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MLM Woman Issue 128
September 2007

From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 128th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter! If you enjoy this month's issue, please be sure to let your friends know about it too and invite them to come and visit us.

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Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman

Networking with MySpace
By Audrey Okaneko

If you are not using MySpace as a means of networking, you are missing a huge opportunity.

I remember the first time I heard about MySpace, it was from my kids, both teens at the time. Both of them had pages and were meeting new people regularly.

I then began meeting adults who were using MySpace. They were using MySpace to keep in touch with their kids at college. They were using MySpace to promote their books and they were using MySpace to network.

Through a message board post, I received a free ebook on networking with MySpace.

I decided to create my own MySpace page. What I learned was that I could meet thousands of people who were open to meeting someone new.

MySpace offers many different ways to meet others:

Browse - You can browse through the MySpace membership directory and search for folks in a specific zip code, search for those that are either male or female or even search for those in a specific age range. Once you find the people you are searching for, you can then send them a personal email message or you can friend request them. I usually do both. I want to introduce myself and say hi to those I friend request.

Search – You can search for very specific terms. For example, I love scrapbooking, so I searched profiles for others who also love scrapbooking. I found several friends this way. I sent a personal note introducing myself and talking about our common interest in scrapbooking.

Profiles – I have seen so many beautiful, wonderful, unique, pretty, funny profiles on MySpace. About 75% of the time, I can find something in common with the person whose page I’ve landed on. I email them about that common ground and then friend request them.

Groups – MySpace offers hundreds of thousands of groups. Groups are communities of folks that share something in common. I belong to a few groups, some on parenting, some on scrapbooking and some on the laws of attraction. You can find just about everything imaginable through MySpace groups. I have met many people through these groups.

Blogs – MySpace allows every member to create blogs. You can create as many blogs as you want. You can then search blogs. Again, search for those terms that interest you. If you like vintage cars, then type “vintage cars” in the search box. Communicate with those who have a common interest with you.

These are 5 ways you can network with others on MySpace. For those who wish to network with me, you can friend request me at myspace.com/audreys_kitchen

Have fun on MySpace. Make some friends. Through networking, you’ll find that your sales will indeed increase.

About the Author
Audrey Okaneko has been working at home since 1983. She can be reached at audreyoka@cox.net or visited at http://www.recipe-barn.com

Up Your Acknowledgment
to Grow Your Downline
By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

In one of my trainings, there was a woman Sherry, who was frustrated. She said she was doing a decent job of managing her business and her life. Her problem she stated was her husband and her teenage son. She continued, "They don't listen to me, they do not seem to notice all that I do for them, and they never help out.

In business or at home, it is easy to point the finger at other people and say that they are our problem. However that is a dead end place to look. We cannot control other people and we will waste a lot of energy and give ourselves some grief when we try.

If Sherry wanted things to be different at home she had to find a way within her control to create change. Knowing that demanding rarely works, and begging is too demeaning to use on a regular basis, I suggested Sherry try acknowledging her husband and her son. That every day she find one thing to acknowledge about her husband and one thing to acknowledge about her teenage son. She thought the idea was ridiculous.

I pointed out that usually she is focused on what is missing "You never help with dinner", "you forgot to take out the trash", "Who's socks are these on the floor?" Desperate for more harmony at home, she decided to try the experiment.

Every day she looked for one thing to acknowledge these individuals for. At first she said it was hard. Soon it became easier, and soon after that she noticed more interest in helping from her teenage son, more closeness and connection from her spouse.

After the first week Sherry committed to continue this daily practice indefinitely. A few weeks later at dinner her family was laughing and conversing, Sherry was overcome with emotion, her family were enjoying each other and being together in a way they had not before.

By forcing herself to focus on what is going well and acknowledging her spouse and son, Sherry began to increase her awareness of all the large and small things that were good in her household. She stopped having any interest in nagging and herself started to communicate with more compassion.

Appreciating the acknowledgment and noticing the shift to a more compassionate place, Sherry's spouse and son wanted to be closer to her and give her more support.

Don't confuse a compliment with an acknowledgment. Compliments are usually about someone's looks or what they are wearing; "nice tie", "that blue shirt brings out your eyes", or "that is a beautiful dress," are all compliments. An acknowledgment focuses on someone's behavior or character. "Thank you for getting me that report on time." "I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me," or "It means a lot to me when you, help me clean up." These are all acknowledgment.

When acknowledging people be specific, do simply tell people they did a good job or they are a valuable member of the team. Tell them why. A few examples of acknowledgments in a professional setting are: "You always so effective leading the meetings," "I really value your opinion," "great job on that project, you really used a lot of creative problem solving."

Every woman with a business needs support from her family. If you are not getting all the support you need at home start by acknowledging what is working, then start to do the same with everyone on your team and pretty soon you will see that you are more supported at home, your recruits are more active and your team is growing and growing.

About The Author
Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, shows women in direct selling how to book, sell, recruit and lead with ease. She is the creator of the Business Breakthrough Coaching Program to accelerate your business growth. Visit http://www.directsalescoaching.com to sign up for Caterina's free monthly business building tele-classes, read more articles, listen to podcasts and find out about her coaching programs. Caterina can be reached at by email at cat@directsalescoaching.com or by phone at 415 668-4535.

Where Will You Be
In 5 Years?

By Bonnie Ramsey

Whether you are an employee in a manufacturing plant or the CEO of the company, your job may be eliminated at any point with little to no notice. You may even have 20 to 30 years on the job and still find yourself in an unemployment line, benefits running out and having difficulty finding a job due to lack of experience and training in other areas, age related health problems and many other factors that will decide your future employment.

So what can you do to protect yourself from this situation to insure that you will have an income that will be steady and not dependent on the call of the "upper hand" of management and ownership? The only way to be sure that you will have continuous income is to create a business network of your own that you know will continue to grow and prosper. The most profitable way to accomplish this is in network marketing, also known as MLM. Now, you are saying, "You have got to be kidding! I could never do that!" Well, I am here to tell you that you CAN! It is no different than telling all your friends about a great product you just bought at the local discount store that you loved or telling them about a new club you just joined! All you have to do is be sure to do your homework and make the decision to become independent. In order to make a good decision on the business you choose to market, simply read and ask questions!

First, you will need to do some research on companies that offer products that are consumable (to be sure that the demand will be steady). Then research the products to be sure that they are of good quality, affordable, unique and in very high demand. This product should also be something that you would use yourself. After all, how can you honestly say that you believe in the products if you don't use them yourself? If you find these products favorable, research the compensation structure of the company to be sure that you will be able to meet the qualifications for your commissions. For example, some companies may tell you that you will receive a certain percentage of commissions for purchases made by your team members. However, in the fine print, you will find that in order to qualify for these commissions, you have to meet a certain sales quota per month for your own personal sales as well as certain quotas for the group sales. While this is quite acceptable for gaining certain bonus levels, it should not be a qualification of receiving your commissions altogether. You should be able to see profits from personal sales as well as your commissions from your team without meeting a particular buying quota for the work you have put forth to recruit and train. Be sure that the requirements are reasonable before you join.

Next, consider the start-up cost! Some companies offer you a sales kit for so many hundreds or even thousands of dollars and in it you receive nothing more than printed information that you could find through other resources for free. Be sure that the package you are paying for has a retail value so that you can get a return on your investment quickly by selling the products you receive. I will give you an example of this. I have joined many MLM companies over the past 25 years so I have been burned before by this. I actually paid 2 different companies $500 each for a start-up kit. In both cases, all I received was a small box of printed materials telling you how to market to your family and friends, a few catalogs, some"tips" on starting your business and so on. This was all information that is easily accessible in many places for free. Nothing in these packets was marketable to my customers so I basically paid for a box of free materials.

Also, if the company requires a monthly auto-ship to qualify as an active dealer, consider this cost. Is it affordable to most? (This will determine your success in recruiting.) Many companies require hundreds of dollars in auto-ship per month. If it is not affordable to most people then you are limiting your prospect field. Also, consider what you receive in your auto-ship. Can you sell these items and make an immediate profit? If so, then the auto-ship becomes a short term investment as opposed to a monthly bill that you have to allow for. If you can not profit from this auto-ship, you are more likely to drop the business during slow times.

If all these factors are favorable and you want to join that company you should think about how you will come up with the initial start-up cost if you don't already have it. Just because you don't have the funds readily available doesn't mean that you can't afford to join. There could be several ways that you could be able to produce the funds needed. I can give you an example of this that was given at a business meeting that I attended recently.

A man wanted to join our business, yet he did not have $50 at the time to begin the auto-ship. He was really fired up and ready to get started so he had to ask himself what he could do to get the funds he needed for the first shipment. He asked himself what he could give up for 30 days that would equal the fee for the shipment. He then sat an empty soda bottle on the table and said he had figured he could give up 2 of those a day for 1 month in order to start his business. Today, that man is on his way to building an excellent business just because he was willing to make a sacrifice in order to change his future. This was only necessary for the initial shipment due to the fact that the products received were profitable and when sold, could pay for the next auto-ship. This is why it is so important to be sure that any auto-shipment you agree to is resellable for a profit. This, in return, pays for itself to eliminate the worry of a "monthly bill".

Now that you have come this far, consider the different ways to make money with this company. Is it strictly retail profit or are there several different avenues of making money? For example, can you do fundraisers, home parties, office parties, flea markets, internet sales, open your own store or other avenues of selling this product? Can you make enough profits to earn a good income without recruiting if you didn't want to build the team? Be sure that the company will afford you a good profit income in whatever avenue you decide to take. If you are strictly into the sales without recruiting and building, you need to be sure that the profit from retail will be sufficient without the team income. If you choose to do fundraising, will you be able to earn enough in that area without the other profit avenues?

The next thing you should consider is how much time you have to build your business. If you work another job at present, will you be able to build this business working it part-time? If it is not something you can do on a part-time basis, will you be financially able to quit your present job in order to get it started? If not, be sure that it is something that you can build in your time off until you can get it going enough to go full time with it. If you have a family and will be working extra hours, you should consider whether or not it is something that you can involve your family in so that you aren't abandoning them for work. Is this a business that could be family friendly? Can you get your children involved in building your business and selling your products? If so, they can be a great asset to you as you spend more and more time in the initial start-up phase of your business. This is a definite PLUS because your business can be fun and profitable while spending time with family as well.

You should also ask if the business is willable. It would be awful to spend several years building a business that is excellent income just to have it revert to the company if something happened to you. It is very important to protect your family's interest as well as your own by making sure that they can carry on the business without you!

Another very important factor to consider is your company support. Will your sponsor personally train you in getting your business started? Will the company offer free materials and documents to help you build a successful business? You don't want a business that will sign you up and throw you to the wolves! Be sure to talk to other members and ask questions about the company support as well as some assurance from your sponsor that they will teach you what you need to know to be successful. If you ask your sponsor a question that they can not answer, see how they respond. If they tell you that they don't know the answer but will get back with you on it, see if they carry through. If they get back with you soon and have found the answer, then you can be assured that they are willing to go the extra mile to help. Also, ask about training calls, meetings in your area, company meetings and anything else that is offered for training. Be sure to ask if it is mandatory to attend company meetings in order to qualify for commissions. Some companies add this in the fine print and then charge a fortune to attend the meetings that are a must in order for you to get paid. So ask about this as well as any motivational books and tapes you may be required to purchase each month. I have been faced with this problem as well in the past.

You should also check into the company itself to be sure it isn't a fly-by-night gimmick. Read any press releases, newspaper articles or any other info that you can get on the company to be sure they are what they say they are and that they are here to stay. Never assume that just because a company has been around for a while that they must be holding up to their promises. You would be surprised how long a company can do business and not always carry through on their promises. Make sure that the people who run or own the company had experience in network marketing before starting their company. This affects how the compensation plan is developed as it is more likely to be a good business plan if the person had to start from the ground and build up. It is easy for someone who has never had to start from scratch to tell you that you can invest this and that and that you can build a million dollar business overnight with investing a lot of money in your business because the funds were readily available to them. Be sure that they have been where you are and that they can give you sound advice on how to get started on a reasonable budget.

If you have completed these steps and the company is favorable, you should be reasonably safe in joining the company and beginning a new business that will change your life for the better and put you on the road to financial freedom! And when you hit the rough spots and consider giving up just remember that there is NO job security as long as you work for someone else! If you can commit 20 years of your life to a job with no security at all that it will remain, you should be willing to commit fully to your own business that you can be assured will be steady in growth and profit!

© 2007 Bonnie Ramsey

About the Author
About the author: Bonnie is a recruiter, trainer and coach in her own business. Bonnie was selected to be in the 2007 Biltmore Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals. She is a writer of poetry, short stories, articles and a monthly newsletter called Business Scents. You can subscribe to her newsletter at http://www.businessscents.biz/Subscribe.html

What MLM really means.

By Nancy Sustersic

We acted like we were teenagers.
We were silly, and what fun it was!
We jumped ropes in the drive. Not unusual except that some of us were in our late 40's.
We ran with sparklers into neighbors homes, to celebrate signing someone up in our business, not really caring who thought we were nuts.
We wanted everyone to know how life was good!

If you've never done these things I encourage you to let your inner child out today!
It's exhilarating!!!

It's amazing how you end up with family all over the world when you get involved in our industry, so let me just share with you this Flink Plamingo Group. We got that name as it's really hard to say Pink Flamingo when you're laughing so hard that your sides hurt. I'll never forget pulling up to do a party at a gal's house that I'd never met before, and there is this lady in a robe taping pink flamingos to the concrete steps. More unbelievable than that…was she had her Mom's nurse in on it too, taping these little pink bodies to the glass door. I kept wondering…"what is in this water down here in KY.???" What I ended up with is a family that knows how to laugh and love together.

Our motley crew mainly consisted of…Alice, Joanie, Connie, Jeania and myself. There are so many others too, but I believe I will have to write a book just to give proper credit to all, and thank them, for this warm spot they put in my heart.

Together they built not only a network of healthier friends, but friendship bonds that would be held together better than any super glue out there.

On one occasion we actually kidnapped someone from Debbie's Wine & Wellness parties, in Nicholasville, Ky., and drove her to the next party in St. Clairsville, Oh. We called her Baby Jeania, and her life would change that weekend, as did ours because of the caring and sharing going on. Later Jeania said she couldn't believe she actually went, but just knew she had to be part of whatever we had going on.

Each of us had dreams of what MLM would do for us.

Alice started out as the ring leader. She wanted to have fun and stay healthy.

Joanie is the kindest wife, mother, daughter, teacher I've ever met. She just wanted to stay home and care for her Momma. (We lovingly call her Mom, GLAD-AS. Talk about touched by an Angel)

Connie wanted to retire from her exhausting job, get her hubby Robert out of the coal mines and live in warmth of the sun and have time for her crafts.

Jeania wanted to be well again, and build family unity.

We were all having fun and building our business. We never missed anything, and it paid off. We were seeing the fruits of our efforts.

During our trainings we taught people to see the goal… and work backwards. We'd do events and call them all kinds of things. Wellness Wednesday, Kiss Your Boss Goodbye Day, etc. We'd all get together and celebrate EVERYTHING. It was like a continuous PJ Party. Everyone had a bedroom set aside for Nancy & Joe, my husband.

One night Joe and I sat with Connie and Robert as we put the plan together for our futures. It sounded like this….

QUIT those JOBS and move to Hilton Head, SC.
Walk on the beach and throw starfish back in the water.
Sit on the plantation porch and have sweet tea.

Knowing that Connie's plans for Robert was to retire; I mailed him "Congratulations on Your Retirement Day" card. They had it on the fridge for everyone to see.

For years Robert had worked in the mines and seen tragedies many times. Just the picture that I painted in my mind of how cold it must be in the mines and to be stooped over working all day long was so troublesome to me. I don't ever remember Robert complaining either. What I do remember is coffee every morning brewing before I could get to the kitchen. Laughter as we made the days plans and that card on the refrigerator! I had dated it for 1 year from the day I mailed it. One of my favorite trainers, Jim Rohn, said to always put a date on your goals, so I did.

Then one day Robert was crushed in the mines and life stood still. To this day I can't remember the severity of it all; I just remember that our friend was in God's hands and we stood helpless waiting.

The sweetness of the outcome for Robert and Connie, and all of us will live in my heart forever. Robert grew strong and with the loving care Connie gave to him, he was able to fully recover. Then the best thing ever happened. They got fed up!!!! No more living daily without living a free life! It was one year to the day that Connie and Robert put their house on the market and it sold in one hour later. Now there's a sign!

They packed up the U Haul and moved INTO their DREAM. They now live in beautiful Hilton Head and have a new lease on life.

Of course this gives us a really cool place to go and plan our NEW Goals and Dreams too!!!!

I must say thank you to all of our friends for the memories! Past, Present & Future… Life is GOOD!

About the Author
Nancy Sustersic is the mother of 4 children, 9 grandchildren. From Ohio/ Living on Marco Island, Florida now. Member of Kiwanis, Women's Network of Collier Co, YMCA fundraising. MLM 10 years, 3 yrs. Dist. Oxyfresh WW. nancy@UareWorthit.com Coach, & " SGR, Laws of Attraction"organizer. On-Bob Proctor's MLM Cruise 07' UareWorthit.com

How Much Do You Procrastinate?
By Michael Angier

We all do it--at least some of the time. We put off doing things we need or want to get done.

Heck, I even wanted to put off writing this article.

As I write this, the sun's shining and the wind is a perfect 10-12 knots out of the south. My boat is tied up in her slip while I sit here banging on my keyboard. I also have a long list of other things to do.

How much do YOU procrastinate? Do you think you do it a lot or a little?

Here are 7 ideas that will help you to get more of the right things done.

1. First off, RECOGNIZE when you're procrastinating. All too often, we don't even realize we're doing it. It's tempting to work on things that are more enjoyable. We can be busy, but we may be busy at things that are not the best use of our time. Hey, if you're going to procrastinate, at least enjoy it. CHOOSE to put something off and GOOF off.

2. Commit to doing the unpleasant or difficult task for a short period of time. I will sometimes tell myself that I will work on X for 30 minutes. Once I'm started I have momentum and it's not uncommon to find myself several hours into a project that I had only committed to working on for half an hour.

3. Make sure you really HAVE or WANT to do it. Our To-Do lists get longer all the time. Make sure you aren't just putting wishes on it. Does the item really HAVE to get done? Do you really want or need to get it done; or would it just be NICE to get it done? If not, dump it.

3. Delegate it. Are you sure YOU have to do this thing? We can often find someone else to do what we have been putting off. And they can often do it for less and will enjoy doing what we don't enjoy.

4. Schedule a 'Get 'er Done Day' (or afternoon). Get a buddy to make a list of things they've put off and you make your own list. Call each other at the beginning of the agreed-upon time, share your lists and then go to work. Have a little celebration at the end of the time period--and maybe schedule another one.

5. Don't confuse the complicated with the difficult. Sometimes we put off doing something because we don't know how or think we need more information. This can be the case, for sure. But many times we delude ourselves by thinking we need to know something when in actuality we are putting off doing the difficult. This could be a hard decision or an action that will likely be unpopular. If this is the case, acknowledge that you are indeed procrastinating (see item #1).

6. Schedule it. Instead of having a task or project on your To-Do List, put it in your schedule as an appointment. And keep your appointment. You can still choose to put it off, but at least you will be doing it consciously (And you can "snooze" it).

7. Make commitments--especially public ones. It's a lot harder to wiggle out of something when we've told someone we would do it. Your chances of overcoming procrastination are much better when you've stated what you will do. Part of the reason why I wrote this article is that I have a commitment to provide useful, challenging, inspiring and practical information to help you and your business grow.

About The Author
Michael E. Angier, is an internationally published author and president of SuccessNet. They've been helping great people and great companies become even better for over 11 years. Discover how to achieve your personal & professional best. Subscribe to SuccessNet, Get Your Free-Guest-Pass and download "10 Essential Keys to Personal Effectiveness"--all at no-cost! http://SuccessNet.org

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