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The following contacts are independent representatives of their respective companies. -They are acting for themselves and not in an official capacity for their company.

Question: What happens when you don't advertise??
Answer: NOTHING!!!

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"Help others get what they want and you will ultimately get what YOU want" Zig Ziglar

Work F/T - Work P/T - or Just use the Products
"Why an MLM Business?"

43% of all transactions on line are Travel related! It is currently at $7 Trillion Dollars worldwide predicted to go to $14 Trillion in 6 - 10 years or less! Also Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of one every eight seconds and because of their numbers will continue to do so for the next 20 years! OK, now you realize the potential this Business has.

Now the next important step is choosing the right company to join with. They should be ethical business partners, you can trust and depend on. (Our founders and the tops of our team are completely transparent and gladly list their backrounds for your review.)

The third important step is ensuring that your "Business Partners" are "the real deal", meaning they've already built successful distributorships with 6 - 7 figure annual incomes and can show you how!

Our Team is the quickest growing in the company and we also have the largest internet presence. Our Websites and the Search Technology are Unique to World Ventures. The amazing part of this Travel company are the "Products" offered. We offer THREE unique Travel products:

Product 1: An Online Discount Travel Website:
(input info once - search up to 200+ travel websites)
Try it Free!

Product 2: A Travel Club ala "Sam's Club"
(5 Star Vacations @ 2 Star Prices)
One membership only per household !

Product 3: Home Based Discount Travel Business

*How do you know what to look for in any business venture?

1. Timing is Essential (2 yr.old company)
2. Exceptionally unique Concept / Product
3. Aggressive Compensation Package
4. "Virtual Online" 24/7 training in your own Back Office
5. Management with a Proven Team Track Record
6. A Proven System (saves you time, energy & money)
7. A Very Large Target Market! $7 Trillion Annual NOW going to $14 Trillion in 6 -10 years

Northeast - Lynn Mari
email: moreinfopronto@gmail.com

Agel International
One Simple Idea. One Huge Opportunity. One Time To Be First. This is the official launch for the next MEGA network marketing company with ZERO competition. Get in on the ground floor ... your timing is perfect! Stop Searching and Start Making Money. Health & Wellness Network Marketing has never been this HUGE! Funded by Ash Capital, a private-equity venture investment company.

The Product - Gelceuticals™

The Agel product technology brings to market an entirely new category of products, NEVER before seen in Network Marketing - Gelceuticals™. These delicious Gelceuticals come in individual foil packets that you squirt into your mouth. The nutrients are "suspended" in this gel, allowing for faster absorption than conventional capsules, tablets, liquids and powders.

Agel's Suspension Gel Technology™ is proprietary, and can be applied to virtually any formulation including those for daily vitamin and mineral supplements, weight loss, antioxidant protection, enhanced energy and fitness and virtually anything else. This Gel Delivery Mechanism produces faster and better results than other conventional products and will build incredible brand loyalty. This is a very unique product, and due to this uniqueness - the product itself becomes a "conversation piece." When you have a product like this in Network Marketing, you have something that will naturally foster amazing growth. Think of the possibilities!

Never before has such a convenient method been available for consuming nutritional products. Consider these factors:
· No water needed (as with tablets and capsules)
· Exotic juice benefits without the big bottle (no glass and water weight)
· Single serving packages (imagine the sampling capabilities)
· Perfect for those with difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules
· Faster and more efficient delivery to the body

The company officially launches in May and is backed by Ash Capital, a private-equity venture investment company, focusing on growth companies that offer unique product lines in the manufacturing and hi-tech market segments. The funding is secure and substantial. This will be one of the biggest company launches in the history of Network Marketing!

Agel is not a copy, Agel is an innovator. This could be the most important and most defining moment in your career. It's up to you. STOP WAITING, START WORKING!

The Global Market: Agel is opening in 10 countries: the USA, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan … and is trademarked in 42 others. THIS IS A MASSIVE GLOBAL LAUNCH!

Moments like this one seldom come along ... So ask yourself again..."How Early Do I want To Be?" Opportunities are never lost ... just seized by other people.

Ambit Energy
~DO YOU USE ELECTRICITY?? Seems like a stupid question... I agree.. What else is stupid is if you are not getting paid for every time you and others do use it. The deregulation of energy is now in the process.

~Ambit Energy is ranked as one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in the United States.

We have only hit 2% of our target market so this is still a ground floor opportunity. We are soon launching in multiple east coast states.

** Timing is essential and deregulation of energy will only happen once in our lifetime so don't miss the chance to reap the benefits.

** Our Target Market endless.

** No need to convince anyone to buy lotions, makeup, or vitamins. They already use electricity and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

** Join a winning team that truly believes in the concept team work makes the dream work.

Stacy & Joe Frazier Jr.
Mobile: 646-246-0256 (call/text)
Email: Stacyss124@gmail.com
Website: WWW.greendream.ambitenergy.biz


A Lifestyles International Corp.
You can have what you want, if you help enough people to get what they want. People want health and prosperity.

Get "a best of the both worlds", 19 years old company AND untapped US market.

What goals did you have set for yourself in 2008? What steps will you actually take in order to achieve them? Maybe we are your next step. If we are going to make a dream come true, we have got to have a dream first. It applies to every human being, wherever you are in your life, whether at the beginning of your career or retired, stay-at-home mom; whether you are CEO, experienced professional or just not satisfied with your income.

Allow us to show you one of many ways how to Live better, every day.

Since 1989, Lifestyles has enriched thousands of lives in over 30 countries around the world. Lifestyles will help you to improve and maintain your overall health and well being through a proven line of quality nutritional supplements and body care products that help people feel better, live better. We also offer the tools and knowledge to help people build successful home-based businesses.

Lifestyles is one of the leading health and nutrition companies in the world, and the largest one headquartered in Canada. We're a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and have over 19 years of success behind us.

Becoming a Lifestyles Distributor, you are part of a company that is:

Rated one of the best network marketing companies, with thousands of successful Distributors and satisfied Customers
Determined to help you succeed with a proven training system and all the tools you need to operate a profitable business
Dedicated to offering breakthrough wellness products that are effective, safe and competitively priced
Ready to help you start making money right away, even if you've never been in business before

The Lifestyles opportunity is designed to help you achieve greater wealth, better health, and more personal satisfaction than ever.

We are association of independent distributors. Anyone inside or outside USA can join our team.

Please call Agnes (English, Polish) at (773) 895-1905
Frank Brazda (Czech, Polish, Russian) at (901) 340-0610
Ericka Rodriguez (Spanish) at (630) 201-5444
email: globalteamfrank@yahoo.com

Please call Paul (English, Czech, Russian) at (678) 459-8845
email: lifestyles2008@gmail.com

Get paid daily working from home with the largest USA Discount Health Benefits Company. FT/PT positions available immediately, FREE benefits for entire household, 401(K) available. Full training and support from your home. FREE web sites. No cold calling. Checking account or credit/debit card required.

Southwest - Joelle Niedecken
Regional Sales Director
1-877-303-4065 - email: JNiedecken@ameriplan.net



  • Patented proprietary product
  • 30 years of corporate experience
  • Perfect product for aging population
  • New approach to health and wellness
  • Category creator, first to market ground floor opportunity
  • Weekly pay

What Is ASEA?

ASEA is a new health technology brought to the market by an atomic physicist and research that took over 17 years to accomplish. It now holds 31 patents and is having an astonishing and profound effect on people’s health. ASEA empowers your cells to achieve their full health potential at the cellular level.

This 7 minute product video explains Redox Signaling in layman terms, and gives aninformative view of how our bodies use these molecules for life: ASEA Quick Draw Product Video

Take a few minutes to watch this video and you will see for yourself that this productisn't like anything already on the market, and why this opportunity is so unique:  ASEA Quick Draw Opportunity Video

ASEA founders discuss why they chose this product (over retirement) and how ASEA was created:  www.7minutes.biz

Perfect opportunity for anyone seeking to create their own economic stimulus package and/or increase their overall health.  Start your own ASEA business anywhere in the USA and parts of Europetoday at www.HopeInABottle.com

Do you have questions? Or are you interested in merely trying the products?  Do you desire more information about the business opportunity?  Email me at SuzetteRahn@gmail.com or call me at (509) 220-3073.

Northwest - Suzette Rahn, Director 700 Club of ASEA
(509) 220-3073


Control Your Own Income. Work Part or Full Time. Work the days and hours YOU choose. No layoffs! Become an AVON Ind. Sales Rep Today to Take Charge of Your Earning Potential.

Medical Benefits & Retirement Savings Plan Available. FREE Training and Support. No experience necessary. No Kit to buy, No Quota, No Mimimum Order Requirements, No Pressure! Unlimited Earning Potential! Get AVON's upcoming on-trend and cutting-edge innovative products at a discount and before the public.

Perfect for full time moms. The cost of lunch could change your life!


BPI Worldwide
Welcome to BPI Worldwide, Inc., The Company Dedicated to Changing the Lives of Everyone!

The decision to provide the world with a product that has the capability to not only minimize the impact of the current Energy Crisis but also change the financial future of individuals and families came to fruition on May 8th 2007. BPI Worldwide President, Ernie Land, launched our premiere product, Bio MPG Fuel/Emissions Improver!

BPI Worldwide, Inc. secured the global rights to our scientifically tested, consumable product that everyone who uses petroleum based fuel will want to use every time they fill up their tank. Our product increases fuel economy, decreases harmful emissions and improves the performance of your vehicle. The FTP and HFET testing performed by Wallace Environmental Test Labs using the EPA required testing criteria establishes the credibility of our product. A money back guarantee and a company warranty verify to our customers that BPI Worldwide, Inc. stands behind our product 100%.

BPI Worldwide, Inc. (tm), is a company dedicated to help people achieve the dream of financial independence. With honor and integrity and through the concept of Together Everyone Achieves More. We are committed to always provide state-of-the-art, exclusive products and remain on the leading edge of the industry. With our generous and most lucrative compensation plan, people can become debt free and financially independent. Bio means LIFE! Performance means the way in which someone or something functions! We are on a mission to create more millionaires than any Network Marketing Company as they share our exclusive products with every person who uses fuel and/or wants a healthier body!!! You and our products functioning Above And Beyond Performance!! That's what we are all about!!

The 5-Fold Mission of BPI Worldwide:

1. Reduce Harmful Pollution - So that we can help save our environment and impact 'Global Warming'.

2. Save Precious Fuel - So that we can conserve it for our children and reduce our dependence on oil rich countries.

3. Fuel Our Bodies - You have to be alive to drive.

4. Create 1000 Millionaires - Something that no company has ever done in the Network Marketing Industry.

5. Be A Company Of Integrity - Excitement will get you there, but integrity will keep you there.

North - Stephanie Wilson 734.891.2495 or 734.421.5169
Websites: www.sswilson.mybpi.com - www.sswilson.bpibiz.com

(CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing
EARLY is good – right?
…so how early is this opportunity?
This is GROUND LEVEL…and some even say Subterranean!
Engage early and ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!

(CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing is a team of ordinary people working together in one of the fastest growing industries on the market.

(CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing has developed a business that offers you, your family, and everyone you are close to - the best of both worlds: the freedom and value of independent business ownership, combined with the security of a strong company and support system. We pride ourselves on the fact that our business opportunity does NOT require you to sell ANY embarrassing products or gimmicks with crazy claims! We help people save money on things they consider expenses. We help people save money on everything from Internet, Cellular Service, Satellite, VOIP, and more…and our Premier Product is Natural Gas. Just about everyone has a gas bill…and everyone would love to pay less!!! YES, We Help People SAVE Money, Not Spend Money…and we get paid for it!

(CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing offers its representatives two ways to successfully generate income and build a business: (1) Gathering customers and helping them to save money on products and services they already use, and (2) Building a team of equally motivated representatives who also want to earn an income for themselves and their families.

CCM has introduced a very aggressive compensation plan that has never been seen in the industry before. A coded model with long-term residual commissions built into it. This compensation plan has been carefully designed so that representatives can earn immediate income while building long term, passive residual income.

(CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing has teamed up with the largest names in the residential and business consumer markets to offer its members and customers some of the greatest deals available.

(CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing provides you with:

· Your Own Personal Website
· Your Own Online Back Office (business tracking)
· The CCM Marketing Kit
· Excellent Web Based and Personal Training and Support
· Marketing Materials Developed Ongoing by a Growing Team
· Business Reporting
· A Business Opportunity with No Entry Barriers and Tremendous Rewards

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are looking for a great business opportunity in which there is a huge potential for earnings, and are motivated to be part of developing a team with which you can help people and earn income, then I encourage you to contact us at (CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing and learn more.

You do NOT need any prior industry knowledge.

With (CCM) Consumer Choice Marketing, your primary goals will be to:

(1) Help People to Save Money
(2) Build a Team of Representatives – Your Organization
(3) Earn a Very Big, Growing, Passive Residual Income for You and Your Family


North - Amber & Nick Phillips - 216-410-2910
Opportunity awaits you, so contact us now at UtilityChoice@gmail.com.

BE AMONG THE FIRST TO JOIN THIS ECO-MOVEMENT! Are you concerned about the environment but do not know what YOU can do about huge problems like pollution and global warming? Join Citizenre - a company dedicated to putting solar panels on rooftops all over America.

No money needed to join. No shipments to pay for. No minimum performance monthly paperwork rituals. Business is 95% automated. Just send your friends and relatives to your site. Check out mine. Yours will be the same. Sign them up for solar panels so they can get cheap electricity and watch those residual checks roll into your mailbox month after month. Of course, you get a nice signing bonus as well.

Southeast - Dr. Nita Lewis, Independent Ecopreneur

Southwest - Dr. Nita Lewis, Independent Ecopreneur

South - Dr. Nita Lewis, Independent Ecopreneur

Clever Container clever container

We're all about organizing, functionality, ideas, and fun! We have fabulous products to help you organize your life. We'll provide clever & helpful tips whether you are just getting started on your organizational journey or are already an organizing "junkie." We offer excellent incentives and free products whether you host a party or join our team. So fulfill your curiosity and contact us for more information.

Lisa Turley - Southeast Region
Clever Container Consultant #857
(407) 468-2095


coach logoCompass Coaching


Are you interested in a network marketing opportunity that will allow you to be in 100% integrity 100% of the time? Compass Coaching offers you the opportunity to change the world, one woman at a time.

Get in on the ground floor (we’re two years old now!) of an exciting opportunity that capitalizes on four emerging trends:

  1. Social Media
  2. Network Marketing
  3. Life and Career Coaching
  4. Health and Wellness

Compass offers a unique business opportunity for 3 reasons:

  1. Our Culture is powerful. We have fun, we make money, we change lives, and we're a team. You will thrive in our culture of appreciation, support and nurturing.
  2. Our product is revolutionary. We offer women the opportunity to create a life they love through extremely affordable, accessible coaching programs and services.
  3. The model is simple. Share Compass with people you care about, and we will pay you to do it!

Personal coaching is a growth industry

  • There are 40,000 life, career, spiritual and wellness coaches in the U.S. by 2011, that number is predicted to double to 80,000.

Residual income is a very good thing!

When you represent Compass, enrolling new clients are easy, and you earn money for their initial joining fee, and their monthly enrollment. You also earn commission when you enroll new reps, new coaches (who earn money by facilitating group coaching sessions, keeping their private practice and exposing them to potential new private clients).

Commissions are paid six levels deep (and infinite levels once you reach a certain status within the company).

Discover Your Compass, and Make Your Dreams Come True

Northwest - Yvonne Buchanan
Compass Independent Representative
I’d love to talk to you about Compass whether you’re a coach, would like to become a representative, or just want to try a 10-day Free Trial as a Client.

My contact information is at: http://www.mylifecompass.com/alohayvonne (scroll down to under my photo and click on “about me”) or just email me at AlohaYvonne at Coaches and Friends dot com.

See Testimonials on our home page: http://www.mylifecompass.com/alohayvonne (click “I am Compass” video). I’m in the orange jacket talking about my new “1,000 best girlfriends” at Compass. I hope to count you as one of them soon!

Aloha, Yvonne


Conklin Company

Why just dream? Achieve your goals with a proven career alternative.

Conklin offers you the personal and financial rewards of owning an independent business. We're a multimillion dollar company, in business since 1969, that believes in people...like you.

The products are the cornerstone of our success. We take great pride in the products delivered to you, paying extra attention to the details and quality control. We strive to produce items you want, that are cost effective, easy to use and fill a real need. Products sold only through our network of Independent Business Owners.

Product line diversity is one of our strengths. For your health, in your home, on your buildings, in your vehicles or for your animals, our products can make a difference in your life. Expect the best from Conklin.

With Conklin, you have the freedom to generate business anywhere in the United States. We offer you a solid management structure that allows for both personal and professional growth, and training programs for every stage of your business development. You will have access to a rich collection of training tools and sales aids. And, we have dedicated staff and field support with years of experience and knowledge to provide you with a duplicable system.

Tap into your unlimited potential, enjoy the fellowship, earn great prizes and trips, attend memorable events and be recognized for your accomplishments. Join others who have seen their dreams become reality.

West - Raymond & Ann Denison
Website: http://conklin.com/site/tdenison

Direct Matches - The Business Space
Busy Professional with no time to network? Post a professional photo profile at Direct Matches and let people come to you! Where Relationships build Income! Try it out Free!

West - Jerriann Kerr
Website: http://www.directmatches.com/jkerr

doTERRA Essential Wellness
This is a new company that is already profitable and debt-free. doTERRA specializes in Essential Oils as a natural way to enhance health and wellness naturally. Essential Oils have been used for centuries and can be used for many of the health issues a mom encounters each day.

Essential Oils can be used for:

Allergies Asthma Headaches
Bruises Burns Colds
Flus Fevers Coldsores
Cankers Warts Boost immune system
work as natural antibiotics and much, much more

A line of nutritional supplements was recently launched and has proven to be very successful. The supplements are designed to work on the cellular level and will help increase energy and help people to "live younger longer." They include a 30-day money back guarantee.

These products are products that you can feel good about representing and the compensation plan is incredible. The company is new and there is still a lot of room to grow, but we are growing quickly so check out the doTERRA opportunity today.

West - Tony Gibson - 801-319-4162
Website: www.mydoterra.com/tgibson

Enlyten..."Changing The Way America Takes It's Nutraceuticals"

Enlyten was launched on Jan. 9th 2009 and we are looking for Independent Distributors. We have a ground breaking technology called "R.A.S.E.R Technology". There is no other product like it out there. We launched 4 products on Jan. 9th 2009.

1. Electrolyte Plus Sport Strip
2. Anti-Oxidant Strip
3. Energy Strip
4. Melatonin Strip (For Sleep)

This is a unique opportunity, due to the fact of the dual film strip technology that we have patented. What does this mean........No one else has the dual film strip technology. We are able to put more ingredients on our film strip versus a single film strip. Our Absorption rate is 2-3 minutes versus 30 minutes with the pills, tablets, and liquids. Our bioavailability is 85%-90% in the body versus 30% with the tablets and capsules and 55%-60% with the liquids. There won't be any competition, because we own the patents for all Nutraceuticals Dual Film Strips. No one can put their vitamins or other ingredients on a dual film strip. So this is not another JUICE, or just another MULTI-VITAMIN, which can be purchased at any Whole Foods Store, Health Food Store, etc.

This product will only be available through Independent distributors. There are 2 businesses in one. The product sales where you get paid (20-30%) commissions off of each sale. The Networking Marketing side, building your team.

In each package you get what we call 4 cassettes. In each cassette you get 22 dual film strips. They retail for $40.00 a pack or $10.00 a cassette. So we get them wholesale for $32.00 a pack. So our profit will be $8 a pack. Once a customer signs up with you as a customer, they are always in the system as yours. Potential customers are… Friends, Family, Personal Trainers, High School Teams, Colleges, Running Clubs, Biking Clubs, Amateur and Pro Athletes, Gyms, Doctors Offices, Sleep Centers (Melatonin Strip), these are just a few possibilities.

"We Are Changing The Way America Takes It's Supplements"

North - Michael A. Cleveland - 773-339-1911
Enlyten Independent Distributor (ID#1999)
To find out more about the opportunity go to http://www.enlytengroup.com and email me at enlytengroup@gmail.com

Enzacta is a Minnesota based Health and Wellness MLM company. The products offered are the best of the best. No other products compare with Enzacta's quality. Enzacta's products are Bio-Ready, meaning your body actually is able to use all of the nutrients within the products.

The compensation plan is unparalleled in the industry. At 70% payout with up to 40% matching bonus on each personally sponsored partner you simply can't imagine the potential. There is no limit on level payout.

Enzacta will be the industry leader. If you are reading this, don't make the mistake of not contacting me. The leader of this company is a gifted humanitarian. His goal is to make people of the world think positively about the MLM industry. He runs his company in a manner that reinforces his credo: Enhance Human Life!

Successful MLM leaders; contact me. Enzacta is operating in several countries with Korea on the way. If you know anything about the Korean economy, you know how difficult it is to achieve the opportunity to get approval to operate a business with the Korean government. Enzacta has achieved this honor.

If you've been successful with the MLM industry, give yourself the opportunity to become truly successful and grow with ENZACTA!

Midwest - Marc McChesney - 612.247.2207
email: mcchesneymarc@yahoo.com
Websites: enzactaworks.enzacta.us

FantaZ is the next evolution of MLM, online gaming and entertainment.

Featuring full season fantasy sports, our proprietary new FantaZ Live interactive games, FantaZ Fashion DivaZ, plus a giant selection of online and console games that are all structured for multiplayer cash tournaments in this new dynamic model.

Driven by both consumer and social media interactivity combined with the most advanced direct marketing business model, FantaZ is the most lucrative model for business owners that has ever come to market. FantaZ has effectively monetized the online gaming market in a 100% legal manner and created an incredible income opportunity along with it. After fours years of development the company pre-launch has enjoyed over 11,000 pre-enrollments, including hundreds of celebrities and professional athletes. The site is set to launch to the public in early November and will eventually be worldwide.

You can pre-register today before the public launch at WWW.FANTAZ.COM/CHAMPION


Financial Destination Inc. (FDI)
FDI is looking Nationwide for People to represent our company!!

Are you tired of working Hard for someone else and making THEM Rich?
Then Do Something About It! Let us show you how to work Smart and make YOURSELF Rich!

If you are Self Motivated, Willing to learn and would like to:

1. Be your own Boss!
2. Set your own hours!
3. Be paid what your WORTH &
4. Own your own Financial Solutions Business!

Then you are in the right place at the right time!!!!

As an Independent Representative of FDI you are provided with:

1. Unlimited Training & Support (No Experience Necessary)
2. Access to our Financial Services for both you & your spouse and family.
3. The ability to Market our Financial Memberships Nationwide.
4. The opportunity to make as much money as you want to make.

With FDI, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself and Best of all, you can own your own Complete Financial Solutions Business, without having to be a Financial Expert, because FDI already has them!

If you would like to know how to Earn Thousands of Dollars in Immediate & Monthly Residual Income, by simply working 10-15 hours a week, marketing our Financial Memberships.

East - Desiree Richardson - Contact: (215) 416-3467
Website: http:// www.fdirep.com/124249

FreeLife International
There are many reasons why so many people have chosen FreeLife International as the opportunity for them. A few of the reasons are, a unique product line formulated by Dr. Earl Mindell, 90-day, money-back product guarantee, a compensation plan that pays fast money as well as long term residual income, tools in place to provide training and support, outstanding customer service and most importantly, their Himalayan Goji Juice. Since the release of Himalayan Goji Juice two years ago, FreeLife has doubled in size every few months. They are just now starting another wave of International Expansion. Get on board and ride the wave with us! You'll love Himalayan Goji Juice, called the most nutritionally dense food on the planet...and it tastes good too!

West - Dan Ryan - Enjoy Goji Juice
1-800-230-7434 - email: info@enjoygojijuice.com
Website: www.enjoygojijuice.com

Southeast - Jeanne Johnson
803-266-2463 - landline or 803-300-4642 - cell
email: jcjohn@bellsouth.net

Northeast - Sigrid Wallace
518-490-1810 and 772-475-6614
email: siggy_wallace@yahoo.com

FrequenSea™ - The world’s most perfect source of nutrition made with Marine Phytoplankton

Would you like to make a difference and work with others to create healthier lives? Would you like to follow your passion and become part of a team that is dedicated to making a difference on the planet? Are you driven to be a leader of your own destiny and your own business? Are you ready to take a stand for what you believe in? If so, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about becoming part of our team. As former leaders within Corporate America, we have decided to break free from the rigidity and the limitations of having a ‘regular’ job to working with others to co create healthy and wealthy lives. Yes, we have joined the ranks of many who are realizing there is a better way to achieve joy, peace and prosperity.

We have fallen in love with a company that does not put money or product first – they put PEOPLE FIRST!!!! They truly honor the human spirit. The Company is ForeverGreen and we have become independent distributors; however, we call ourselves Independent Health Ambassadors. We see our role as educators teaching the masses the importance of good nutrition so they can make healthy choices. Check us out at www.wholefoodliquid.com


Before ForeverGreen ever existed as a company, it began as a vision held by a single man, Ron Williams. He saw potential in the industry beyond simple health and financial transformation. He believed that within the industry was also the power for personal transformation by focusing on the betterment of humanity and not just on the bottom line.

ForeverGreen's message is about kindness from beginning to end. ForeverGreen is a way of being, making a difference one person at a time. Embracing health is an act of kindness. Without your health, it is impossible to fulfill and sustain your life dreams. Health, be it physical, spiritual, or financial, is truly the threshold to creating your dreams. We joined ForeverGreen because of the philosophy of a way of being and total health. As healing practitioners we believe it is our responsibility to provide our clients with high vibrational products made with the purest of elements and lots of love and to partner with a company that is about wholeness, well-being and full of integrity.

We are grateful to the executive team. They are always there for us and they continue to pour their knowledge and passion into establishing ForeverGreen as a world-class business dedicated to positive transformation, not just in the checkbook, but in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit.

FrequenSea™ the current flagship product of ForeverGreen uniquely combines the best of Land and Sea Nutrition and for the first time in history includes what many consider to be Earth's First Nutrient Dense Super Food: Marine Phytoplankton. ForeverGreen has a World Wide Exclusive partnership with a $30 million sea farm that developed a patent-pending process for harvesting Marine Phytoplankton.

FrequenSea™ is a whole food liquid that is making a difference:

• Live, raw, whole food liquid
• Gluten free source of antioxidants and Omega oils
• 100% natural - no chemical preservatives or artificial vitamins
• Replaces a handful of pills
• Contains Marine Phytoplankton with 400x more energy than any other plant on earth or sea
• Energizes your cells and contains all the building materials for cellular rejuvenation
• Is “the most perfect food source” and “completely life sustaining” as described by many medical sources
• Provides a full spectrum of vitamins, 72 Ionic Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Enzymes and more
• Reawakens your body’s healing power with Marine Phytoplankton
• Provides energy from the inside out.

When we ingest vitamins and other supplements in pill form, typically only 10-20% of that is actually absorbed into the bloodstream. FrequenSea is 90-99% absorbable.

Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most rare ingredients on the planet because it contains, in a concentrated form, almost everything you need for life or the rebuilding of a healthy life.” Jerry Tennant, MD, head of the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine in Dallas


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Network Marketing or as it is also referred to as MLM is a $90B industry. The average salary for employees working within corporations is $36,000 while the average salary for MLM professionals is $65,000 and 175,000 individuals are signing up weekly.

The total health and wellness industry tops $200B in sales and is projected to grow over One Trillion dollars in 10 years. Thirty-nine percent of the US population is using organic products with organic foods sales at $16B and supplement sales at $8.68B in 2006.

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