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Multi-Pure® Drinking Water Systems
Independent Distributor

As millions shift away from drinking bottled water, tap water, and less-effective water filters, promoting Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems is a hotter business than ever!

Thousands more MLMers like you will be promoting Multi-Pure because ...

• Consumers want the best product at the lowest price! At 8¢/gallon, Multi-Pure is the lowest cost per gallon at the highest quality! As a distributor, you help people Save $$ over the cost of bottled water AND inferior filters. AND you give them the best product too!

• Documentation of Multi-Pure's superior performance gives you a clear marketing advantage! People want a system that will truly protect and safeguard their health from harmful contaminants and address their concerns. Objective, unbiased, 3rd party Standardized Certification documents Multi-Pure's superior performance at filtering the widest range of health related contaminants.

• Multi-Pure's Lifetime Warranty and 90-day Money Back Guarantee are the longest in the industry. These protect your customers and you and gives everyone confidence in their purchase. Multi-Pure's 40-year track record of integrity and dependability gives assurance that Multi-Pure will be there for you and your customers in the future.

• Mult-Pure's on-going Cartridge Replacement is unlike any other consumable out there ... this consumable offers you true residual income! After investing in the stainless steel housing which is built to last a lifetime, satisfied customers maintain their system AND their Lifetime Warranty through regular replacement cartridge purchases. Multi-Pure handles all automatic replacement orders. You collect the commissions. You get on-going automatic residual income as customers gladly keep buying the inner replacement cartridge of the Multi-Pure system they already own and love. And no monthly quotas, no inventory required in Multi-Pure's ten-level FREEDOM payout.

The questions is, who are these millions going to buy their Multi-Pure from ... will they be in your network?

*** ATTENTION ALL MLMers! Add to the security of your retirement plan! Since quality drinking water is essential to any health regime, Multi-Pure is the perfect add-on to all MLMers already promoting health and longevity. Claim your share of long-term residual cartridge replacement income by adding Multi-Pure to your product-line!

West - Gemma McCoy
Multi-Pure Independent Distributor since 1988
800-706-0708 (24 hr voice mail)
530-468-2166 (direct home phone)
email: dublmranch@sisqtel.net
Website: www. multipureusa.com/willandgemma

Plexus Worldwide

Launched in 2011 and currently experiencing explosive growth Plexus Worldwide is a company to watch out for.

Their flagship product, Plexus Slim, is a convenient weight loss drink which helps people:

  • Lose Weight
  • Burn Fat
  • Curb Cravings
  • Control Appetite
  • Balance Blood Sugar

A number of other products are also available including a natural accelerator, metabolism booster, cleansing program and pro-biotic supplement (with new products being added regularly).

Plexus Worldwide has a strong management team, and has been built to last. With revenues growing month-by-month and the awareness of the company, and their effective products increasing every day. Now is a great time to take a closer look at this exciting company.

Earn an additional or full-time income while losing weight, getting healthy and helping others do the same!

West - Sarah Andrews - (888) 966 8931
Website:  http://www.fghealthandfitness.com/


Listings are alphabetical by company name


A - F

 G - L

M - Q

R - Z


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