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New Healthy Lifestyle Company launched October 2014! I am looking for people across the country who want to lead their state in our company, Ryte. Let’s face it, we all know that in direct sales, getting in on an amazing opportunity from the beginning could be life changing. I can guarantee Ryte will be one of the fastest growing companies in the upcoming years! By starting today you will not regret it a year from now, so don’t pass up this incredible opportunity!

About the business: Ryte is a company that promotes the best products for a healthy lifestyle. Including all natural, organic, gluten and GMO free, clean supplements and protein shakes. Our products have 11 ingredients.

Yes, there are other companies that promote a healthy lifestyle, however what makes Ryte special is we are set up as a benefit corporation, the 1st in Direct Sales Companies. Our biggest goal is to give back to others (community, charity, those in need, and much more) so join me in being a part of something special. Don’t wait to join because thousands more will have joined before you. Give yourself the added boost to increase your potential earnings and giving by becoming one of the first in your area.

I would love to speak with you about our product, our opportunities, and how you can be a positive difference in the world. Please visit my website and click Join to learn more! Get healthy + feel great + financial control + giving back = win win combination!

Start Up Cost: $30 a year for website/back office then whatever product package you decide (between $50-$200)

Southeast - Jamie McDaniel, Ryte Member (ID #70981)
Email Address: HealthAndGiving@gmail.com
Website Address: http://Jamie.MyRyte.com/
Phone Number: (786) 256-6708
Location: Nationwide
Products: Supplements and Shake
Commission Structure: There are 4 ways to make money.
Cost to join: $30 a year for website then whatever product you purchase
Year Company Launched: 2014
NOTE: No monthly minimums, Catalog is online, Website Available, Customers Order Online, No advertising restrictions



Flameless Wickless Smokeless Candles

We're looking for real people, not sales people.

Scentsy's philosophy of simplicity, authenticity, and value is working - we're one of the fastest growing and most successful companies the direct selling industry has ever seen. And you're invited to grow right along with us!

Whether you're looking for a little extra income or a full-time career, we'll give you the support you need to reach your dreams. Financial freedom, a flexible schedule, and a company you can believe in - for Scentsy consultants, it really is that simple!

South - Chilly Zoretic
Website: NoWickChilly.com
Phone: 713-822-7414
Email: SafeWaxCandles@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NoWickChilly

Northwest - Trina Davison - Scentsy Independent Consultant
208-571-3481 - Email: trina.davison@yahoo.com
Website: www.trinadavison.scentsy.us

West - Karen Downing
email: thetabuggg@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.KarenDowning.com

"Scentsy - We Make Scents!" - Fun Home Business!
Scentsy began in 2004 with the powerfully simple idea of aromatic candles ­ decorative warmers with wax melted by the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame. What began in 2004 as a simple idea has truly grown into something extraordinary, as Scentsy continues to touch thousands of lives in profound ways.

If you are interested in our wonderful products or even the business opportunity, please visit our website and then call me or email me and I will get back to you ASAP! Best, Karen Downing



When was the last time you sent a card to someone you care about? Do you think it would make a difference?

How about a simple thank you or expression of appreciation? Do you think that would make a difference?

Welcome to SendOutCards! At www.SendOutCards.com/totallyawesome, you can send out a printed greeting card with a personal message in less than 60 seconds. Simply choose a card from our card catalog, type in your custom message, and click send. Using this system will help you remember people, share appreciation motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference. The more you do this, the more you'll see how it benefits you, the sender of the cards, the most.

SendOutCards is a powerful concept and easy-to-use service that is changing people's lives. Through our website you can send a printed greeting card with a personalized message in less than a minute. All for less than you'd pay for a greeting card at the store!

SendOutCards uses state-of-the art printing technology for great looking cards. Your card can even be paired with a gift item or gift card for when you really feel like giving.

Change Lives NOW with SendOutCards.

Make More Money! SendOutCards is quickly becoming one of the best business opportunities available today.

West - Contact Jodi Hennessy @ 213-446-9904 now! http://www.sendoutcards.com/totallyawesome totallyawesomecards@gmail.com

Scent-Sations, Inc.
A Scented Candle Lover's Dream Business!Mia Bella's Scented Soy Candles and Our Soysational Bella Bar! Experience, leadership, all training is in place!

Southeast - Ellie Kaupp - 954-243-4053
email: ekaupp@allnaturalcandlebiz.com
Website: http://allnaturalcandlebiz.com


Seriesse International
Seriesse is a brand new company that has a rich product history and an exciting new marketing opportunity for you!
Our product line started as the top-selling brand on television more than ten years ago and has been the right skin care solution for millions of customers over the years. Our compensation plan, the Seriesse SuccessePlan, brings together one of the most rewarding ways that you will find in the entire network marketing industry to earn money. We combine our product success and lucrative compensation plan with the latest in video, online, and skin care technology.

Southeast - British Hill
Director, Presidential Founder and Independent Consultant
727-641-9856 - email: british3@msn.com
Website: www.myseriesse.com/british

North - Cheryl Lydston, Independent Consultant
216-402-1876 - email: cheryls05@myseriesse.com
Website: www.myseriesse.com/LadyC05


Skinny Body Care

Finally! A company that combines the HOTTEST product in the industry with the most POWERFUL business building system on the planet!

Our first of its kind weight management product Skinny Fiber is already getting international recognition as one of the BEST WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS EVER.* And with 95% of people worldwide needing to manage their weight quickly, safely, and effectively, there is nothing that compares to Skinny Fiber!

With the most GENEROUS compensation program in the home based business industry designed to put even more money in your pocket AND offer the most duplicatable system ever seen, thousands of people are making Skinny Body Care their BIGGEST income stream! 6 Ways of creating income.

So whether you're looking for a product that may help to support your weight loss goals, or looking for a way to supplement or even replace your current income, Skinny Body Care is EXACTLY what you've been looking for!

Take the Free Tour Today! 180+ Countries.
See the BEST COMPENSATION plan ever made.

South - Kelly Tolar, NC
Free Tour & Movie

Buy Skinny Fiber Online



snack healthy
Today, being “healthy” means much more than just not being sick. Health is measured in our ability to achieve our goals, enjoy our relationships, make positive changes when needed, and take care of ourselves and our families. Health depends on balance in our lives and balance in our attention to our mind, body and spirit.

SnackHealthy means, “having a positive effect on health." Our company was founded and our products are developed with this concept in mind. Years of research and development went into the results that SnackHealthy products offer. SnackHealthy is also good for the environment. As a logical alternative to bottled vitamin water, drinking our beverages can prevent thousands of plastic containers from winding up in landfills and further polluting the environment.

In addition to promoting health, we promote wealth, too. We empower our members to lead healthier, wealthier, happier, lives.

Southeast - Lisa Turley, Brand Partner


stella and dot logo

Stella & Dot
Become the CEO of your own High Fashion Jewelry Business

Hi my name is Lanaye Brutus & Stella & Dot is the modern home-based company that is growing at record speed. We've put the power of ecommerce, social networking and personal service behind an irresistible jewelry line. It's the next big opportunity for our era, we are on the Forbes 500 list as one of the newest fastest growing companies in the U.S. and Canada. Recognized in the New York Times and on the Today Show, it's not only a big idea, it's a smart business that actually works. Our designer previously designed for Banana Republic & Cartier just to name a few, we have upscale Fashion Jewelry that is the choice of celebrities world wide. (This fact is documented on my web site below.) Think getting together with girlfriends, a little refreshments & displaying your awesome jewelry while having a great time. That is what I actually do a couple of times a week, that's a 4 hour work week & if I have time I will work a little more. I am a mom first so that is very important to me, I can make great money & be back home in time to prepare dinner.

Benefits of partnering with us

*Launch your business for as low as $199 and receive $350 in free jewelry + 50% off any additional jewelry you select. You will also receive tons of free material in your business pack.

*World class training: with Stella & Dot, you've got the right partners to provide the training and support you need. Come as you are. No special skills required, we will assist you all the way.

* Up to a 30% commission & incentives to earns 100's in free jewelry & business supplies.

Visit my site below to learn more about our awesome opportunity and to view our compensation plan, our story & much more. Please feel Free to contact me with any questions you may have. If I miss your call please leave me a detailed messages & I will call you right back.

Lanaye Brutus
Web Site: www.stelladot.com/lanaye
Email: lanayebrutus@comcast.net
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lanayeb
Business Line: 410-701-0344
(Inquiries about Stella & Dot ONLY)

South: La'Tasha Wade
Email: latashawade@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.thetrumpnetworkinsider.com


Tolar Internet Group
Kelly Tolar, founder of Tolar Internet Group is an Advertising and Marketing company since 1998. Consisting of several online partners, we’ve found the marketing tools and online business ideas that are creating income for many people. We want to make networking and duplication easier. Working online can be fun and very profitable. We have partners all over the world and want to find the right leadership for you. Join our International Team and start creating month after month income. Training and support and the use of our online tools create a GLOBAL ONLINE BUSINESS for success. Become a partner with our team. We’re WORLDWIDE! View our website below and join our International Team. TEAM = “Together Everyone Achieves More” concept.

Visit Website: http://earntoday.ws
Phone: 1-704-554-7598
Skype id = Globalfreedomteam


Travel Smart With Connie
*How do you know what to look for in any business venture?

1. Timing is Essential (2 yr.old company)
2. Exceptionally unique Concept / Product
3. Aggressive Compensation Package
4. "Virtual Online" 24/7 training in your own Back Office
5. Management with a Proven Team Track Record
6. A Proven System (saves you time, energy & money)
7. A Very Large Target Market! $7 Trillion Annual NOW going to $14 Trillion in 6 -10 years

SouthWest - Connie Hall - 405-917-9988
Independent WorldVentures Representative
Website: TravelSmartWithConnie.WorldVentures.biz

Viridian is a socially responsible company whose purpose is to provide greener electricity at an affordable price, allowing our customers and independent associates to make a difference in the environment and their personal lives simply by switching energy providers.

3 Converging Trends = Massive Income Opportunity!

1. The ENERGY business is not only a booming business, it is a probably the most lucrative! Energy deregulation has created an incredible opportunity to earn monthly, recession proof residual income, simply by showing others how to save money by choosing a third party energy supplier.

2. Viridian Energy, one of the fastest growing energy companies in America, is a socially responsible GREEN energy company offering affordable renewable energy to both residential and commercial customers.

3. What better way to get your product to the consumer than through DIRECT SELLING (we are affiliated with the DSA).

The combination of these converging trends creates a compelling platform for success for the right individuals. Some important things to consider when choosing an energy company is their core value, integrity, environmentally-friendly products and professional sales force.

So you see the vision. And you want to apply. But FIRST, what are WE looking for? Well, we want you to be successful and are willing to train you to be successful. However, in order for us to invest the time and energy, we need you to possess:




*Good people skills

*Customer Focus

*Leadership abilities

*Willingness to help others

And what do we offer in return?

* Commissions, plus bonuses.

* Unprecedented monthly residual income.

* Recession proof income. This is a recession proof income because everyone needs electricity.

* Invaluable training. All professional training and support will be provided to you.

* The opportunity to work several markets, including NY/NJ/CT/PA/MD/IL.

East - Caryn Chow
Ind Assoc #17917, 718-775-7779
Website: www.greenslateusa.com


Votre Vu
For years some of the best products in the world were only available
in Fine French Boutiques......Until Now. Votre Vu has globe trotted
to bring to you the world of luxury European skin care, without the
luxury price tag.

East - Pamela Fatone
Website: www.votrevu.com/pamelajf

YOLI  - Changing Lives

Pre-Launching NOW!!!

Position yourself at the VERY BEGINNING of a Pre-Launch Company and a Team that will evolve the entire HOME-BASED BUSINESS INDUSTRY!


I am excited to be a part of a team that is bringing this unique nutritional product and delivery system to everyone.  Join our team and partner with some of Network Marketing’s legends.  Finally, a company that understands true nutrition and is bringing that to the marketplace during a time when the consumption of healthy beverages is sky-rocketing. 

The Blast cap is a Patented Beverage Device which can deliver the Freshest, most Powerful, and Preservative free ingredients of any beverage on the market today.  When you are ready to consume you can just blast the ingredients into your water and shake it up. This product is very unique to the market place because of the benefits it offers to beverage drinkers.  This technology is making some big waves in the industry.  It has caught the attention of Huge American Corporations which have offered millions to purchase the technology. 



Please visit website for more information:

Southeast – Tonja Johnson, Independent Distributor
Website:  www.nutritionblast.goyoli.com
Email:  tonjajohnson@goyoli.com
Phone:  678.221.4758

Your Travel Business
Exciting Online Travel Business!
What are your business and financial goals? Do you want financial freedom? Well YTB Travel Network has the answer for you. Profit 24 hours a day with your very own online travel business! This exciting opportunity allows you to make a substantial income in the fastest growing industry in the country - travel!

Make great money every time someone books a cruise, flight, vacation, hotels and car rentals on your very own website. Receive huge discounts and savings on your own travel and vacations! This business is fun, profitable and very simple!

West - Wendy Taylor-Hill - 702-897-2927
Please visit our website today: http://wendysdiscounttravel.vacationmedia.net

For over 135 years Watkins has provided distinctive gourmet and organic food products that serve a wide range of tastes and cooking styles. Watkins has received a Gold Medal at the Paris International Exposition for its Vanilla extract, Cinnamon and Black Pepper and other pure spices. Watkins also has personal care products and environmentally friendly household products. Watkins products have been featured in many national magazines.

The Watkins business opportunity allows an associate to earn in several different ways. No Inventory No quotas No Pressure or Stress. Be your own boss. Set your own hours. You earn through your own efforts. Earn typically 25%-39% on your retail sales and 5%-10% bonus on your downline generated sales.

Southwest - Helen Webb - 1-800-5863226 - BizAlmond@aol.com
For more information please visit my website and download our free e-book. http://www.bluegsummit.com


Anyone can work online. We show you how. Helping people work online and create more income from home. International business you can start today!

Go to website www.WorkOnlineMomma.com for more information.

Contact: Kelly Tolar
Website: http://workonlinemomma.com
Phone: 1-888-247-0028

World Ventures
Travel - 8 trillion dollar industry and growing
Travel is the largest industry on the planet and is estimated to grow to $14 trillion within 10 years. You can be a part of this business and get your piece of the pie. WorldVentures is a fascinating company.

Established about 3 years ago, it has exploded in growth. It is not your typical Internet based company and actually is just beginning its momentum phase.
If you are looking for exceptionally low travel rates and packages or want to get involved as a travel representative and start making money immediately, look no further. This is the place.

West - Dave Sunderman - Phone: 520-404-9577
email: bigdsunderman@comcast.net
Check out my web page at: BigDSunderman.WorldVentures.biz


(The greatest risk in life is to wait for and depend upon others for your own security.~ The greatest security in life is to plan and act and take the risk that will ultimately ensure your personal freedom and independence. )
Xango is the fastest growing network marketing company in world history which is on track to do $1 billion in annual sales in 2009. This is a solid 5 year old company, operating in 20 countries at present with founders/leaders that have 100 years combined experience in the MLM industry.

The reason why this company is so special and unique is because it has the right ingredients for success. This is without a doubt the best compensation plan ever created in networking. Streamline sponsoring with dynamic compression is a revolutionary concept (a vertical downline where everyone is on the same team) whereby the volume and commissions roll from the bottom up to everyone above which benefits all in the structure and therefore minimizes attrition. This also creates excellent synergy where everyone's sales and sign ups are combined. The product is almost unbelievable, a scientifically proven natural health beverage which has shown to help and assist people with many and varied health challenges. Due to the potent antioxidants and healing phytonutrients called xanthones, it is also used as a preventive to guard against illness and dis-ease.

Xango has much to offer, stability, security, expansion, proven track record, payments on time, web based, highly consumable product, longevity, debt free, experience/history and background of the founders and a rewarding compensation plan with huge income potential, this company has it all. There are more than 1000 people a day joining and there are 750,000 distributors worldwide. Voted the number one MLM company for the last 3 years.

We have many stories and testimonials from people that have received life changing health benefits from this amazing product. We offer full support, guidance and assistance with this very lucrative opportunity. Serious business people and savvy entrepreneurs who have goals of true financial independence must consider this opportunity. Don't delay, do yourself a favor and visit the website now.

Australia, New South Wales - Alison Nye
email: gethealthytoday@bigpond.com

North - Brian Defoe
Home Office: 715-682-0206 cell: 715-292-1194
or visit www.RevealMangosteen.com
email: bdefoe@live.com

Click here to read more about XanGo's Brand Evolution From Obscure Purple Fruit to Billion Dollar Brand

Midwest - Brian Defoe
Home Office: 715-682-0206 cell: 715-292-1194
or visit www.RevealMangosteen.com
email: bdefoe@live.com

Click here to read more about XanGo's Brand Evolution From Obscure Purple Fruit to Billion Dollar Brand


Xocai ™ The Healthy Chocolate (MXI Corp)

Can you imagine a product that is easier to talk about than guilt-free chocolate that is actually GOOD for your health?

- 9 out of 10 people crave it!
- Average Americans eat 12 lbs per year

The Perfect Combination
In Today’s demanding business climate, it is crucial to possess a complete package to ensure long term growth, stability and success. Xocai’s perfect combination of Product, Science, Timing, People and Compensation deliver you an opportunity unrivaled by any other.

- Unprocessed COLD PRESSED cacao providing the highest antioxidant levels possible.
- Delicious Belgium chocolate with Acai berries
- Proprietary processing method

- University of Utah clinical studies supporting many healthy benefits
- Brunswick Lab Certified

- Featured in August 2008 issue of “Success from Home” magazine
- Entrepreneur Magazine calls chocolate “one of the best business opportunities in the next 10 years”!
- The company is going into great momentum and global expansion is underway

- Debt free company with dynamic leadership team

- One of the best in the industry
- 7 ways to earn

WEST - Jean Tang 951-256-4328
Please visit website for more information
website: www.chocolateleaders.com

Join the Healthy Chocolate Revolution!



Social Network Sites are taking in up to $100 Million dollars
of Advertising/month



The ZenZuu Worldwide Advertising Revenue Sharing Program is perfect for all the people who could not afford to come into a costly MLM company. Learn how you can earn money by telling people to join for FREE and getting everyone they know to sign up for FREE in our "SOCIAL NETWORK". Zenzuu wants to share 80% of its Worldwide Advertising Revenue with its active members who join FOR FREE!

Zenzuu gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with a massive global community anytime, anywhere. Unlike other social networks, it allows you to make money just for doing the same old things such as creating a profile, signing others up as well as the ability to take part in our Ad Revenue Sharing. ZenZuu gives you all the standard features you'd expect such as the ability to share your pictures, videos, music and more. Whether you want to make new contacts for business or for pleasure, ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary. Zenzuu allows you to creator a brighter financial future by allowing you to become a Zenzuu "REP". As a "REP" you can make direct commission, enjoy overrides from your world wide downline organization, receive matching bonus, partner development bonus, and more! Once you are a REP you have the ability to sign up UNLIMITED amounts of people which means your profit margins are limitless. How? Zenzuu distributes 80% of its advertising profit to its active REPS. With the easy to use tools to keep track of your downline it is easier then ever to make money and have fun doing it! There are other social networks out there of course that let you communicate online, but none that want to make you money. With ZenZuu you can create an account in about 60 seconds and immediately thereafter gain the ability to sign up unlimited users.

Make Friends! Make Money! Make Sense!
Sign up for FREE Now!

West - Danitra Acosta
email: Danitra671@hotmail.com
Website: http://join.zenzuu.com/join/danitra.htm

North - Pawel Reszka, Zrii Independent Executive
815 345 4939 - Website: http://www.amalakijuicepros.com
Zrii and The Original Amalaki are registered trademarks of Zrii LLC.
Our team is exploding and those who join our Zrii team, will get on the fast track to profits. We offer free prospecting system for our Zrii team only, which helps our team members duplicate very fast.

South - Clara Anthony
NO MORE 9 to 5! Stop being a slave to the clock and make time for the things that really matter. Set your own hours and get on the road to financial success. Call your own shots, run your own business and see what freedom feels like. I can help. Get in on the ground floor of a new company ZRII in a 70 billon dollar industry. Call 888-310 9638 for details. http://sepiapartner.zfreedom.com

West - Suzanne, Zrii™ Independent Executive
(303) 601-0255 www.amalaki7.com

Kimbra, Zrii™ Independent Executive
(303) 828-8442 www.sweetamalaki.com

Business giant Bill Farley and The Chopra Center for Wellbeing™ put their name and reputation behind Zrii™. Shouldn’t you? Don’t wait! Take action now and change your life forever! Watch our “Zrii™ Story” video and contact one of our team members. Become a partner in the next billion dollar brand!

Listings are alphabetical by company name

A - F

 G - L

M - Q

R - Z

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