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MLM Woman Issue 105
October 2005

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From the Desk of the Editor

Welcome to the 105th issue of the MLM Woman Newsletter. This month we feature articles to help you shake things up and get unstuck. You'll learn how to lighten up, how to kick your business into high gear, how to overcome the challenges of prospecting, how not to be a chicken, and the most important aspect of your MLM company.

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Linda Locke, Editor MLM Woman

Kick Your Business
Into High Gear

by Jackie Ulmer

It's Fall and business season has kicked back into full gear and I hope you are taking advantage of that. The numbers are exciting to me, take a look:

- Direct selling has grown every single year for the past 20 years...nearly doubling in the past 10 years alone.

- Annual sales have hit $30 billion in the US and $100 billion worldwide.

- Every week 175,000 Americans join the ranks of direct sellers; 300,000 worldwide.

There are 13 million direct sellers in the US and 40 million worldwide.

So, that is great news for you and me. How big do you want your piece of the pie to be? I'm expecting mine to be HUGE and hope you are, too.

So, let's talk about a few ways that you can make this season a success for YOU!

First, get prepared and get organized. Set aside 2 - 4 hours to clean up, clean out and get ready. Get rid of the clutter and junk that is slowing you down. Did you know that having clutter around slows you down, even if you don't think so, because you are psychologically aware of it and it is eating into your productive time?

I know this because I see the difference in my effectiveness when my desk is clear, files are where they go and I am ready to do business in every way possible.

Second, decide the top 3 methods you are going to use for building your business and then determine what tools you'll need to be effective. Get those tools TODAY! Yes, TODAY, don't wait!

I've recently been conducting coaching sessions with each of my personally sponsored business partners and I have found the number one reason for lack of success has actually all been related to procrastination.

Let's take Susie - she wants to be effective, she wants to build her business, but she is not prepared and so her business is going no where. She has a plan to do this and this and this, but she doesn't have her space and mind organized, and so she is doing nothing.
With a few actions steps and accountability, we have Susie ready to take aim and fire. It really involved taking a few minutes to organize what she would need and then preparing for it. I'll be checking in with Susie next week to make sure she is ready to take off.

Third, put your blinders on and begin to take action right now, and continue this every day for the next 90 days. Don't look up, don't look sideways and don't look back! You are forward focused and looking straight ahead.

Set a course and follow it religiously for 90 days. At the end of that time, you can evaluate and make changes if necessary. Evaluating too soon will not give you accurate results.

Finally, know what you are going after and expect it to show up. Belief and enthusiasm toward your goal is what inspires you to action. And, inspired action is the most effective kind. Why? Because it comes from your true, inner drive and when we are inspired to take action, we are not taking action because we feel we have to. We are taking action because we WANT to.

Get rid of the clutter, get the tools you need, and get your mindset in place. With these few components, there ain't no stopping you! I'll be reading your story everywhere!

About the Author
Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Network Marketer, has published several e-books on How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business; How to Build Your Business Online; and more. She has coached and trained thousands of representatives. She can be reached through her web site at http://www.streetsmartwealth.com/ Subscribe to her FREE newsletter by email to streetsmartnews@aweber.com

Prospecting Sucks…
by Melanie Milletics

Let me say this: prospecting sucks. For 4 years I have been an avid student of Network Marketing. I’ve listened to hundreds of tapes and filled my library with all of the right books. I got into the right mindset, put affirmations all over my home office, and I’ve worked – HARD.

I purchased opportunity seeker leads, learned how to set up an autoresponder and tweaked those campaigns for YEARS. I tried every recommended lead provider I could find and jacked up my credit card bills to buy said leads. I pumped those expensive, and not so expensive babies through my autoresponder and watched as my live leads poured in, WOW! Now we are getting somewhere, I thought…

I called every one of those hard-earned live leads. I sponsored upwards of 50 people relatively quickly. But they dropped. 99% of those people dropped. They couldn’t duplicate what I was doing. They especially couldn’t pick up the phone and make the calls, because prospecting sucks.

And did I mention the ‘powerline’ fiasco? What a waste of time and money that was! Those folks didn’t want a business, they wanted a handout.

Somewhere around my third year I got enough guts to start calling other networkers to see if they’d be interested in looking at our opportunity. I made 50-100 dials a day for weeks on end. I’d get totally burnt out and take a few days off, then go back to it.
I faired no better than I had before. The only difference was that the networkers were nicer to talk to!

Finally, in June of this year my business changed forever. I learned exactly why I had been ‘spinning my wheels’, and why I was only making a fraction of what I should have been making after all of those years of hard work. Most importantly, it was as if all of the bits and pieces from everything I’d ever read came together and it was like ‘Ah HA!’, I get it. I immediately stopped doing all of the silly crap I’d been up to - and went to work with the knowledge that my work would actually pay off!

So what did I change about my business? I decided I would make money, not spend it! Seems obvious, but if you realize that most home businesses fail because they are too expensive to maintain, I think you’ll have to agree with my changes. I changed the way approached my business in three fundamental ways:

First, I made the decision that I would NEVER spend more on my business than I would receive as a check for said business. That meant that I would even cancel my autoship if my check did not exceed the cost of product.

Second, I realized that I could not buy a single lead, or place a single paid ad. I had to generate my own leads, for free. I had to do the legwork to find out where the best advertising spots were, and I had to take the time to post in these spots on a daily basis.

I learned to use free ezine ads, forums, and networking sites.

Third, I learned the best way to construct an ad so that people absolutely have to click! I learned about psychological triggers and how to apply them in different ad types.

After taking the time to learn these new tactics, I developed a system and found that I could effectively work my business without making 100 dials a day or selling my first born to the leads companies. I still have leads to call, but they are exclusive, live leads that I generated for free. I am making money, not spending it. I share these tactics with my newly sponsored folks and get them started making money right away, instead of spending it. This has dramatically increased my retention rate.

So yes, prospecting sucks - but it can be easier, if the right marketing tactics are used. When you work smart, not hard, the end result is time and financial freedom…what was promised to you when you first signed up!

Happy Networking!

About the Author
Melanie Milletics, MLM Consultant and Trainer - www.10-Day-MLM-Bootcamp.info - Probably the Best Generic Training In the Industry

Are You A Chicken?
by Kim Duke
Copyright© 2005

There are many traits/habits required to be a successful sales person. Determination. Creativity. Negotiation. Superior customer service. Risk taking. Integrity.

You know the one trait that isn't required?

Being a chicken!

This is one of my 7 year old niece's favorite phrases - she likes to challenge people by saying "Don't be a chicken!"

I have no idea where this phrase comes from- do you? It always makes me laugh though!

One thing I do know - no one likes to feel chicken, look like a chicken or be called a chicken.

So what in my twisted Diva mind constitutes being a chicken?

- Avoiding conflict.

- Going with the flow even when you know the flow is headed over a waterfall.

- Waiting for perfection to happen.

- Never taking a risk.

- Having a wishbone instead of a backbone.

- Excuses are your middle name.

- Scared of making a mistake.

Hey look - we have all been chickens at one time or another. But EESH - it just doesn't feel good.

We are headed into one of the biggest sales periods for most businesses. These businesses will make over 50% of their annual revenue in the next few months.

How are you positioned to take advantage of all the opportunity?

Have you created a pilot project? Raised your rates? Treated your clients with amazing customer service? Tried something new? Taken a chance?

Remember this line from your Diva:

Chickens Don't Take Chances.

But Divas Do!

So ask yourself:

What have I been avoiding/regretting/denying? What small positive step can I take to move me forward?

A great book that I read in 1994 and still love today is " Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers. Hit the library - go to a second-hand bookstore or your local bookstore and get it TODAY.

It is time for you to SHED the chicken skin and move in the directions of your dreams!

Copyright© 2005

About the Author
Kim Duke, The Sales Diva, provides savvy, sassy sales training for women small biz owners and entrepreneurs. Kim works with clients internationally, showing them The Sales Diva secrets to success! Sign up for her saucy and smart FREE e-zine and receive her FREE Bonus Report “The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make” at http://www.salesdivas.com

Everyone wants insurance
after they’re dead.

©2005 Bruce David

It took a lot for someone to convince me to become involved with a MLM company. I had always liked the concept but never found a product which I felt was worth the retail price or so-called health benefits involved. When a MLM company offered a flat-rate long distance service, I was hooked.

I owned a successful publishing company offering newsletters, how-to books and newspapers to an international audience of small business owners. Our small firm experienced hefty monthly long distance bills and this sounded better than ice cream on a hot Arizona day.

No sooner had my check cleared and the company went out of business.

There are several basic marketing lessons to be learned from this incident.

I had been hooked from the start because the service fulfilled a need my company had ­ cheap long distance service. They had given me a free trial period of 24-hours to test their system. They filled a want/need/desire and allowed me to sample the service.

I once published an in-depth manual on protecting one’s privacy, which flopped. (This was before identity theft became such a problem). A fellow marketer admitted the material was top notch but made a suggestion that every life insurance salesperson can
identify with, “Everyone wants insurance after they’re dead.”

Good point and that maxim applies to many in the health and wellness field who often experience similar problems in getting prospects excited about their opportunity.

Another friend, who made a lot of money in a popular MLM diet plan, shared his secret for success with me. “Get people on the program, get them to experience the benefits of weight loss and they’ll become a walking advertisement for your product. They’ll do the recruiting for you. I spent a lot of money on sampling and it paid off because the benefits of the products were obvious.”

If your business opportunity doesn’t fill a need or desire, solve a problem in some fashion, which isn’t faster, better, or cheaper, you might as well be swimming with your boots on.

About the Author
Bruce David is a former syndicated marketing columnist, author, publisher, college professor and now provides pre-qualified, real time leads to MLM groups. To get leads, for your mlm business in real time, visit:

How to Lighten Up and Not be So Hard on Yourself
by Michael Angier

A long-time friend called me the other day seeking some support. "Jack" was feeling stuck. He's going through a tough time in his life--financially, professionally and emotionally--and he was reaching out to a few trusted friends to gain more clarity. I
thought his approach was very smart, and I was honored to be one of the few he called.

Jack didn't want to repeat some familiar and unhelpful patterns and was asking what I thought might be holding him back.

The fact Jack recognized that he was feeling stuck and reached out to ensure he didn't STAY stuck told me he was way ahead of where he had been in the past.

After asking him a few questions, I told Jack I believed his biggest challenge was, and has always been, that he was too hard on himself.

He accepted my observation, but he wanted more. Jack wanted to know what it would look like for him to lighten up. He wanted the specific recipe for going easier on himself.

You see, I can easily relate to Jack's issue. I used to put myself down a lot for my mistakes. I often felt stupid, inadequate, guilty and remorseful. I can still fall back into that occasionally. But I catch myself pretty quickly, and I don't stay stuck in it.

Nonetheless, I didn't feel particularly articulate or confident in the answer I gave him. Just how DO we lighten up? How do we forgive ourselves?

I think acceptance is the first step. All too often, we justify and defend instead of acknowledge what we did that didn't work. Jack wasn't doing this. He was anxious to learn and grow from past mistakes. He's also very grateful for the many good things
he DOES have in his life--a very important thing.

It's also important to recognize that it's a big life. Your current situation is only a chapter in your life--maybe even a page. I'm not saying we shouldn't learn from where we are. I'm only suggesting that we keep it in its proper perspective.

If you're being hard on yourself, would you be as hard on others if THEY had made the same mistake? I doubt it. Where is it written that you should be above making mistakes?

And you don't have to understand all the reasons why things are the way they are. It would be nice to understand it all, but you can't always do that. You can expend all your energy studying the root instead of picking the fruit. Learn what you can and move on. You may only be able to fully understand it later.

Remember that it's our resistance to what is that causes our pain. When we think we shouldn't be in this predicament, that it's not fair or wonder, "How could I have been so stupid," we create pain for ourselves. And in doing so, we perpetuate the stuck icky feeling.

Another thing that will move us onward and upward is to take action each day on improving our situation. We may not be able to change what's happened, but we CAN change how we react to it. When we consistently take positive action to improve upon our difficulties, we feel better about ourselves, and we begin to see progress.

We all need to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings. Jack is one of the kindest, gentlest men I know. He has a big heart. But I'm guessing, like I had done, he bought into other people's criticism and began to question his goodness. In doing so, it made it easy for him to beat up on himself.

For me, I had to learn to develop a thicker skin to protect my soft heart. As a writer and Internet publisher, it's been essential. I tell others, "Develop a thick skin and a soft heart--and never mix them up." It also helps to surround ourselves with people who believe in
us. Not necessarily people who AGREE with us, but rather people who will tell us the truth without judging us--people who see the best in us.

By being more aware, by trusting ourselves, by forgiving ourselves and by not taking ourselves too seriously, we can move out of self deprecation and into self confidence. We can lighten up, be gentle with ourselves, break free and achieve the best that's within us.

Copyright Michael Angier & SuccessNet.

About the Author
Michael is the author of '101 Best Ways to Be Your Best'. SuccessNet's mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best--personally and professionally. Download your free report "10 Essential Keys to Personal Effectiveness" at http://SuccessNet.org/subscribes.htm. Explore their free access, eBooks and SuccessMark Cards at http://SuccessNet.org

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