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MLM Woman Issue 126
July 2007

From the Desk of the Editor

Happy Summer and welcome to the 126th edition of the MLM Woman Newsletter! If you enjoy this month's issue, please be sure to let your friends know about it too and invite them to come and visit us.

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Yours in Success!

Linda Locke, Editor MLMWoman

10 Phone Marketing
Mistakes to Avoid

By Charlie Cook

"I hate making marketing calls. I don't know what to say and how to say it. I've need to find new customers and in the past 4 weeks I've brought in zero new customers."

Do you ever feel this way?

Are you tired of being turned down?

Are you frustrated by your limited success selling on the phone?

Making any of the mistakes below takes the fun out of your job and can kill your sales.

1. Using Push Versus Pull Marketing
Most of us don't like pushy people who talk about themselves all the time. Think about your marketing. Are you constantly pushing information out about yourself, your products and services? This may be pushing prospects away when what you want to do is pull them in.

Focus your marketing on prospects' concerns and offer them something they want. You'll help them, convert them to clients and increase your revenue.

2. Not Generating Enough Qualified Leads
Marketing is about starting conversations with prospects so you can learn what they need and help them understand the solution you provide. To bring in more business, help more people understand what you do and prompt prospects to contact you.

Does your marketing help you generate enough leads and start a conversation with prospects?

With the right marketing message, advertising copy and online and offline strategy you can generate a steady stream of qualified leads.

3. Responding To Inquiries with an Email or a Letter
Nine times out of ten, when you send a prospect a written response to a query, it won't result in a sale. Pick up the phone and you can use their questions to start a conversation. With just a couple of additional questions you can learn what their objectives are and then you can sell them the solution.

4. Quoting Price Too Soon
When prospects call, one of the first questions they ask is about pricing. Tell them right away and you risk ending the conversation and losing the sale. Dollar figures by themselves are meaningless.

When a prospect asks what you charge, don't tell them until you've had a chance to learn what they want. Then put the price in the context of the value and quality solutions you provide.

5. Wasting Time With People Who Aren't Buyers
No matter how good your system is for qualifying leads, you'll end up on the phone with people who can't afford your services or won't benefit from your products. Conversations like these can take up way too much of your time.

Use your qualifying questions and their responses to determine within the first 3 minutes of a conversation whether or not the person you're talking with is a promising prospect. If not, thank them for their inquiry and move on to your next call.

6. Doing Too Much Talking
You know your services and products inside out; you could talk for hours, if not days, about your processes, product features or benefits. Don't. You'll lose your prospects attention, especially if you're marketing over the phone.

Whenever you call a prospect or they call you, use the call to learn what they want and need. Ask question. Let them do the talking so that you get the information you need.

7. Not Clarifying Value From the Client's Perspective
You have a crystal clear idea of the benefits of your products and services; you want prospects to understand these benefits from their point of view.

To help prospects understand the value you provide, get them to define what they are looking for and what it's worth to them.

8. Not Getting To "Yes"
Your primary objective is to get the prospect to say, "yes" when you ask them whether they want to place their order or sign up for your services. Set up a pattern of "yes" answers and you'll increase the chances they will say "yes" when you ask them to buy.

Review their objectives and ask them if that is what they are looking for. Review the solution you provide and ask them if that is what they are looking for.

9. Neglecting To Ask For The Sale
If you want people to buy your products and services, you need to ask for the sale. This sounds obvious, but the tendency is to wait for the prospect to say they are ready to buy.

Why do we do this?

Until you gain confidence in your phone selling technique, you're afraid of getting turned down when you ask for the sale. It's common to compensate by talking endlessly about the features and benefits of your products and services.

If you're working with qualified leads, many of the people you are talking with want to buy your products and services. Help them clarify the value and then help them make the purchase.

10. Forgetting To Follow Up On Sales
When you make a sale it may seem like the end of your marketing effort. Think of your first sale not as closing a sale but opening the door to a long-term relationship and you'll increase future sales.

When a prospect becomes a client or customer, they've provided tangible evidence of their trust in you and your products and services. Follow up with a phone call to find out how the product or service is working and there is a good chance you'll uncover a need for more of your products and services.

You don't have to hate marketing on the phone. Learn what to say and how to structure the conversation and you'll have more fun and make more sales.

2004 © In Mind Communications, LLC. All rights reserved.

About the Author
Charlie Cook helps service professionals and small business owners attract more clients and be more successful. Sign up for the Free Marketing Plan eBook, 7 Steps to Get More Clients and Grow Your Business at http://www.marketingforsuccess.com

Love Yourself First
by Lisa Martin, The Working Mother’s Coach

On the route to discovering better balance in your life, one of the key indicators of your success will be your ability to beome more self-content.

One way to develop a strong sense of self-contentment is to give yourself the gift of self-appreciation. Offer yourself the same respect and kindness you give to others you care deeply for.

Feel good in your own skin
I’ve noticed that women have a tendency to focus on what is "wrong" about themselves versus what is "right." We tend to pick out and pick on the parts of ourselves that we like the least. These can be physical and/or character traits. A sure-fire way to know whether you suffer from this malaise is to take my "mirror" test. When you see your reflection is your first thought a complimentary or critical one? If you answered critical (like most of us), it's time to take a new approach.

Being happy in your own skin means getting comfortable with who you are and what you want out of life. Instead of focusing on what you don't like about yourself, try honoring and appreciating what makes you unique. Is it your attitude, smile and/or sense of humor? What qualities define you as a person? What do you absolutely love about yourself? Resist the temptation to criticize (this is a learned behavior and it can be unlearned).

Do the best you can
We've all had those days. You wake up with a busy day ahead of you only to discover your youngest child has the stomach flu. You madly rush around trying to make alternative childcare arrangements (your daycare won't take a sick child) because today is the day you have to make a big presentation to the sales team. Calls to work and arrangements with your partner finally result in a reasonable schedule. You are feeling stressed because you want to be with your unwell child and you cannot miss this presentation. And all this happens before 8:00 am. You are about to leave the house with your older child and she decides to lie down at the bottom of the stairs and refuses to put on her shoes. You snap back, "Can't you see that I'm having a bad morning and you are not making it any better." Not the best thing you've ever done, but best you could do under the circumstances. So, you apologize to your daughter and learn to let it go.

Your best is going to be different from situation to situation. It will change depending on how you are feeling, who is involved and where you might be. No matter what the circumstances, just do your best. That is all you can do. By doing so, you will avoid self-criticism, self-judgment and regret.

Apologize and Forgive
To err is human. Most women I know have a long list of things they haven't forgiven themselves for. These items range from "stealing my brothers baseball cards" to "raising my voice at my children." Along with this lack of forgiveness comes its partner in crime guilt. If you are beating yourself up over things that have happened in the past, I know an easy way to free yourself from this bondage. Write a list of everything you have not forgiven yourself for and I mean everything. Then go through this list and identify all the people you can contact and apologize to. Now start making some calls. Some situations may be tougher than others; and some might require more than an apology. If property has been damaged, a replacement might be in order. But most importantly, forgive yourself. No more carrying that guilt load anymore.

© Copyright 2007. Lisa Martin. All rights reserved.

About the Author
Lisa Martin is a certified coach who inspires working mothers to achieve success that’s balanced. Author of Briefcase Moms: 10 Proven Practices to Balance Working Mothers’ Lives, Lisa is a sought-after expert and speaker on work-life balance issues. Known for her very personal and practical approach, Lisa coaches working mothers to know what they want and get what they want. A mother herself, Lisa’s powerful presentations and programs have helped thousands of women define success and balance on their own terms. www.briefcasemoms.com

The Adventures of Starting a
Direct Sales Company

By Bruce Fleischmann

We've all heard that if starting a business were easy, everyone would do it! Right? For my wife Deanna and I, the journey that ultimately led to the development of our direct sales company has been everything but easy! The two year long journey led us down all kinds of roads. Some have been adventurous and exciting and some have been very trying! We felt especially challenged when we came across the detours and roadblocks along the way!

It is true though, that something good does comes out of everything sooner or later. The countless detours led us down unbeaten paths that we wouldn't otherwise have taken. It was along these unfamiliar paths that we were introduced to many different kinds of people. Some of these people helped educate us about the places that we had never been. Some pointed us in the right direction, others pointed us in the wrong direction thus setting us back and making our journey longer and even more difficult. There were times when we were traveling on rocky roads that we thought maybe we should turn back and then we would catch a glimpse of the paved road ahead and know that we needed to keep on going.

Interestingly enough, it was the roadblocks that helped us out the most! Each one forced us to regroup and rethink the route that we had mapped out, often sending us in a totally new direction. Upon reaching our destination of starting our company, we now appreciate how important it was to take the long way! After all, it was the journey that was our education! It not only taught us how to become a success, but also how to help others become successful while living the lifestyle they have always imagined.

How did we start our company? Well, it all started with TeeTool, a device that I invented and patented after attempting to improve my golf game. I was trying to find a tool that would help me get off the tee box by setting a precise tee height. Well, to my surprise no such device existed so I set out to create one. After about a year of research, design and development, we were ready to launch TeeTool. The name actually stands for setting a perfect TEE every time combined with only the TOOLS needed to play the game. You know, all that aggravating clutter golfers carry in their pockets already, just combined into to one little device that easily slips in and out your pocket!

Once TeeTool was designed, patented and in production we searched for distribution avenues, finding some success in both the retail and promotional product sectors. We sold thousands of TeeTools to companies large and small and it should be mentioned that it passed the very strict analysis and was approved for play by both the United States Golf Association and the Royals & Ancients of Scotland.

The problem was that yes we had a neat functional product, but since we only had one product it was hard to compete in the market place with other vendors who could literally outfit an entire sporting goods store or a promotional products company who offered hundreds of promo tools.

Here is where the actual journey began into Direct Sales. TeeTool is a 4-in-1golf accessory and sold itself once it was demonstrated. The question was how to demonstrate TeeTool on a large scale? Infomercials were too costly and due to our low $10 price point, it did not meet the Home Shopping Network or QVC's pricing hurdle of $20.

In the fall of 2005, we began researching alternative distribution channels that would allow for one-on-one demonstrations of TeeTool. That's when the direct sales industry jumped out at us! Still after extensive research, we were not able to find a company anywhere close to sharing our vision of providing exciting products geared towards people with a social and active lifestyle.

We knew that there were approximately 12 plus million active distributors across the U.S., so we began to chart a course for sharing our vision. Oh yes, the journey continues! Remember the people that I referred to that pointed us in the right direction?

Well they make up our impressive advisory board and includes: Jay Christopher, Co-founder of Pampered Chef, Dr. Keith Laggos Publisher of Network Marketing Business Journal, Dr, Bob Williams, President of Williams & Company, and Bill Johnson, Director of Special Markets for Wilson Sporting Goods. Now our vision of a totally unique and fun company is coming to life.

Advice on Starting Your Own Business:

When starting a new business, making your vision truly come alive is the key! In order to accomplish this you must first surround yourself with positive people that share and support your vision. Besides ambitious and hard working, I would want people on my team who are big thinkers! There are those who may look at a marketing opportunity and think "that would be great in this area". These would be people that obviously have a vision of a small business.

Then there's the people who take the same business opportunity and look at it totally different. They see potential global possibilities! These people are what you might call "true visionaries" and are the ones you want batting on your team. These team leaders will significantly contribute to the ultimate success of your company!

A real life example of my experience with surrounding yourself with true visionaries, would be with Jay & Doris Christopher with Pampered Chef. Along with their great advice and council, their continuous encouragement, direction and support helped to keep my vision alive. During my very first meeting with Jay, which lasted over 3 hours, he said, "he sees many parallels in what he and Doris went through when they started up"! One of Jay's best tips that I feel is worth sharing is "grow your business one distributor at a time and take care of their individual needs!"

About the Author
Bruce Fleischmann, Founder & CEO, Golden Golf & Leisure, 440.224.0259
Golden Golf & Leisure offers several exciting ways to earn through party planning, network team building and TeeTool sales options. We are keenly aware that only if our distributor partners succeed, then everyone succeeds! It is for this reason that we designed and offer one of the absolute best commission plan in the industry! By becoming a distributor with Golden Golf & Leisure, you become a Member of the Golden Golf Club and join our family. We invite you to visit our website at www.goldengolfclub.com.

What Happens When You Pop The Right Questions?
Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

Over the years I've heard people constantly saying, my business just isn’t growing like I want it to or this just isn’t working, or I don’t have anyone to speak with about the business.

So I respond by asking, "what are you ASKING people when you meet them?" Usually they say they are not asking they’ve been doing more TELLING like "hey I just joined this great company with such and such products, it's the best company and product in the whole wide world" and on and on and on with more TELLING.

What happens when you pop the right questions like "so Harold, what do you do for a living?”

When they respond say “what do you like about it?” When they respond positively or negatively say “I bet you make a good living doing that huh?”

When they respond either positively OR negatively pop THE question “Do you keep your income options open Harold?”

Then when they say yes which MOST entrepreneurial type people do, say something like “I have something that may or may not be of interest to you, take a look at this website and if it is something you feel might be a good fit we can get together and discuss some options for you.”

THEN this is WHEN you give them some information such as your business card with your website on it and that's it, SAY NO MORE or "I have to run, catch you later". But keep it zipped! No more going on and on about your business! You are not desperate to get them in! You're looking to partner with people who are interested, not drag or talk people into anything just because you're so excited and think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Most entrepreneurial, business type people will usually at least take a look because they are always looking for other income sources so make sure you are targeting these people, ie: realtors, insurance sales, sales people, business owners. You won't sound desperate when you are asking questions and waiting for permission to give them information because you have to run since you are also a very busy business person.

You're job at this point is to be the messenger! That's it!

It's also best if the website you're using has some sort of tracking system with it such as a landing page that prompts people to enter their contact information and offers some sort of incentive to give you their information like a free drawing or a free ebook that provides them with even more information for instance. Because people like information to help them make their own decision on what's best for them.

This way you KNOW when people have visited your website. Even better is having an autoresponder that goes with your system. This way people are being dripped on with information while you are accomplishing other things either business or personal.

Even when you are sleeping, your automated system is working and when they request that you call them because they are interested make sure you call right away.

If this is someone you've met in person be sure to get their business card or write down their name and phone number because this is just part of being a good people connector.

About the Author
Sue is a wife, mom, career Network Marketer and Internet Marketing Coach who has been earning an income from home online since 1996. She teaches others how to make connections for profit. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com

3 C's of Successful
Network Marketing

By Phillip Collinsworth

It has been said that up to 95% of all network marketers will quit the business before realizing a profit. If that statistic is true, it’s a shame, because it doesn’t have to be that way.

While it is true that network marketing has its fair share of failures in the home-based business model, the income opportunity in this incredible business is staggering. Rather than focus on failure, why not think about the success stories that are prevalent in any legitimate network marketing plan?

Regardless of what some people may say, people can and do create wealth in this business—and so can you, if you’ll follow the 3 C’s of network marketing success.

When you accept the fact that success and financial freedom are possible in this business, you open your mind to the thoughts of possibility, and silence the internal dialogue of doubt and defeatism.

If you knew beyond any doubt that your network marketing opportunity would make you wealthy within the next 12 months, how much time, energy and resources would you devote to making it happen? Personally, I would be working late and getting up early to beat the bushes.

Years ago my wife and I would walk about two miles to go grocery shopping in order to save our gas money. Walking home with your arms full of groceries is hard work. However, within minutes of getting home the pain of the long walk was forgotten. Building your business is the same. Sure, the journey may be long, you may lose a few weekends of recreation, and you may even have to attend an occasional meeting after work. So what? By this time next year the pain will be forgotten and your hard work will be rewarded, in the form of fat residual checks.

The premise of the question above may appear to be based on a hypothetical situation—that is, your success is virtually guaranteed. But, if others have done it, and the proof of their success is right before your eyes, ask yourself, “Why not me?”

The mind is a wondrous thing, but left unchecked, it can play games with you. For example, in the midst of success, why would you dwell on thoughts of failure? I can tell you why. You dwell on failure because you are human. Skepticism and self-doubt are hardwired in the human brain. Given this, I know of only one way to truly silence the self-criticism: watch your upline for inspiration and guidance, and practice the 3 C’s of success in network marketing.

So, what are the 3 C’s of success in network marketing? In short, the 3 C’s of success in network marketing are copy your leaders. Copy. Copy. Study your upline’s methodology, and copy their every move.

If you diligently pursue and practice the 3 C’s of success in network marketing, people in your downline will soon be looking up to you for inspiration and leadership. As a leader your command should be, “follow me.”

About The Author
Phillip Collinsworth publishes a website where visitors learn how to earn $3,000+ per month working at home. No selling or mass sponsoring required. Visit: http://www.wealthsearch.org

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