuum cleaner was worth the money so we asked them to clean yet another spot after they had all ready proven themselves. They did it with a smile. Smile! They jumped out of the van with a smile. They answered our myriad of questions with a smile and they left with a smile.

Network Marketing isn't about ME! It is about my customers and my old and new team members. The more I give away, the more I receive in return in terms of loyalty, fellowship, and finances.

Give away more than you think you deserve!

Do you know your product? Not just what it is made of or the benefits. Do you have a story to tell about why you chose it and how it has affected your life and the life of your family? Share the juicy details about your life before and then after using your product and you will get results. When a new product comes out, buy it, use it and ask others for their opinion.

Being passionate about your product will make sales. When you believe in something and share that with others, they too will catch the passion and will see it through your eyes.

Finally, as I am writing these thoughts in the wee hours of the morning I realized that my business thrived when I became a teacher and a student of my industry. I had the opportunity to spend a fun filled day with my three children and then CHOOSE to work when they are asleep. Network Marketing offers the time freedom and flexibility that no "job" can offer. It is also one of the most challenging businesses out there today.

It takes discipline and focus to replace your "boss" in the workplace. Working smart and not longer hours, is what is important.

When the Kirby sales people showed up at 7:00 on a Saturday evening, they guessed that we would be home. They were right.

They worked smarter. That is the key to making your business fun filled and successful.

About The Author
Kelly Wissink is a published author, trainer and coach for not only her company but also
her thriving team. As a home schooling mom of 3 and professional network marketer, she is designing a life for their family which includes bringing home her husband so they can travel the United States and experience history first hand. Get to know her at http://www.MiaBellaHomeBusiness.com

Listen to your Wisdom
By Lisa Martin, The Working Mother’s Coach

Being a good listener starts with paying attention to yourself—your own inner dialogue. We all talk to ourselves, but how many of us really listen? Sometimes the inner dialogue doesn’t even shape itself into words. It’s a song that’s been running through your head for a couple of days, or that twinge of intuition that you’ve been pushing to the back of your mind. Listening to yourself is about connecting with your inner wisdom, your deepest desires and dreams, and understanding what is truly in your heart. It’s listening to that little voice that wants to guide you to your best life.

Intuition is your Inner Compass
As women, we understand the power of our intuition and how valuable it can be in steering our lives in the right direction. “Women’s intuition” we say by way of self-congratulation when things go our way. By better understanding what intuition is and how it works, we can proactively access and leverage our wise self to chart the best course for our lives. Intuition may appear to be random thoughts or the beginning of a subtle knowing. These rambling thoughts may or may not be well-formed arguments for or against something in your life, but you need to pay them attention nevertheless.

Often, intuition begins not as a loud scream but rather an inkling that something is not right or, conversely, that something feels good. When we listen to these messages and follow through with our “gut” feeling things work in our favor. On the other hand, if time isn’t taken to listen to your inner dialogue, to be with yourself, you may find the ability to connect with your intuition compromised. And, chances are, you may make decisions that are not in your best interest.

Create Space for your Thoughts
Silence and patience are prerequisites for accessing your intuition. You may remember the insightful words of Simon and Garfunkel’s song from the 1960s The Sound of Silence.

“Hello darkness my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again.
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seed while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.”

Sometimes it is difficult to bring that suppressed inner dialogue to the forefront of your awareness. You need to make space in your life to listen to yourself. Stopping the busyness of your life, even for a few minutes, to be with the silence surrounding you will promote a still and quiet mind. When in this state, true reflection can take place.

To hear the inner workings of your soul, you must also practice patience. Give yourself permission to take the time to capture your true longings. This may mean letting go of your need for instant answers to mirror the speedy pace of your life. Sometimes it’s enough just to have formed the question and let your inner dialogue and intuition work on the answer in the background of your mind.

© Copyright 2007. Briefcase Moms®. All rights reserved.

About the Author
Lisa Martin is a certified coach who inspires working mothers to achieve success that’s balanced. Author of Briefcase Moms: 10 Proven Practices to Balance Working Mothers’ Lives, Lisa is a sought-after expert and speaker on work-life balance issues. Known for her very personal and practical approach, Lisa coaches working mothers to know what they want and get what they want. A mother herself, Lisa’s powerful presentations and programs have helped thousands of women define success and balance on their own terms. www.briefcasemoms.com

Building Your Business
Around a Full-Time Job

By Shira Colish

Many people may get turned off from a home business because they work a full-time job. They don't think they'll have any time to work a business. Or, once they start a home business, they quit - relying on the same excuse. But wait a minute. Don't they want a home business so they can eventually QUIT their full-time job? How can they ever quit their job if they don't build a business? It's just a big circle of procrastination. As Nike says, Just Do It!

I can relate to this scenario. When I started my network marketing business, I was, and still am, working a full-time job. However, I've been successful. I started by sponsoring my first team member, and now I have a downline of over 100 entrepreneurs. To me, this is an accomplishment, as I have only been able to build my business around my job. But how, you ask? Here are a few ways I have been able to still work my business daily, while maintaining an 8-5.

First, I take action during my lunch break. I have a certain amount of time each day to leave my job and interact with the public. So, what can I do? Pick a different place every day to grab a bite to eat, and give the waitress, or cashier, or drive-thru worker, a business card. If I need to stop by the bank, the teller will get a business card as well. Anyone I can come in contact with during that 30-minute block of time is a prospect.

This was a difficult task for me initially, simply because I wasn't comfortable doing it. I cared too much about what the other person thought, if they'd look at me like I was weird. But, fast forward to now, I have taken the advice of one of the owners of my company, and his slogan is "Some Will, Some Won't, So What? Next!" If the person I give my card to checks out my website, or calls me, great! If not, what have I lost? And it's that easy.

Second, when I come home in the evening, after I make sure my daughter is fed and situated with a book, a movie, coloring, etc., I can get on the phone. I can use this time to call leads and follow up. Many of the people I'm calling probably also work during the day, so the evening is a good time to reconnect with people I've already spoken with, or initiate new relationships. Picking up the phone and making these calls can be very productive in building your business, so this task should be done daily as well.

Finally, I make sure to keep in contact with my prospects by email at least on a weekly basis. I can send out emails in the morning, before going to work, or in the evening when I get home. I like to send an email to announce an upcoming conference call, new product, or training series. This simple task that can be done anytime has been extremely useful for me in sponsoring new members.

The way I see it, if you work a full-time job and want to retire early, you MUST commit to daily action steps to build your business. Consistence and persistence will bring you the income you desire. Most importantly, throw those excuses out the window, and just get started.

There are 24 hours in a day. I know you can squeeze in at least one or two if you're really serious about your dreams. If you never start running, how will you reach the finish line?

About the Author
Shira Colish has been involved in network marketing for almost 3 years. She is currently building a successful candle business and coaching a growing team. To learn more about Shira, visit http://www.AScentsibleCandle.com

Becoming A Master Networker & Communicator
Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

Building your Network Marketing business without building relationships whether it be on the Internet, off the Internet, or both are like building a house without a FOUNDATION!

As soon as the first big storm hits it all washes away and you have to rebuild it again. This could be quite costly in the long run. After all that hard work and it’s all taken away within the blink of an eye.

I started building a business from home online in 1996 and had just moved to a community 4 months previous to joining an MLM company and had moved from another state about 1300 miles away. So consequently I had no warm market at that time. I had just bought a computer and was very green to the internet.

I have always had an extreme interest in Network Marketing because of past experiences and realized that it would be a perfect career to develop. The main reason is because I do not like working for anyone else and now that I've developed a long term successful career that dream of freedom has come true. If I can do this anyone can. It takes determination, focus and willingness to get it done!

As far as online marketing goes though I never really put the two together. In the beginning of developing a home business I approached people that I was beginning to meet out in our community which are considered warm market. Many of them turned into HOT market because of the relationships and friendships made over time.

Most of the people I’m partnered with however have come from networking and communicating with people I meet online.

It’s taken a bit longer to build this way because the Internet is considered a "cold" market.

Warming people up by communicating and building relationships via the Internet is possible! It’s a bit like gardening which takes lots of patience, cultivating the soil, watering, pruning, weeding and then a harvest comes.

Giving up is not an option. There’s no harvest for those who give up and quit.

Anyone who chooses to make the commitment and put forth the effort can make anything work if they have a supportive team and a system that others can easily duplicate.

Duplicate and Support! It can be more difficult to succeed with online marketing without a system that others can duplicate easily. Having the support of an experienced team all working together for the good of all is an extra benefit.

It's not very effective when someone uses automation, such as constantly sending out autoresponders and never actually communicating with people on a personal level. When there's no real personal communication or relationship being built there's no solid foundation to keep the relationship or the business going and people are then constantly starting over.

We do use autoresponders but only as a way of following up with a list of people until they actually raise their hand and that’s when the PERSONAL touch comes in. That’s when it’s time to turn high tech into high touch!

It takes diligent efforts, focus on one thing and being consistent with daily activities that are geared towards prospecting. Having a good follow up system is crucial and that’s why we use an autoresponder system. Knowing when to take it to the next personal level is important.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the autoresponder is going to do ALL the work for you. People are looking for the personal touch. If you do not provide that to them they will find someone who will.

Over ten years ago all we had was email! We didn't have all the online systems, email programs like Group Mail that send out hundreds of personal emails at a time to prospects, autoresponder systems like Aweber, and all the fabulous automation and conference

call technology and audio recordings that we have now. We had EMAIL and the PHONE to build relationships one person at a time!

I still keep the business on a personal level and do not plan to lose sight of that! In fact, people send compliments all the time about how much they appreciate the personalization! So it's very effective!

I've built a solid reputation and a long term business on that personal communicating touch!

When someone responds to an email or an ad they receive a personal follow up email and a phone call to introduce and get to know one another to see if there’s a match!

We use a landing page system for people to visit for more information. They fill out a contact form with details about themselves and what they are interested in. This form automatically comes back to us by email and this tells us that this person is interested in hearing from us.

After they fill out the contact form they are immediately sent to our replicated website for more details on our company, products and our compensation plan. They are also put into what we call our drip system which is an autoresponder system that sends them information every few days reminding them that they expressed an interest in our business. Each message has a link back to our company replicated website and to our personal website if we have one.

A company replicated website is from our company and let’s the company share their story, products and compensation plan. It brands the company. A personal website brands YOU! Let the company website tell their story. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel and duplicate another company website.

If you want a personal website build one that brands YOU. Share your story and why you started a home business and then link back to the company website. People want to hear about you because they are looking for a partner! Someone they can relate to. Remember everyone has a story no matter how long they have been in business.

Always put your photo on your personal website. This is very important. If you join online communities put your photo there as well. If you don’t have a photo have a professional one done.

Brand yourself as a professional, an entrepreneur, a Network Marketer and a leader.

When someone expresses an interest for further information get back with them by phone as soon as possible to determine further if they are a good match for the team. If it’s not possible to get back with them right away then ask your upline partner to call them on your behalf.

By the time we speak with someone by phone they are warmed up and actually waiting to hear from us. This is an important time to find out more about their interest and to answer questions as well as determine if they are ready to get started. Sometimes we may determine that a 3/way call with our upline partner would fit the particular situation.

Do not be afraid to ask your upline partner for assistance. If they are not available go upline until you find help. I learned a long time ago that the squeaky wheel gets oiled first!

We’re really fortunate with our company because it’s still small enough for us to get one of the owners on a call with our prospects.

It's always about serving others first!

It's best to keep a non-pressure low key atmosphere that helps people feel comfortable. After all you are calling on THEIR behalf. We are here as servants to guide and advise people not to pressure them into something that may not be right for them or the timing may not be right.

It’s our job to find out if what we are doing is a good fit for them and to determine if they are someone we’d like to partner with. Remember they have asked to be called! They are requesting information and it’s our job to follow up with them! If we do not follow up someone ELSE will!

Will this be RIGHT for them or the right timing? That's why we ask those specific questions. Not only that, but are they right for us? More questions will determine this.

After some practice, it doesn't take long to find things out. Everyone starts to pick up on the little clues to determine what direction to point a person in. Remember it's ALWAYS about them! We are just the messengers!

Something I've also done, which is very important, is to develop a presence online by becoming a promoter of the Network Marketing industry and by becoming a servant and an encourager by giving back to the industry in general by becoming a master networker and communicator.

Some ways of becoming a master networker and communicator are activities such as getting involved in MLM forum boards, writing articles, and publishing an industry newsletter. These activities are to genuinely promote the industry with the utmost of respect and integrity focusing on service to others and developing into an expert. Remember eleven years ago about the only thing I was an expert in was being a mom. This has all been done by developing an actual career and in the process a profitable business has been created.

It's the PEOPLE you develop that count! So become a master networker and communicator!

Is it possible to build a network online? YES it is.... with a proven system that others can duplicate, a strong commitment to succeed, a reputable company of the highest integrity with quality products and or services of value that benefit people, a strong support team, a willingness to build true lasting relationships, follow up like a professional and focusing on service to others.

About The Author
Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, top income earner with her company, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages millionaire mind thinking and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com

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